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  • asad abukhalil أسعد أبو خليل sur twitter :

    A thread: Yuval Noah Harari writes: “Nothing in this Zionist idea implies that Jews are superior to others”.

    Well, the very notion that political Zionism decided in 1897 to establish a Jewish state on a land that is already occupied is predicated on the assumption that the natives don’t count, and certainly don’t count as much as the Jewish immigrants from Europe.

    Zionism is a political movement that believes that Jewish immigrants are entitled to land that is already occupied because Jews are superior to native inhabitants.

    In 1917, with the Balfour Declaration (the phrasing is largely by Western Zionists) states that Jews have a political right to a home in Palestine why “the non-Jewish communities” (they were described as such) are only entitled to “civil and religious rights” implies that Jews deserve more rights than the “non-Jewish communities” in Palestine. The notion that a small minority which owned less than 5% of the land in 1919 deserves to establish a state “in Palestine” is a belief that the natives are inferior. But more than that, the concretization of Zionism in the Jewish state that was established entailed so many aspects of recognition (not only by virtue of the declaration of the new state as Jewish) of Jews as superior to Arabs. The recent official Israeli declaration that only Jews deserve self-determination is a mere extension and reflection of the racism embedded in Zionism, from the very inception.