UN Security Council to vote on US resolution backing Gaza ceasefire proposal


  • UN Security Council to vote on US resolution backing Gaza ceasefire proposal
    10 June 2024 15:38 BST | Middle East Eye

    The UN Security Council will vote on Monday on a US-drafted resolution backing a three-stage Gaza ceasefire proposal outlined by US President Joe Biden.

    The text was finalised on Sunday following six days of negotiations among the 15-member council. It is currently unclear whether Russia and China will be able to veto the adoption of the draft.

    In order to pass, a resolution needs at least nine votes and no vetoes by the US, France, Britain, China or Russia.

    The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, said earlier on Monday that Hamas was the “only outlier” in not accepting the ceasefire proposal.

    Israel has not offered guarantees for a “permanent” ceasefire and a complete withdrawal from Gaza in its response to a plan presented by mediators, a copy of the proposal seen by Middle East Eye shows. [ https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/gaza-war-text-ceasefire-proposal-approved-israel ]

    Israel instead agreed to a “temporary cessation of military operations” for 42 days, which would be followed by open-ended talks to reach a permanent ceasefire.


    • UN Security Council passes US-backed resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire
      By MEE staff | Published date: 10 June 2024 20:41 BST

      The UN Security Council passed a US-drafted resolution on Monday that backs Washington’s Gaza ceasefire plan and calls on Hamas to accept it.

      The resolution, which was backed by 14 nations except Russia, welcomed the truce and hostage release proposal announced on 31 May by President Joe Biden, and urged “both parties to fully implement its terms without delay and without condition”.

      Unlike earlier drafts, the resolution states that Israel has “accepted” the ceasefire proposal and calls on Hamas to do the same.

      “This proposal is the best opportunity we have right now to bring at least a temporary halt to this fighting, to be able to get more assistance in, get hostages released,” deputy US ambassador to the UN Robert Wood said.

      “We want to put pressure to Hamas to accept this deal. So far it hasn’t accepted this deal. That’s why we to have this resolution, because we’re on a cusp of doing something really, really important.”

      Hamas welcomed the resolution after the vote, saying it is ready to cooperate with mediators over implementing the principles of the plan. (...)