‘World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis’ Looms in Sudan ; Dispelling Dementia Myths in Nigeria ; and Latin America’s Abortion Backlash


  • Global Health NOW: ‘World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis’ Looms in Sudan; Dispelling Dementia Myths in Nigeria; and Latin America’s Abortion Backlash

    ‘World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis’ Looms in Sudan

    Fighting in Sudan has reached a “critical tipping point” as battles for control of North Darfur escalate—and as famine and genocide loom, reports Vox.

    From the ground: The paramilitary group Rapid Support Forces has launched a series of assaults to gain control of Al-Fasher—the capital of North Darfur and a last “safe haven” for 2 million civilians.

    Attacks on medical facilities: Yesterday, the RSF attacked South Hospital in Al-Fasher, per the AP—opening fire on medical staff and patients.

    The Médecins Sans Frontières-supported hospital has endured repeated attacks since May, reports Sudan Tribune.

    Ethnic cleansing and violence: If Al-Fasher falls, analysts warn that genocide could threaten millions, according to DW.

    A gun and artillery assault by RSF on a village in Sudan’s main farming region killed ~104 people, reports The New York Times (gift link)— including ~35 children.

    Sexual violence has been widespread, with girls and women sold at slave markets in RSF-controlled territories, per the U.N.

    Famine looms: As aid falters, “time is running out” for millions of Sudanese people facing famine, the U.N. has warned.

    Sudan may soon become the “world’s largest humanitarian crisis,” World Food Programme executive director Cindy McCain warned yesterday, per Politico.

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