Fish Kills Reported in Fiji and Vanuatu


  • Fish Kills Reported in Fiji and Vanuatu

    Lice Movono-Rova of Newswire Fiji reported thousands of dead fish washed up on the shores of Coral Coast in Fiji. The pictures taken by Victor Bonito, a marine ecologist in Fiji show a beach scattered with dead fish. The same reports were also received from Vanuatu who have reported unprecedented high temperatures which also lead to fish kills in some parts of Vanuatu.

    Bonito, a marine ecologist for Reef Explorer Fiji attributed the fish kill to high temperatures. “This is the worst thermal (heat) stress event I’ve witnessed on Coral Coast reefs during the 10 years I’ve lived here,” he said. Bonito who has been monitoring the water temperature said Reef Explorer Fiji has equipment in the water to measure water temperature, and confirms 5 degrees Celsius higher than normal in the area. He said the water has been peaking around 35, 35 degrees out on the reef flats with sea temperature is around 30 degrees.

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