Thai middle classes are violently opposed to democracy


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    Giles Ji Ungpakorn (Thai: ใจ อึ๊งภากรณ์; rtgs: Chai Uengphakon; IPA: [tɕāj ʔɯ́ŋ.pʰāː.kɔ̄ːn]; born 25 October 1953) is a Thai-British academic and political activist. He formerly worked as an associate professor at Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, before he fled to the United Kingdom after facing a lèse majesté charge in Thailand.
    Giles Ungpakorn was formally charged with lese majeste in Bangkok on January 20, 2009. He had 20 days to respond to the charges, after which the Thai authorities would decide whether his case would be given to the Thai courts for prosecution. Ungpakorn said he was being charged because of the contents of his book A Coup for the Rich, which points out the main reasons the coup in Thailand two years prior took place. He fled Thailand in February 2009, returning to the United Kingdom. He stated, “I did not believe I would receive a fair trial.”

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    J’y découvre sans être étonné que la base sociologique du fascisme est identique en Thailande avec celle qui a porté au pouvoir les nazis allemands en 1933 et qui continue à s’agiter sous des appellations comme #AfD, #Pegida, etc. L’article parle aussi du fascisme clérical que l’on sous-estime trop souvent. Si vous avez envie de faire connaissance avec les hommes et organisations qui font le bonheur des adeptes du sexe avec mineur(e)s et d’autres plaisirs peu humanistes voici une source de qualité.

    Lak Si is where the fascist monk Buddha Isara blocked the polling station, refusing to allow people to exercise their right to vote. Fascist Isara made a statement after the popcorn gunman was sentenced to jail, stating that he had helped pay for his defence and would always support him.

    This obnoxious monk and Sutep Teuksuban, who led the various anti-election mobs, should be put in jail on the basis of being the master-minders and funders of these violent actions. But do not hold your breath. Fascist Buddha Isara is generalissimo Prayut’s favourite monk and has been given a free hand to organise reactionary demonstrations and spread his filth. We should not forget either that the junta head and the two-faced Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva are guilty of mass murder on the streets when they organised the shooting of pro-democracy demonstrators in 2010.

    The middle classes in Thailand hate and despise the majority of ordinary working people and the poor. They hate the fact that rich tycoon Taksin won the hearts and minds of most ordinary people with his universal health care and pro-poor policies. The middle classes loathe democracy because they are out-voted by the majority. They want to turn the clock back to a time when workers and small farmers knew their place and suffered their poverty in silence. They want to hang on to their ill-gotten privileges by maintaining social and economic inequalities. They are cowardly because they fawn on the rich and powerful and grovel to the monarchy. They also hide behind the men of the military. The violent disruption of the elections was designed to cause a crisis which could be used as an excuse to stage yet another military coup.

    Giles Ji Ungpakorn’s Red Siam manifesto

    But as a staring point I offer the following ideas, the ideas of one red-shirted citizen.

    We must have freedom of expression and the freedom to choose our own government without repression and fear.
    We must have equality.
    We have to abolish the mentality of ’big people\\little people’.
    We must abolish the practice of crawling to the royal family.
    Politicians must be accountable to the electorate, not to shadowy conniving figures beyond popular control.
    We need to build a culture where citizens respect each other.
    We must have freedom and equality of the sexes and among different ethnicities.
    We must respect women, gays and lesbians.
    We must respect Burmese, Laotians, Cambodians and the Muslim Malay people in the south.
    Women must have the right to chose safe abortions.
    Refugees should be treated with friendship and dignity as any civilised society would do.
    Our country must be a Welfare State. Taxes must be levied on the rich. The poor are not a burden, but are partners in developing the country. People should have dignity. The present exploitative society stifles individuals and destroys personal creativity.
    In our country the king should honour his constitutional role and stop intervening in politics. But the ruling class in Thailand gain much from using the Monarchy and they will not easily stop doing this. Therefore the best way to solve this problem is to build a republic where all public positions are elected and accountable.
    For too long Thai society has been under the iron heels of the generals. We must cut the military budget and abolish the influence of the army in society ensuring that it can no long be an obstacle to democracy.
    We must have justice. The judges should not claim power from the Crown in order to stop people criticising their decisions. We must change the way that ’Contempt of Court’ laws are used to prevent accountability. We need to reform the justice system root and branch. We need a jury system. The police must serve the population, not extract bribes from the poor.
    Citizens in towns and communities must take part in the management of all public institutions such as state enterprises, the media, schools and hospitals.
    Our country must modernise. We need to develop the education system, transport and housing. We should create energy from wind and solar power to protect the environment.
    Our country must be peace-loving, not start disputes with neighbouring countries or support wars.

    The dinosaurs of Thai society, the Yellow Shirted royalists, will froth at the mouth in anger at this manifesto, but that is merely the symptoms of people who carry superstitious beliefs from the past, seeking to cling to their privileges at all costs. Their time is finished. We, the pro-democracy Redshirts will move forward to build a new society.

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