ITF comment on Panama Papers revelations


  • Tiens, puisqu’on cause du Panamá on pourrait en profiter pour parler des #pavillons_de_complaisance.
    De la part de la Fédération Internationale des Ouvriers du Transport

    ITF comment on Panama Papers revelations - International Transport Workers’ Federation

    ITF comment on Panama Papers revelations

    The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is welcoming revelations of tax avoidance and related activities in the leaked Panama Papers this week in the hope that the exposure will lead to a change in the current climate of tacit approval for this kind of socially damaging behaviour.


    General secretary Stephen Cotton said: “Money laundering, terrorist financing and tax evasion are all clearly unacceptable practices and at odds with the global union movement’s social and economic justice agenda that we at the ITF promote through our work with transport unions around the globe. Equally of concern to us is large-scale corporate tax avoidance that directly impacts on public investment and essential services.

    Much of this activity has been allowed to go on in plain sight with minimal steps being taken to hold companies or individuals to account. It is right that the sheer volume of the crisis and the impact of these widespread financial abuses have been put into the public arena. It is time to take the kind of definitive action the ITF has been involved in for years to stem this corporate greed.

    Cotton continued: “Take our flags of convenience (FOC) campaign launched in 1948.

    Devinette : quel a été le premier pays à enregistrer des navires sous pavillon de complaisance à l’époque contemporaine ? Et au profit de quel autre pays ?

    Flag of convenience - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Belen Quezada, the first foreign ship flagged in the Panamanian registry, was employed in running illegal alcohol between Canada and the United States during Prohibition.