Opinion piece in Saudi pro-monarchy daily : No fear of 9/11 lawsuit since US/CIA was main trainer of terrorists


  • Opinion piece in Saudi pro-monarchy daily : No fear of 9/11 lawsuit since US/CIA was main trainer of terrorists

    From Okaz -

    “…If these files are opened, we would learn the reasons behind the CIA chief’s visit to Afghanistan with the famous $1 billion in cash, to create the Afghan Mujahedeen. We would also learn who trained and organized them, created what was later dubbed Al-Qa’idah, excluded and chased them and did not contain them once the mission was over, and how and where they retaliated against those who tricked them. Congress and its claims do not threaten the Kingdom. They rather create an opportunity to expose the involved Americans and their leaders’ lies one after the other, and expose the reality of their advisors’ presence in Afghanistan as trainers in the arts of terrorism.

    “Yes, the Kingdom did send youth, but upon Washington’s request and under its direct supervision. What happened later on is a different thing, which ended with a terrorist attack on the Kingdom, pushing it to exert strenuous efforts to keep [terrorism] away from the Kingdom, Europe, and even America itself, as confirmed by the files of its domestic and external intelligence. What is noticeable at this level is that President Obama is the American president who visited the Kingdom the most, but also who harmed it the most. Strategies are not built with deceivers or goners, or even based on public relations. Therefore, let us leave Mr. Obama to drown in his reluctance between isolation and interaction, and wait for the newcomer to the White House, and more importantly the new Congress that will be produced by the elections…”

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    • J’ai tout de même l’impression que les Séoudiens essaient d’introduire la confusion entre leur rôle et celui de la CIA, largement connu et documenté, dans la création des « combattants de la liberté » des années 80 en Afghanistan (ah ces scènes émouvantes dans Rambo 3 !), et l’affaire actuelle qui concerne les attentats de 2001, 20 ans plus tard, alors que tout ce beau monde était censé avoir de longue date rompu avec Ben Laden et Al Qaeda.