• Facebook says it has removed 1.5 million copies of the New Zealand terror attack video - MIT Technology Review

    The sheer scale of efforts by Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to take down clips of the video shows how hard it is to stop people from spreading horrific content.

    The news: Facebook has said that in the first 24 hours after the attack it removed 1.5 million versions of the video filmed by the gunman who killed over 50 people in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Of those, 1.2 million were blocked while they were uploading, so they never made it onto the site. YouTube and Twitter are yet to release figures.

    The gunman live-streamed the shooting over 17 minutes on Facebook, and it was quickly re-posted by people both on that platform and others. There are almost certainly still versions of the video available online, despite the efforts to remove them.

    What next: There are growing calls for social-media companies to change their policies after the outrage—but it’s not always clear exactly what that means in practice. Bloomberg reports that New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, is seeking talks with Facebook over live-streaming but hasn’t set out any specific demands.

    Supply and demand: The problem, according to Facebook’s former chief security officer, Alex Stamos, is not just virality. It’s that the biggest tech companies have much less control over whether people in free societies trade data than you might think. It also reflects a systemic issue, which is that social platforms often don’t even see themselves as arbiters of content in the first place. And perhaps a more profound question: do we really want them to be?

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  • Las Vegas : comment l’« alt-right » a jeté en pâture le nom d’un homme qui n’était pas le tireur

    Dans l’intervalle, entre le drame et cette annonce, des internautes de l’« alt-right », une mouvance d’extrême droite américaine qui soutient Donald Trump avec ferveur, ont joué aux enquêteurs sur les réseaux sociaux. Et jeté un autre nom à la vindicte populaire : celui d’un certain Geary Danley, présenté comme un « terroriste d’extrême gauche » qui serait l’auteur de la fusillade.

    Retour sur une rumeur qui a semé la confusion.

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  • Undercover With the Alt-Right - The New York Times

    Last September, Patrik Hermansson, a 25-year-old graduate student from Sweden, went undercover in the world of the extreme right. Posing as a student writing a thesis about the suppression of right-wing speech, he traveled from London to New York to Charlottesville, Va. — and into the heart of a dangerous movement that is experiencing a profound rejuvenation.

    Mr. Hermansson, who was sent undercover by the British anti-racist watchdog group Hope Not Hate, spent months insinuating himself into the alt-right, using his Swedish nationality (many neo-Nazis are obsessed with Sweden because of its “Nordic” heritage) as a way in. It wasn’t always easy. “You want to punch them in the face,” he told me of the people he met undercover. “You want to scream and do whatever — leave. But you can’t do any of those things. You have to sit and smile.”

    What he learned while undercover is one part of a shocking, comprehensive new report from Hope Not Hate that sheds light on the strange landscape of the alt-right, the much discussed, little understood and largely anonymous far-right movement that exists mostly online and that has come to national attention in part because of its support for Donald Trump.

    The extreme alt-right are benefiting immensely from the energy being produced by a more moderate — but still far-right — faction known as the “alt-light.”

    The alt-light promotes a slightly softer set of messages. Its figures — such as Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich — generally frame their work as part of an effort to defend “the West” or “Western culture” against supposed left-liberal dominance, rather than making explicitly racist appeals. Many of them, in fact, have renounced explicit racism and anti-Semitism, though they will creep up to the line of explicitly racist speech, especially when Islam and immigration are concerned.

    According to researchers, the key to hooking new recruits into any movement, and to getting them increasingly involved over time, is to simply give them activities to participate in. This often precedes any deep ideological commitment on the recruits’ part and, especially early on, is more about offering them a sense of meaning and community than anything else.

    Intentionally or not, the far right has deftly applied these insights to the online world. Viewed through the filters of alt-light outlets like Breitbart and Prison Planet, or through Twitter feeds like Mr. Watson’s, the world is a horror show of crimes by migrants, leftist censorship and attacks on common sense. And the best, easiest way to fight back is through social media.

    The newly initiated are offered many opportunities to participate directly. A teenager in a suburban basement can join a coordinated global effort to spread misinformation about Emmanuel Macron, France’s centrist president, in the hopes of helping far-right leader Marine Le Pen. Anyone who wants to do so can help spread the word about supposed mainstream media censorship of the Muslim “crime wave” the far right says is ravaging Europe.

    These efforts — a click, a retweet, a YouTube comment — come to feel like important parts of an epochal struggle. The far right, once hemmed in by its own parochialism, has manufactured a worldwide online battlefield anyone with internet access can step into.

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  • The New York Times Grovels for the Right Wing, and Other Despicable Media Moments This Week | Alternet

    Un ensemble d’exemple montrant comment les médias US s’accommodent de l’extrême droite, et jouent un jeu dangereux. L’exemple de la France n’aura pas suffi.

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  • Des Nouvelles Du Front » Nos Rues : Sur le meurtre de Charlottesville

    Heather Heyer n’a pas été tuée par une voiture. Elle a été tuée par une personne, James Alex Fields, qui a foncé à 60km/h dans une foule de manifestants antifascistes et antiracistes, s’est encastré dans le véhicule qui lui faisait face, puis a reculé en écrasant d’autres personnes. Les voitures tuent des gens dans des accidents, mais celui-ci était purement intentionnel. Fields semble, selon toutes les indications à son propos, être un néo-nazi de 20 ans particulièrement zélé, dont ses camarades et ses professeurs se souviennent comme d’un sale type, adorateur d’Hitler. Il a tué Heather et a blessé des dizaines d’autres personnes au terme d’une journée de manifestations et contre-manifestations qui avait vu l’indéniable défaite de son camp, celui d’une coalition de néo-nazis, de nationalistes blancs, de miliciens patriotes, de pro-sudistes et de membres du Ku Klux Klan appelée « Unir la Droite ». Ils avaient été encerclés de toutes parts, harcelés par les contre-manifestants, et finalement dispersés à coup de lacrymogènes du lieu de rassemblement par la police. Un tel échec alimente le désespoir. Alors que Fields s’éloignait du lieu de la manifestation avec sa voiture, il fut bloqué par un mur de gens qui chantaient et célébraient leur victoire. Il décida donc de leur rouler droit dessus.

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  • Steve Bannon, Destruction Machine: He’s Back to Trying to Rebuild a Right-Wing Media Empire | Alternet

    Bannon is, however, highly influential among Trump supporters, although not as much as when he was building the Trump mystique. As conservative talk show host and Never-Trumper Charlie Sykes has been pointing out for some time, Trumpism is not a movement — it is now a full-fledged cult of personality in which the president’s followers believe themselves to be under siege from the same forces Donald Trump rails against: the media, political correctness, elites of both parties, liberals, racial and ethnic minorities. The more they see Trump being attacked the more they identify with him.

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    Nonetheless, as I pointed out on Friday, Bannon is a professional propagandist with a feel for the right-wing Zeitgeist. We can expect that he will be a player going forward. He told people different things in his manic series of exit interviews, at once claiming the Trump presidency was effectively over and promising to go to war on its behalf. But it’s pretty clear that Bannon is going to war for Bannon, and for a movement that he apparently believes still exists outside of Trump: “In many ways, I think I can be more effective fighting from the outside for the agenda President Trump ran on,” Bannon told The New York Times. (Emphasis mine.) “And anyone who stands in our way, we will go to war with.”

  • The Alt-Right is Slandering My Father’s Beautiful Creation, Babar by: Jacques de Brunhoff

    My father made Babar. He invented him to be a friendly and kind elephant king and filled many empty white pages with his wondrous exploits. Now I am told that a group of political villains with nice haircuts called “the alt-right” have claimed my father’s wonderful Babar as their cartoon mascot and are spreading disgusting slanders about him. I will use this space to explain that the terrible ways they depict my father’s sweet Babar are filthy lies from hell’s furnace. Thank you.

    Babar Is Not Nude!

    The enormous Babar always wears a green suit of the finest clothing. It is nice and decent. He is not nude with visible genitals like in the false images spread by alt-right toilet men on the internet. I am told the purpose of these filths is to show that Babar has “an intact Christian foreskin.” Sadly, my great father never wrote of Babar’s circumcision, so I am powerless to contradict this particular foul claim even as it drives me to vomit.

    The Sweet and Remarkable Babar Does Not Hit Lesbians with His Car

    The alt-right sinners have made multiple “memes” of Babar striking and running over lesbian and bisexual women in his bright red car. This is false and also I am crying. My father made Babar use his car to tour the countryside and visit friends. It is not Babar’s weapon to kill kissing women and then say out loud to nobody, “Hell yes, compadres! Babar did the awesome thing again!” Babar would not speak that way.

    Babar is Not Married to Olive Oil from Popeye

    I am paralyzed with respect for the work of Popeye creator E. C. Segar and curse the alt-right cretins for dragging his iconic sailor cartoon into their sewer of garbage and stool. Babar is not married to Olive Oil and they do not “propagate the white race” on a pile of Chinese people’s skeletons. My immaculate father would never write such a thing, even at gunpoint.

    Babar’s Eyes are not Two Constantly Spinning Swastikas

    Babar’s eyes are black ink dots into which we inject our own humanity. Not once were they two rotating swastikas like I saw in an accursed alt-right video where a cash register noise played every time Babar stepped on a Koran. When I saw this dishonest video, I immediately did a prayer to the Lord, God that He rip out the eyes of my father’s angel, that he might never see his treasured elephant brought so low.

    The name BABAR Does not Stand for “Beautiful Aryan Brotherhood Achieves Revenge” It is just a nice fun name that children can remember.