• La Croatie coupe ses forêts pour « protéger » ses frontières

    24 mai - 14h : Pour lutter contre l’entrée de migrants et de réfugiés sur son territoire, la Croatie procède à des #coupes claires dans ses forêts, afin de « #dégager_le_terrain » le long de sa frontière avec la Bosnie-Herzégovine. Ces derniers temps, des #bois ont été abattus sur les versants de la #montagne #Plješivica et aux abords de l’ancien aérodrome militaire de #Željava. Des pratiques similaires avaient été signalées aux alentours de #Hravtska_Kostajnica, en janvier 2019.

    La ministre des Affaires étrangères de Bosnie-Herzégovine, Bisera Turković, a demandé des explications aux autorités croates, déclarant que si elle comprenait le besoin de surveiller les frontières, elle attendait de ces dernières qu’elles informent leurs voisins avant de prendre de telles initiatives.

    De leur coté, les ONG dénoncent une infraction aux droits de l’homme et à la protection de l’environnement, et l’association écologiste #Zelena:Akcija a signalé ces coupes à l’Inspection nationale, afin de vérifier qu’elles étaient conformes aux directives prévues dans cette zone par l’Office des eaux et forêts.

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  • Réfugiés vénézuéliens : l’UE et l’Espagne organisent une conférence des donateurs



  • Info Park
    20 – 26 May 2020

    ➢ After the lockdown measures were lifted, the number of refugees and other migrants visible in the parks and streets of Savamala district has been increasing daily. Info
    Park mobile team has registered a daily average of 160 people on the move in the area, which is higher than the week before and corresponds to the numbers before
    the state of emergency. By the end of the week, police officers returned to Park Luke Celovica, commencing raids, and bringing migrants without permits to governmentrun centers to leave the camps back. Info Park registered 534 push backs from Hungary –the high number reflecting return to pre-pandemic dynamics in the border
    ➢ Ministry of Defense published a public procurement for 2.5 tons of razor-wire intended for fencing the reception and asylum centers in Serbia. Info Park issued a press statement joined by A11 Initiative, PIN, Alternative Center for Girls and Collective Aid, calling the Ministry to immediately withdraw the public procurement
    and return its activities within their constitutional framework. Moreover, the organizations called upon the European Commission to react and inform the
    authorities in Belgrade that these actions are derogating the efforts undertaken in Serbia’s accession process towards the European Union, within chapters 23 and 24.
    Full statement is available here.
    ➢ According to Serbian media, a person from Valjevo was arrested for spreading national and racial hatred towards migrants in the text on newly established website owned by the detainee. The website article reads that a new refugee camp for 10,000 migrants will open in Valjevo should the ruling Progressives win the forthcoming
    ➢ Belgrade Center for Human Rights issued a press statement informing the public on the inadmissible conduct of the Bogovadja Asylum Centre security guards, who verbally and physically abused an unaccompanied child accommodated there. The
    BCHR pressed criminal charges against the guards.
    ➢ The updated AIDA 2019 Country Report on Serbia documents the main developments in asylum procedures, reception conditions, detention of asylum seekers and the Covid-19 measures. Read the full country report here.

    ➢ Portal Novosti reported on the latest in a series of attempts of Croatian authorities to curb migration in the country. Reportedly, the Croatian state enterprise for forest management carried out deforestation on the heights of the Plješivica mountain and near the former Yugoslav National Army airport Željava, along the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Croatian police allegedly did not deny it but said they aimed to control better the entry of refugees and other migrants from BiH.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    ➢ During the previous week, a group of migrants accidentally initiated a fire in an abandoned hall near Miral RC in Velika Kladusa. On 18 May the special police forces
    entered the hall and used physical violence against a group of migrants found there and forced them to leave the place. The video of the incident was published on the
    YouTube. Association for Democratic Initiatives (ADI) and Civil Rights Defenders (CRD) released a joint statement and condemned the violation of human rights and
    use of violence against migrants. Afterwards the cantonal police conducted an internal investigation and concluded there was no excessive use of violence in the

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    Eid lunch for migrants in Zenica: They have a special place in our hearts

    The Majlis of the Islamic Community of Zenica, in cooperation with the Kocevo Jamaat, today organized an Eid lunch for more than 20 migrants in Zenica, all with the aim of spreading the Eid atmosphere and helping occasional travelers.
    This is the first time that the Majlis of the Islamic Community of Zenica has organized such an activity with the aim of helping migrants, travelers to the European Union, who are stuck in our country due to the impossibility of moving to neighboring Croatia.

    Considering that they are far from their countries, without families, the Majlis decided to give them warmth on this Eid, so that in the congregation of Kočevo with the host Ismet ef. About 20 of Bašić had an Eid lunch, and they also received hedi.

    Basic said that this is a novelty and that most likely other majlises and levels of the Islamic Community of BiH will accept this practice.

    "Apart from this activity, we have previously collected stalls and aid for migrant centers. Bosniaks in this city have always been merhametli, and we wanted to brighten our cheeks and tell occasional travelers to have a special place in our hearts, houses and our city, "said ef. Basic for Klix.ba.

    He added that the citizens of BiH are most invited to be an example to other people of how to treat this population of people because we ourselves were passengers a few years ago, but still today.

    "They often repeat in conversation that they left their countries because of the economy, disrespect for human rights, denied freedom and democracy. They want to reach European countries. I think you will agree, and I myself have lived in Arab countries for a long time, that Muslims in BiH has great freedom, which can be seen through the sermons because no one delegates to us what we will talk about, while it is not in Islamic countries, we helped this population through our traveling iftar activity during Ramadan. “10 migrants worshiped iftars and monetary hedias. This activity today is the crown of our human obligation to man, especially to those in need,” our interlocutor added.

    Jamaat members, but also the citizens of Zenica, help migrants every day, but they cannot fulfill all their wishes.

    "In the days of Eid, nostalgia is felt, they say that they miss their homeland, family, parents, family ... Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we were so persistent and tried in some things like them, where would we end up … ”, Concluded Bašić.

    After the Eid lunch, the migrants cleaned the courtyard of the mosque.


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    The imams of Mostar shared the joy of Eid with the migrants and the local priest

    Today, three Mostar imams from the area of ​​Bijelo Polje shared the joy of Eid with the migrants in Salakovac and with the local priest, who visited and treated them to Eid delicacies.
    The arrival of the Mostar imams in the IPC Salakovac caused great joy among the migrants, and they especially cheered up the children to whom they distributed Eid packages and lit up their faces with smiles.

    As the imam of the Podgorani-Humi-Prigrađani congregation, Admir ef. Čopelj, told us, with the help of good people, they prepared 750 packages, of which 50 were distributed to children in the IPC Salakovac and 700 to the children of the congregation from Bijelo Polje.

    Thus, during the past three days in the area of ​​Bijelo Polje, three imams knocked on many doors of their congregation members. They brought joy to many homes and caused smiles on the faces of many children, surprising them with Ramadan packages.

    “As we could not gather the children in one place due to the pandemic, we decided that everyone in their congregation would knock on the door and deliver the packages to their home address, which made them very happy,” said Admir ef. Shoe. The goal was, as he emphasizes, for the children to remember this Ramadan and Eid in a beautiful memory and to see the smiles on their faces, which completes the Eid joy.

    Recalling that it is important to share the joy of Eid at all times, the imam of the Potoci congregation, Ammar Copelj, points out that this is especially important now, when people have been away from each other for almost more than two months, even their loved ones.

    “Slowly, these protection measures are diminishing and the concessions came at a time of joy to be together, and to feel that joy,” said Imam Ammar Copelj.

    However, due to protection measures, as the imam of the Kuti-Livač Ensar Vila congregation points out, they could not even organize a traditional reception, which was regularly attended by representatives of other religious communities. Therefore, as he explains, the three imams decided to bring Eid cakes together and visited the parish priest from Bijelo Polje, Nebojsa Radic, who welcomed them with enthusiasm.

    "This means a lot to me. We have been building a community and living together for a long time, through our Christmas celebrations they are always welcome with us and we with them for Eid. I think this is a message to our society that this is the only way we can build love between us and “A healthy coexistence and the life of our communities. This is a great joy both for the believers of the Islamic faith and for us to be able to share the joy of our holidays,” said Pastor Radić.


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    After the recording of the use of force against migrants in Miral: The results of the internal investigation are known

    An internal investigation was completed after a video of a police intervention in the Miral reception center and the use of force against migrants appeared.

    The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Una-Sana Canton (USK), Nermin Kljajić, said that the internal investigation confirmed that there was no violation of authority during one of the police interventions in Miral, which has been talked about a lot in recent days due to a controversial video on the Internet.

    "It was clearly established that the intervention of the police officers in this reception center was explicitly requested by the employees of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), since their lives were endangered. We simply had to act in that way and use physical force. Reasons for intervention. there were also aggressive behavior of migrants, disrespect for officials, causing incidents, and dangers in the camp itself, "the cantonal interior minister added.

    Kljajic also spoke about the overall situation when it comes to migrants.

    He said that the situation with migrants, ie a series of incidents and several burning abandoned buildings in Velika Kladuša, conditioned the increased police presence and controls.

    "As you know, several abandoned buildings in Velika Kladuša have been set on fire in recent days. We have not yet identified the perpetrators of these crimes, although we found migrants with valid Mirala residence cards in those facilities and moved them to this reception center.

    Further investigations will determine whether these arsons are actually the result of their dissatisfaction that we were doing our job. Also, I must say that the number of migrants on the streets of Velika Kladuša has significantly increased, for which there is no place in Miral. The complete situation dictates the intensified police controls - Kljajić added.

    Members of the Operational Group for the Situation with Migrants in Una-Sana Canton, due to all events and the complete situation, asked for the cooperation of the municipal authorities in Velika Kladuša, ie finding a location for the formation of a transitional center to accommodate migrants from Miral, abandoned buildings.


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    Minister on police violence against migrants in Miral: We had to use force because they were aggressive

    The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Una-Sana Canton (USK), Nermin Kljajić, confirmed that the situation with migrants, ie incidents and several burning abandoned buildings in Velika Kladuša, conditioned the increased police presence and controls. He also referred to a video released a few days ago, which shows police beating migrants.
    "As you know, several abandoned buildings in Velika Kladuša have been set on fire in recent days. We have not yet identified the perpetrators of these crimes, although we found migrants with valid Mirala residence cards in these buildings and moved them to this reception center. “These burns are actually a consequence of their dissatisfaction that we did our job. I must also say that the number of migrants on the streets of Velika Kladuša has increased significantly, for which there is no place in Miral. The complete situation dictates increased police controls,” said Minister Kljajić. .

    It was also emphasized that the internal investigation confirmed that there was no abuse of power during one of the police interventions in Miral, which has been talked about a lot in recent days due to the controversial video on the Internet.

    "It was clearly established that the intervention of the police officers in this reception center was explicitly requested by the employees of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), since their lives were endangered. We simply had to act in that way and use physical force. Reasons for intervention. there were also aggressive behavior of migrants, disrespect for officials, causing incidents, and dangers in the camp itself, "the cantonal interior minister added.

    Due to all the events and the complete situation, the members of the Operational Group for the Situation with Migrants in Una-Sana Canton requested the cooperation of the municipal authorities in Velika Kladuša, ie finding a location for the formation of a transitional center to accommodate migrants from Miral and city streets. abandoned buildings.


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    Fazlić: If the stampede of migrants goes to Bihać, there will be more Vučjak

    The mayor of Bihać, Šuhret Fazlić, warned the authorities that, if a stampede of migrants enters this city, which no one will take care of, he will open five more Vučjak camps.

    Fazlic emphasized the importance of the presence of the EU Delegation, the European Commission and international organizations, without which, as he said, the situation would be chaotic.

    – We should all be professional and quickly continue the successful cooperation so far. Also, I must warn all actors in the process that I will not hesitate to open new Vučjak if Bihać is again exposed to the unbearable pressure of migrants and left to it - said Fazlić.

    The Prime Minister of Una-Sana Canton Mustafa Ružnić, mayors and mayors of Una-Sana Canton emphasized at today’s meeting the importance and success of the current cooperation with the European Commission and international organizations, but also reiterated that the interest of the citizens of that canton is always in the first place. uncompromisingly insists on closing the reception centers “Bira” and “Miral”.

    – We will be maximally professional in further actions, however, it must be clear to everyone that the Una-Sana Canton will not be a yard for solving the problem of migration in this part of Europe. We will not deal with any correspondence, but we will, in accordance with the constitutional powers, take care of the interests and security of our citizens - Ružnić pointed out.

    He mentioned that the closure of “Bira” and “Mirala” was ordered at a joint meeting in Brussels, where it was emphasized that the reception centers must not be in private facilities.

    It is clearly defined how the process of final closure of “Bire” will take place in two phases and that it has actually already begun.

    The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Una-Sana Canton, Nermin Kljajić, pointed out that in the past period, they blocked this reception center by reducing the number of service users from 2,100 people to the current 650 migrants.

    – In the first phase of the further process, we are relocating minors, after which we will transfer about 400 people to a reception camp at the Lipa site. I hope that we will finish everything very soon, and with professional action and with the support of international organizations, finally close the unconditional and undesirable camp in the center of Bihać - said Kljajić.

    The political representatives of the Una-Sana Canton are persistent in the request for the relocation of unaccompanied minors to reception centers outside that canton, federal media report.

    Cantonal Minister of Health Nermina Ćemalović stated that they are already in communication with the authorities for the reception centers Duje and Salakovac, where they want to relocate 150 minors who do not have adequate living conditions in the centers in the Una-Sana Canton.

    – In “Bira” and “Miral”, we currently have 23 children under the age of 15, which is inadmissible. Someone should really think about this big problem, which of course was left to us again in the canton - said Ćemalović.

    The importance of joint action in this situation was emphasized at the meeting, but also the belief that this time there will be support and cooperation between the Ministry of Security in the Council of Ministers and the line minister Fahrudin Radončić.


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    May 27 – 29, 2020

    Transbalkan Solidarity invites you to participate in a 48-hour return-the-bullets-back protest campaign directed at the European Union and its decision-making bodies (the European Parliament, the European Council, the European Commission and the Council of the European Union), which are accountable for funding acts of systematic violence that amount to crimes against humanity.

    Why do we need to take action?

    Through the Internal Security Fund (ISF) allocated to Member States’ national programmes for law enforcement cooperation and the management of the union’s external borders, and the Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) cross-border collaboration programmes for non-member states, European Union is responsible for committing acts of violence against peoples that are residing, settling in or migrating to Europe by land or sea.

    Acts of violence occurring daily in more or less all the current camps, police stations, courtrooms, deportation centers, prisons and border areas in Europe:

    are not isolated or sporadic events but are a part of a wide systematic practice tolerated and condoned by our governments and the European Parliament,
    are funded by public funds,
    are a stable source of profit for privately-owned companies and shareholders,
    are reinforcing the arms industry, arms trade, and war economy,
    are direct degradation of the international humanitarian and human rights law, and subsequently the derogation of the right to asylum.
    Dehumanisation, deportations, extrajudicial punishments, kidnappings and forced disappearances, imprisonment, enslavement, human trafficking, torture, rape, political repression, racial discrimination and other human rights abuses experienced by people that reached Europe as migrants and refugees are a part of a widespread and systematic practice enforced by governmental policies and are conducted by law enforcement agencies, police and military forces, private security services, criminal groups, vigilante groups, judicial systems and other governmental bodies in Europe.

    Therefore, Transbalkan Solidarity holds the European Union’s decision-making bodies together with the Member States’ and non-member states’ governments accountable for:

    every bullet fired,
    every baton injury, every dog bite wound, every painful stitch,
    every drowning in the sea and rivers, every lack of rescue, every ban of docking,
    every tragic death, every disappearance, every family separation, every pushback, every human trauma caused by hunger, thirst, humiliation, and pain,
    every illegalisation and criminalisation of human existence,
    every criminalisation of activism and solidarity,
    all the acts of violence committed in the name of racial bias and xenophobic prejudice,
    all the acts of violence committed in the name of territory governance and border management,
    all the acts of violence committed in the name of profit!
    How to participate in the campaign?

    return the bullet that killed hope back (photo attached) to the European Commission at
    Secretariat-General, Ursula von der Leyen (president):


    Migration and Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson (commissioner):


    Neighbourhood and Enlargement, Olivér Várhelyi (commissioner):


    If you are concerned about your privacy, open a new email address.

    share the bullet that killed hope (photo attached) on your social media with hashtags
    #stopfundingviolence, #thisbulletkilledhope, #protestcampaign, #transbalkansolidarity, #europeancommission #eu

    distribute this call to action among your comrades and in your community
    return and/or share a bullet that killed hope anytime between May 27 – 29, 2020
    Take action now! Return the bullet that killed hope back to those who are funding it!

    Transbalkan Solidarity


    Why do we organize this protest campaign?

    “They were just following orders” is the most common justification of violence we get, known as the Nuremberg Defense. But we are asking back: Whose orders? Whose funds?

    Who ordered the acts of violence against the kids in Bogovađa in Serbia this May, the violence against the people under protection in Obrenovac camp in Serbia and the beatings and the application of tear gas indoors in Krnjača camp in Serbia this April? Who gave orders for the urgent acquisition of razor wire for enclosing the camps in Serbia or fencing off the Porin camp in Zagreb in Croatia? Who ordered the use of lethal force of private security personnel and the consequent death of Ahmed from Kurdistan in camp Ušivak in Hadžići in Bosnia and Herzegovina in early May? Who ordered the forced transfers from camp to camp in Bosnia and Serbia? Who ordered the state-administered burning of personal possessions in Velika Kladuša in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Who ordered the access restrictions to prevent entry into the Bosnia camps that led to the tragic death of Ahmed from Morocco in Miral camp near Velika Kladuša? Who gave orders for random beatings in Miral camp this May, or regular cruelty of Croatian police and countless pushbacks, dog attacks, and injuries to the people? Who gave the order to stamp people on the move with the red cross sprayed on their heads and bodies? Who gave and funded those orders? Who ordered firearms shots at people on the move on multiple occasions, including children? Who ordered to let the dogs out? Who?

    There is no end to such horrible acts that were committed in the very short time of the Covid-19 lockdown? What fascists think and talk, the European Union’s decision-making bodies are funding and implementing, or is it the other way around? Such politics and crimes are shaping public opinion and encouraging hate speech, hate crimes, the recruitment of white supremacists and fascism. “Strike the scum, strike the animals,“ has become a normalized and widely accepted way of social commenting on every news of violence committed against the people on the move. It is those who are there to officially promote universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in Europe who are committing these acts and should be held accountable.

    #Covid-19 #Migration #Migrant #Balkans #Serbie #Bosnie-Herzégovine #Croatie

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    NGO: What is the reason for the army in the migrant camps, there were no incidents

    Women in Black, A11 - The Initiative for Economic and Social Rights and Info Park today strongly condemned the engagement of the Serbian Army in the refugee centers in Sid, Principovac and Adasevci.

    “We believe that there are no reasons for such a thing and that by sending members of the Ministry of Defense, they will further militarize the refugee tragedy in Serbia,” the statement reads.

    These non-governmental organizations estimate that bringing the Serbian Army to refugee centers in western Serbia encourages a climate of racism and fascist attacks frequent even before the introduction of the state of emergency, which culminated in the recent attack in Obrenovac during this period.

    With the introduction of the state of emergency on March 15, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers were deprived of basic human rights in reception centers and asylum centers, all in the name of alleged protection from the kovida-19 epidemic, the statement said. The arrival in Sid and the appearances of the Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin and the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Army, Petar Cvetković, as well as the presence of the Chief of the Military Police Directorate, General Rajko Milovanović, on May 17, only raised the already high degree of militarization of state bodies. an atmosphere of “finding the culprit”.

    The reference of the Minister and the General to the orders from the “Supreme Commander of the Serbian Army, Aleksandar Vučić”, after the lifting of the state of emergency, shows that it is, in fact, still in force. As it is stated, it is not at all clear what is the reason for the explanation of the Ministry of Defense that the army was engaged in the migrant camp to ’help the police’, because since the lifting of the state of emergency, the police have not identified any incidents caused by migrants.

    It was said that these highest security measures were introduced as a kind of prevention, and in order to make the citizens of Shida, but also the residents of the migrant camp, feel safer.

    The manifestation of such a high, and obviously unnecessary level of state power, can only increase the feeling of threat and danger among the citizens of Shida and among migrants and refugees who are “secured” in such a way, the Women in Black, A11 - Initiative for Economic and Social Rights and Info Park.


    #Covid-19 #Migration #Migrant #Balkans #Bosnie-Herzégovine #Manifestation

  • Bosnia to Probe Alleged Police Brutality in Migrant Camp

    SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Bosnian authorities will hold an internal investigation into police conduct at a U.N.-run migrant camp in the country after a video emerged this week allegedly showing a group of police savagely beating a camp resident.

    In a statement Friday, the United Nations resident office in Bosnia welcomed the announcement, saying Bosnian authorities must “at all times abide by local laws as well as international human rights norms and standards.”

    The U.N. had previously requested an immediate investigation of the incident which allegedly occurred earlier this month at the Miral camp, in the northwestern city of Velika Kladusa. Local police initially dismissed accusations of brutality, saying they were called to the camp to pacify a hostile, stone-throwing crowd during a protest by migrants over movement restrictions due to the pandemic.

    The 30-second video uploaded on YouTube and shared by various Balkan news outlets allegedly showed a group of police approaching a random migrant in an apparently peaceful section of the camp and hitting the young man with fists and batons.

    Bosnian authorities have recently grown increasingly hostile to thousands of migrants trapped in the country, with security minister Fahrudin Radonicic proposing in April to start deporting them en masse. Many migrants enter Bosnia illegally in hope of continuing their journey towards Europe’s prosperous heartland through neighboring Croatia, a European Union member.

    The U.N. migration organization, IOM, which manages all temporary migrant accommodation centers in Bosnia, has been reporting serious overcrowding since mid-March when police started rounding up migrants who had been sleeping rough in the streets and driving them to its facilities.

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    Authorities said at the time they had to move migrants off the streets as part of measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Migrants who have since not been allowed to leave the camps, not even to go to a shop, say authorities are unjustly depriving them of their freedom.

    IOM camps in Bosnia currently house 6,200 people, or nearly 20% more than before the advent of the pandemic in the country in mid-March.


    #Covid-19 #Migration #Migrant #Balkans #Bosnie-Herzégovine #Velikakladusa #Miral #Camp #Violencespolicières #

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    Migrants caused large fires in two abandoned buildings in Velika Kladuša

    Migrants caused large fires in two abandoned buildings in the area of ​​Velika Kladuša yesterday, which is not a rare occurrence in this city in the extreme northwest of BiH, the Ministry of the Interior of the Una-Sana Canton confirmed to us.
    “These are incidents in which garbage and tires were set on fire. Firefighters reacted quickly and extinguished the fires, so that the buildings did not burn completely. They normally light fires in abandoned buildings and halls, so such incidents often happen,” they said. are from the MUP USK.


    #Covid-19 #Migration #Migrant #Balkans #Bosnie-Herzégovine #Velikakladusa #Bâtimentabandonné #Incendie

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    How many migrants are currently staying in Tuzla and who is helping them?

    After about 500 migrants were transferred from the bus station in Tuzla to the Blažuj barracks in Sarajevo in mid-March, the migrant situation in Tuzla is much better. According to the TK Ministry of the Interior, 700 migrants were registered in this canton in March, only five in April, and an increase again this month.

    Only yesterday, 17 migrants were registered in Tuzla. Among them is 17-year-old Osama Amir from Yemen. He says that he entered BiH from Serbia with two other friends.

    And from October last year to March this year, about 700 underage migrants like Amir, who were found in BiH unaccompanied by their parents, were registered in TK. They are assisted by non-governmental organizations in Tuzla.

    “The country of children does this by having the mobile team identify the minors in the field, their needs, the situation they are in and we continue to refer them to the other actors in this story. We provide them with help in food, food items that they need “, says Sahiba Srna, a representative of the Association of Citizens” Land of Children of BiH ".

    What is a problem for the non-governmental sector is the decree of the City Administration of Tuzla and the Ministry of Security of BiH, according to which no one except the Red Cross is allowed to distribute food to migrants in an organized manner.

    “We received an answer from the Cantonal Civil Protection Headquarters to the inquiry about the distribution of food to people on the move, which states that there are no obstacles, if the prescribed measures are followed, such as gloves, mask, social distance,” said Danijel Vasilj from the Service Center. in the community “Snail”.

    The center of Puž says that the police prevented them from sharing food several times, which they also informed the Council of Ministers about. After the closure of the Tuzla office for foreigners, most migrants just pass through the city and go to EU countries. Only five migrant arrivals were recorded in April. The number will increase in May, which is expected because the restrictive measures of the competent authorities have been lifted.

    According to the non-governmental sector, more than 100 migrants live in Tuzla every day, mostly in private homes, and some in abandoned buildings. So far, seven migrants have expressed a desire to stay and have sought asylum from BiH.

    Below you can see the complete story of our Vahidin Mujagić.


    #Covid-19 #Migration #Migrant #Balkans #Bosnie-Herzégovine #Camp #Tuzla

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    The Prime Minister of the USC, Mustafa Ružnić, convened today in Bihać an extended meeting of the Operational Group for Coordination of Activities and Supervision of the Migrant Crisis in the USC area, which was attended by representatives of the IOM and the UNHCR.

    Members of the Task Force analyzed the activities carried out to monitor the situation and measures taken to prevent and early detection of possible cases of new coronavirus (COVID -19), which included restricting the movement of users of temporary reception centers Bira in Bihac and Miral in Velika Kladuša and additional protection measures within the temporary reception centers and, in cooperation with the City Administration of Bihać, the commissioning of a transit camp at the Lipa location, for which there was already an agreement and to which migrants who were outside organized reception camps in Bihać and whose uncontrolled movement endangered the measures taken to preserve the health and epidemiological situation in the Canton.

    In this way, it is possible to establish both a safety and a system for monitoring infectious diseases in migrant shelters and timely detection of the health condition of one or a group of patients that can endanger the health of a large number of people and requires rapid intervention.

    The operational group of the group for coordination of activities and supervision over the migrant crisis in the area of ​​Una-Sana Canton adopted the following conclusions today with the aim of further preserving the security and health-epidemiological situation:

    1. The Task Force remains consistent in implementing the conclusions of the Una-Sana Canton Assembly, which imply that only the temporary camps Borići in Bihać and Sedra in Cazin, which house vulnerable categories, remain in operation. Camp Bira in Bihać, after the location outside the populated area has been created, must be closed immediately. The IOM is required to prepare the Lipa site for the reception of the remaining migrants from Camp Bira.

    2. Competent organizations, primarily UNICEF, are required, this time with a deadline of 21 May, to relocate migrant children, housed in inadequate conditions at Camp Bira in Bihac, to other centers outside Una-Sana Canton. Otherwise, this organization will have to take responsibility for underage migrants, after the final closure of Camp Bira.

    3. In order to further preserve the security and health-epidemiological situation, strict control of internal traffic and circulation of the migrant population by public transport is still required in order to prevent the spread of the disease that may endanger the health of more people and rent private accommodation. The MUP USK and the Cantonal Administration for Inspection Affairs will take care of the implementation of these measures.

    4. The City Administration of Bihać is asked to urgently bring to an end the activities on the execution of obligations undertaken at the location of Lipa, primarily on the installation of fences and gates and water security.

    5. The Municipal Council of Velika Kladuša is requested to form a coordinating body that will cooperate with the Task Force and UN agencies and to initiate activities to determine the location with infrastructural prerequisites for the urgent establishment of a transitional camp outside the populated area of ​​Velika Kladuša. and relocating migrants from makeshift accommodations.

    6. Owners of residential and abandoned buildings, such as former production halls or unfinished buildings, where migrants stay without accommodation in existing camps, are required to take measures to physically protect the buildings within 72 hours.

    7. Strict monitoring of the activities of all organizations, individuals and NGOs that implement programs aimed at supporting the migrant population in partnership with UN agencies and the Central Committee of the KJA is required. Activities in illegal camps are prohibited to all unauthorized organizations and individuals, not approved by UN agencies and their partners or the USC Red Cross. The MUP USK is in charge of implementation.


    #Covid-19 #Migration #Migrant #Balkans #Bosnie-Herzégovine #Camp

  • [Google Translate] 


    During an attempt to enter the Miral camp in Velika Kladuša, a migrant was killed last night.

    This information for USKinfo.ba was confirmed by the Velika Kladuša Health Center.

    Our coroner went out on the field and determined that it was an accidental death that occurred around 00:00. He got stuck between the bars, that is, the fence when trying to enter the camp. The cause is most likely suffocation, but more details should be confirmed by an autopsy, if they order it to be done. The Prosecutor’s Office and the police, who were on the ground, were informed, the Velika Kladuša Health Center told USKinfo.ba


    #Covid-19 #Migration #Migrant #Balkans #Bosnie-Herzégovine #Camp #Miral #Velikakladusa #Mort #Mineur

  • IOM invites you to participate in a photo contest / competition on the topic “Coronavirus through my lens.”

    The currently present coronavirus (COVID-19) has certainly changed the way we all live and our routine. Going to school, hanging out with friends and family, we are forced to put aside for a while, and adapt to the current situation and be responsible for the whole community. Together we are all fighting to overcome this as soon as possible and in the best possible way.

    And we are interested in how YOU spend your current time? Send us photos of your community, show us solidarity in action, how you attend classes and stay in touch with friends, how you feel in isolation and what helps you get through this situation.

    Like most of us, we are sure that you also like to record all important events with photos that you keep for years to come and that take you back to that moment. Surely when all this is over you will want to have a little memory of these days, which you will be able to share with others in the future and tell stories about it.

    You can send photos to the inbox of the SMart YOUth Facebook page with the name of the photo and an indication of the place where you live. All young people aged 15 to 30 who come from one of the following communities can apply: Bužim, Cazin, Prijedor, Brčko, Tuzla, Zvornik, Zavidovići, Zenica, Bugojno, Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, Jablanica, Čapljina, Bileća and Foča.

    The expert jury will select the five best and most creative photos that will be published on IOM’s Facebook page, and we have prepared valuable prizes for the winners of the competition.

    The deadline for submitting photos is: May 15, 2020.

    The rules are simple: send us photos taken by you, which you take responsibility for the content of the submitted photos; the photographed content must not belittle or insult anyone; by sending a photograph, you give your consent to the organizer of the competition to publish the submitted photographs free of charge with the clear signature of the author, for the purpose of promotion; send photos exclusively in JPG format, with the longest side not exceeding 2000 px, and the size of the photo must be up to 2MB.

    This activity is implemented within the project “Support to Youth in Local Communities in BiH” supported by the Government of the United Kingdom.


    #Covid-19 #Migration #Migrant #Balkans #Bosnie-Herzégovine #IOM #Photographie

  • [Via Transbalkanska Solidarnost - Google Translate]

    11th May, 2020
    Today, we received information from people who were forced to stay in the Lipa camp that many people vomited last night after eating what was served to them for dinner. Food is provided by IOM and CK from donations provided by the EU. We were told that instead of calling them a doctor as promised by the IOM, they called the police who were violent. Today, many people still feel bad.

    We continuously warn that the conditions in the Lipa camp are absolutely unacceptable and that they do not meet even the minimum standards of human dignity. Apart from the fact of overcrowded sleeping tents, without hygienic conditions because there is no running water or sewage, poor infrastructure, it is becoming increasingly clear that repression and violence against already exhausted people are being used more and more. Food, which until now was quantitatively minimal and of questionable nutritional value, is now becoming life-threatening for people who refuse to receive basic medical care.

    We demand from all competent authorities that the Lipa camp, as well as all other camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, be urgently disbanded, and that people be provided with adequate and humane accommodation and care in accordance with the requirements of human dignity, as prescribed by the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina. international human rights standards.


    #Covid-19 #Migration #Migrant #Balkans #Bosnie-Herzégovine #Camp #Lipa #Intoxication

  • [Google Translate]

    Problems with migrants in the reception camp “Lipa”

    According to the order of the Council of Ministers, the police of Una-Sana Canton have been moving migrants from the streets of Bihać to the newly opened reception camp “Lipa” for the third week. The problem is that “Lipa” is an open camp, so every day a third of migrants return to the city.

    Most of the approximately 5,000 migrants residing in Una-Sana Canton have tried to cross the border at least twice. That is exactly why the newly opened camp Lipa does not suit them, because it is about forty kilometers away from the border.

    NAZIF SHEHERZAD, Afghanistan

    We do not want to live in Lipa or Bihać, we want to go outside Bosnia. We have no reason to stay here because it is very bad and that creates additional problems for us.

    MUSTAFA, Pakistan

    In the morning I sleep and the police come, pick me up and take me to a new camp. I don’t want to be there and I’m back, because I want to go to Italy via Croatia.

    Migrants are still being relocated from abandoned factories and from the streets of Bihac, claims Cantonal Interior Minister Nermin Kljajic, and points out that about 150 are being relocated daily, because detailed health tests are being done, however, many of them are returning to Bihac from the camp.

    NERMIN KLJAJIĆ, Minister of the Interior of the USC

    During the night they try to return to Bihać, in that percentage 30-40% of migrants are continuously returned to the location of Lipa, they have not yet accepted that location and we are aware of the situation that they are far better here in Bihać in terms of their comfort.

    There are currently about 5,000 migrants in Una-Sana Canton, 3,000 are housed in camps while others find a roof over their heads in private accommodation, old buildings and on the street. Considering the migrant crisis and the epidemiological situation in this canton, it is positive that all migrants who have been tested for coronavirus so far are negative, and if that changes, they will be treated like all other citizens.


    #Covid-19 #Migration #Migrant #Balkans #Bosnie-Herzégovine #Camp #Lipa #Una-Sanacanton #Bihac

  • [Via Transbalkanska Solidarnost] 

    We would like to draw your attention that the new tent camp has been opened in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the North-East of Country, Una-Sana Canton, 22 km from Bihac.

    After EU insisted, at the end of 2019, on closing Jungle camp Vucjak due to inhumane conditions, this time around it was EU that sponsored the opening of the camp that people who are forced to live in the camp refer to it as Jungle Camp (same as Vucjak). The camp is run by the IOM and DRC. Both claim that it is used as an emergency shelter during Covid-19 pandemic, while the local authorities consider it as a camp where most of the people will be sent to.

    From the reports collected by the volunteers, people are collected from the streets of Bihac and forcefully taken to the camp. The camp is 22 km from Bihac, without any infrastructure, in the inhabited part of Una-Sana Canton. People brought to the camp against their will keep running away as conditions are appalling. The only difference, they say, is that there are the Internet and three meals per day (which are of low nutrition quality). Again no sewerage or running water.

    The information we receive is that when people leave the camp they are intercepted by BiH police. Using the same methods as the Croatian border police, BiH police sizes whatever little people have, and sometimes they burn their staff in the front of them, the same methods used by the Croatian border police.

    So to sum up, in Bosnia again (just a few months after the closure of Vucjak) we have tent camp and humanitarian catastrophe with increased police repression, this time directly sponsored by EU.


    #Covid-19 #Migration #Migrant #Balkans #Bosnie-Herzégovine #Camp #Bihac