• The rise of the “clamourati”

    Ca mérite bien un nouveau tag, non ?

    Today’s media in England are in full throated “clamour” mode.

    The status of whether something constitutes a genuine political scandal can be determined by whether (and to what degree) it is accompanied by the editorial clich a “clamour”. Oh we brits love a juicy word ! But for full effect the “c” word must be accompanied by the addition of the word ’resignation’ or better yet ’sacking’ as the outcome they/we are supposed to be clamouring for.

    Clamouring is much in evidence today with the controversy swirling around the government?s culture minister?s the unfortunate Maria Miller and what was deemed her too perfunctory apology (the nuances of English apology culture’how and when to say sorry -particularly if you don’t mean it - is Arcane indeed). But the spectacle of today’s ’clamour culture’ in full cry has all the fascination of a particularly nasty traffic accident. Each politician on live news media (whatever they have they have been invited to talk about) is ritually asked when and how Ms Miller should fall on her sword.

    Their reply is rarely candid and never illuminating but one thing is clear, we now need a new collective noun for all the participants: how about “the clamourati” ?

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