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    Karen of Maumelle, AR
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    Original review: June 19, 2019

    Cigna plays God with your health. The company refuses to cover medical expenses for treatments other insurance companies have covered for years. Cigna does not consider how well your chronic conditions have been managed in the past, or what your doctor may order to monitor your condition. I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for years, and under United and Blue Cross coverage was able to receive the treatments I need to manage my condition well. My husband has a severe case of myasthenia gravis that we have been able to manage with Blue Cross and United. Cigna does not care if people suffer; nor do the company’s doctors respect their highly reputable colleagues in the field of medicine. The doctors spend no time understanding your medical history; they simply follow standard black and white written protocols, without regard for patients’ well-being.

    Carl Icahn Cigna: Billionaire Slams Express Scripts Deal | Fortune

    “Purchasing Express Scripts may well become one of the worst blunders in corporate history, ranking up there with the Time Warner/AOL fiasco and General Electric’s long-running string of value destruction,” wrote Icahn, citing one of the most heavily criticized mergers of the past few decades. Icahn reportedly has acquired a “sizable” stake in Cigna, according to the Wall Street Journal, but the precise extent of that stake is unclear.

    Icahn also mentioned the specter of Amazon entering the prescription drug business as a key reason why the Cigna-Express Scripts merger would amount to a “$60 billion folly,” adding that recent federal government actions scrutinizing the largely opaque benefits management industry are also a major red flag. PBMs have been accused of being one of the key reasons why prescription drug prices remain so high.

    “When Amazon starts to compete as we believe they will, with their 100 million Prime users and scale distribution system, they will have no trouble breaking into the so called ‘ecosystem.’ With lower prices, the beneficiary will be American consumer, not the owners of Express Scripts,” wrote Icahn in an underlined section of the letter. Icahn also disclosed that he has taken a short position on Express Scripts, expecting the stock to fall.

    Behind the Scenes, Health Insurers Use Cash and Gifts to Sway Which Benefits Employers Choose | HealthLeaders Media

    The insurance industry gives lucrative commissions and bonuses to independent brokers who advise employers. Critics call the payments a “classic conflict of interest” that drive up costs.

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  • La réforme du système de santé d’Obama : un « vote historique » pour une régression sociale programmée - Des bassines et du zèle.

    « C’est le prix qui passe avant tout le reste », explique au Times le docteur Sam Ho, le médecin-chef de UnitedHealth. Que l’objectif de cette « réforme » de l’assurance maladie d’Obama ait été depuis le début de réduire les coûts et non pas d’améliorer l’assurance maladie est un fait que le NYT et tout l’establishment progressiste connaissaient bien et qu’ils ont soigneusement dissimulé au grand public. Comme le signale l’article, les cadres de la compagnie d’assurances Cigna sondaient déjà les PDG sur des formules d’assurances très bon marché alors que la proposition de loi n’était pas encore rédigée.

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  • Nicolas Bérubé : Comment les compagnies d’assurances mettent les États-Unis en danger

    Pendant 15 ans, Wendell Potter a travaillé aux relations publiques de CIGNA, un géant de l’assurance maladie privée aux États-Unis. En tant que directeur des communications, son rôle était de veiller à ce que les plaintes des clients ne mettent pas la compagnie dans l’embarras. M. Potter a remis sa démission l’an dernier. Il milite depuis en faveur d’une assurance maladie publique aux États-Unis. La Presse l’a interviewé.

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