• Perú Negro

    Afro-Peruvian music, also known as “música criolla”, finds its roots in West African music, Spanish and European genres and native musical traditions from Peru. After a long struggle to preserve it through oral means over generations, a renewed interest in those rhythms and melodies arose in the 1950s.

    The dance company Perú Negro won the main award at 1969’s Festival Hispanoamericano de la Danza y la Canción, and a few years later their repertoire was included in this album, a key record in Afro-Peruvian culture which introduced música criolla to a wider audience.


    Perú Negro is an Afro-Peruvian musical ensemble founded in 1969 to celebrate and preserve Peru’s black culture and música #criolla. Ronaldo Campos de la Colina founded the Lima-based group with 12 family members. The group has been appointed by the government of Peru as the “Cultural Ambassadors of Black Peru.” When Ronaldo Campos died in 2001, his son Rony Campos took over the direction of the troupe. Today, the group has over 30 members and a youth troupe, Peru Negrito. The group’s album, Sangre de un Don led to the first ever U.S. tour in 2002. In 2005 the group was honored with two Grammy nominations for their second US album, Jolgorio. The first nomination came through the Latin Grammys’ traditional music category and the second for the Grammy’s World Music category and in 2008 the group received another Grammy nomination for their album Zamba Malato. In 2010, the group teamed up with famed Peruvian singer, Eva Ayllon to record the album 40 years of Afro Peruvian Classics. The collaboration led to a Latin Grammy Nomination for Best Folk Album.


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