• Under settler terror, Palestinians tear down and flee their village
    By Basel Adra. May 25, 2023

    The 27 Palestinian families who lived in the small village of ‘Ein Samia, located northeast of Jerusalem in the occupied West Bank, finally made the painful decision to leave their homes of more than 40 years after months of escalating Israeli settler violence. Some of the families said they were moving west to the village al-Majeer, while others told +972 they didn’t yet know where they were going.

    On Tuesday, in the now depopulated village, I saw dozens of residents, most of them women, under the blazing sun, destroying their houses with their own hands. I had never witnessed anything like it, and I wasn’t sure what to say to them. (...)

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    • Haggai Matar. @Ha_Matar
      6:41 PM · 25 mai 2023

      The Israeli government is stepping up its steps to deepen apartheid. Over the past two weeks, these include new initiatives (that have not yet been approved) to: double the number of settlers in the West Bank, outlaw the Palestinian flag and persecute Palestinian students in uniseverely cripple Israeli human rights organizations, and annex historic sites in the West Bank.

      The government is also supporting the construction of a new settlement on the lands of Burka, although it is deemed illegal even according to Israeli law.

      Meanwhile, over the past days settlers have attacked 2 more Palestinian villages, Burka and Ein Samia, unstopped by the army. In the latter, this has led the residents of the village to flee and tear down their own village, as @basel_adra reports here : https://www.972mag.com/ein-samia-settler-violence

      These are dangerous escalations to be taken seriously. They are also a continuation of previous polices, such as Gantz and the “government of change” outlawing Palestinian human rights organizations, or...

      the Supreme Court (the so called “bastion of democracy”) green-lighting ethnic cleansing in Masafer Yatta and Khan ak-Akhmar.

      It’s crucial to act against these government actions, and also to remember that they are a part of ongoing apartheid, and that we must take on the entire system – not just its current incarnation.