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    Mais, en fait, il y a une autre raison pour laquelle la diplomatie américaine, l’union Européenne, la Ligue arabe – qui a relancé son plan de paix - ont fait un tel effort pour la reprise des pourparlers. Tous craignent l’effondrement de l’Autorité autonome et l’annonce par l’OLP, qu’en raison de l’importance de la colonisation, la paix avec Israël est impossible. Cela signifierait la remise en question des traités avec l’Égypte et la Jordanie, censés faire partie d’un processus de paix régionale. En d’autres termes, personne ne veut plonger le Proche Orient dans une nouvelle crise. Rendez-vous dans neuf mois…

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  • Une voix dissonante dans la presse israélienne (qui acclame en rangs serrés le rapport) :

    « Report on IDF shooting of Muhammed al-Dura may cause Israel more damage than good » | By Barak David (Haaretz)

    Publishing the report 13 years after the incident took place and accompanying it with a government PR campaign is not only surreal, but could backfire by awaking sleeping dogs.


    The report on the investigation of the Mohammed al-Dura affair is probably one of the least relevant documents written by the Israeli government in recent years.

    The report, entitled “French TV station France 2’s coverage of the Mohammed al-Dura affair, its results and implications”, was presented to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 13 years after the events it describes took place, making its submission today surreal.

    In its wake, Netanyahu recited slogans about “a campaign of de-legitimization directed against Israel” and Strategic and Intelligence Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz, who had no part in preparing the report, muttered a few words about “blood libel”, and everyone present felt very righteous.

    The person who advocated for setting up the committee, who also became its chairman, was Yossi Kuperwasser,

    Yossi Kuperwasser, director general of the Strategic and Intelligence Affairs Ministry, advocated for the establishment of an investigative committee and became its chairman. Kuperwasser, who was the intelligence officer at the Israel Defense Forces GOC Southern Command and later head of research and analysis for IDF intelligence, has been waging a 13-year-long public relations campaign against the Palestinians. For better or worse, his attention to the al-Dura affair became an obsession, leading to a suspicion that there might be a conflict of interest. (...)

    It seems as though the report was written for use within Israel alone. The evidence and arguments that were presented might convince the already convinced, but no more than that. The committee could not present any “smoking gun” evidence showing the 25 year old al-Dura sunbathing on a Gaza beach. Not even close. Any thought of getting such a report to change the globally accepted narrative after 13 years is akin to trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube.

    The report also appears to be a campaign of revenge launched by the State of Israel against a single French journalist, Charles Enderlin, who first reported Mohammed al-Dura’s death. Committee members tried to saddle Enderlin, an Israeli Jew who has been living here for over 30 years, with all of Israel’s problems and those of the Jewish people.

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