• 120 Detainees To Join Hunger Strike As Tension Continues To Mount
    September 13, 2019 - IMEMC News

    Two days after 23 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons started a hunger strike, 120 others are planning to join the strike, especially if the Israeli Prison Authority continues to ignore their demands, including implementing what it agreed to in April of this year.

    The detainees said that the prison authority continues not only to ignore their demands, but is also refusing to implement what it agreed to this past April, after it agreed to install public phones and to remove phone signal jamming devices, it installed in various prisons, which caused health complications to several detainees.

    The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported, Thursday, that 23 detainees started an open-ended hunger strike two days earlier, after it became clear that Israel is not interested in implementing the agreement which was reached after their strike in April of this year.

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  • » UPDATE : 30 Palestinian Prisoners Join Hunger Strike In Solidarity With 6 Detainees
    August 13, 2019 4:52 PM – IMEMC News

    Thirty Palestinians in Israeli jails, have joined a hunger strike in solidarity with six detainees who have themselves been refusing to eat or drink to protest their illegal detention without charge or trial.

    The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) stated Monday, that another group comprising 30 prisoners had joined the open-ended hunger strike to protest against the practice of so-called administrative detention.


  • Take Action: Palestinian detainee Hassan al-Aweiwi on hunger strike for over 2 months
    8 June 2019

    Palestinian prisoner Hassan al-Aweiwi is on his 68th day of hunger strike, protesting his imprisonment without charge or trial under Israeli administrative detention. On Thursday, 6 June, Aweiwi was transferred to a civilian hospital, Barzilai, after the severe deterioration of his health after over two months without food. He is currently being held in Ramle prison clinic.

    Hassan Abed Rabbo of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Commission said that Aweiwi, 35, had lost over 20 kilograms since he launched his hunger strike. The married father of three from al-Khalil was seized by Israeli occupation forces on 15 January 2019 and transferred to administrative detention – imprisonment without charge or trial. There are currently approximately 500 Palestinians, out of a total of 5,400 Palestinian prisoners, held under administrative detention. Detention orders can be issued for up to six months at a time and are indefinitely renewable; Palestinians have been jailed for years at a time under administrative detention.(...)


  • » Adnan Faces Serious Complications As He Continues Hunger Strike
    IMEMC News - October 22, 2018 2:12 PM

    The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that detainee Khader Adnan, who has been holding a hunger strike for fifty consecutive days, is facing serious health complications.

    The head of the Legal unit of the PPS, attorney Jawad Boulos, said Adnan suffered a very serious weight loss, and is facing constant fatigue, vomiting blood, in addition to having problems in his left eye.

    Boulos managed to visit Adnan, Monday, at the Ramla prison, and said the detainee informed him that he is still refusing medical checkups, vitamins and boosters, adding that his strike continues until he is freed again.

    Adnan told Boulos that Israel has stripped him of his freedom, yet again, under vague and unrealistic allegations, and added that he is being held under dire conditions in al-Jalama prison.

    Adnan also said that the prison administration held him in solitary confinement for seventeen consecutive days in a very small cell, with a broken toilet seat, and filled with bugs and insects.

    It is worth mentioning that, in the period between 2012 and this year, 2018, Adnan held three hunger strike demanding an end to his arbitrary Administrative Detention, without charges or trial.

    In 2012, Adnan held a hunger strike for 66 days, and in 2015, he went on strike for 54 days.

    Adnan, 40, from the northern West Bank governorate of Jenin, spent at least 8.5 years in Israeli prisons, after he was abducted and detained by the soldiers eleven times.

    He is a married father of seven children, the oldest, Ma’ali, is ten years of age, and the youngest, Mariam, is only 18 months.

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  • Les prisonniers politiques palestiniens ont fait reculer Israël | Chronique de Palestine
    28 mai 2017 – Addameer – Traduction : Chronique de Palestine

    Addameer – Après 40 jours, les prisonniers palestiniens ont suspendu leur grève massive de la faim lancée le 17 avril 2017 et suivie par environ 1500 prisonniers politiques palestiniens dans les prisons et les centres de détention en Israël.

    Les prisonniers avaient une série de revendications, soulignant les besoins fondamentaux et les droits de l’homme, y compris la fin du refus de visites familiales, le droit à des soins de santé et des soins médicaux appropriés, le droit de poursuivre des études supérieures à distance, la fin de l’isolement cellulaire et la fin de la détention administrative (l’emprisonnement sans inculpation ni procès et sans limite de temps).

    Issa Qaraqe, directeur de la Commission des affaires des prisonniers palestiniens, a pris la parole lors d’une conférence de presse le dimanche 28 mai, dans laquelle il a déclaré que « 80% des demandes » des prisonniers ont été satisfaites après la grève.

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  • DERNIERES NOUVELLES : Les prisonniers palestiniens suspendent leur grève de la faim après 40 jours de lutte
    27 05 2017 • 9 h 43 min
    Samidoun | Traduction : J. Ch. pour l’Agence Média Palestine

    Photo : Le Théâtre de la Liberté

    Après 40 jours de grève de la faim, on dit que les prisonniers palestiniens ont suspendu leur grève de la faim et annoncé qu’ils avaient remporté la victoire pour leurs exigences humanitaires, après 20 heures de négociations entre les meneurs des grévistes et l’administration carcérale de l’occupation israélienne. Samidoun fera un rapport avec tous les détails dès qu’ils seront connus. Une conférence de presse officielle avec annonce détaillée est prévue plus tard aujourd’hui, samedi 27 mai.

    Nous saluons tous les courageux prisonniers palestiniens dans leur combat, aux avant-postes de la lutte des Palestiniens pour leur libération ! Leurs victoires et leurs luttes sont celles du peuple palestinien et de tous les peuples en recherche de justice et de libération.

    Et salutations à tous ceux qui, dans le monde, ont pris part au combat des prisonniers et à cette victoire palestinienne pendant les 40 derniers jours.

    After 40 days, Palestinians suspend mass hunger strike in Israeli prisons
    May 27, 2017 10:41 A.M. (Updated : May 27, 2017 11:20 A.M.)

    (...) Head of the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Qaraqe and Head of the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) Qaddura Fares said in a joint statement that the prisoners suspended the “Freedom and Dignity” strike after reaching an agreement with IPS officials following more than 20 hours of negotiations between Marwan Barghouthi — the imprisoned Fatah leader who has been the primary leader of the mass strike — and other prison leaders with IPS in Ashkelon prison. (...)

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  • Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike in Israeli jails ends - Palestinians - Haaretz

    The hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails ended after 40 days on Friday night, according to the Israel Prison Service and Palestinian officials.
    The hunger strike ended after Israel reached an agreement with the Palestinian Authority and the Red Cross over prisoners’ visitation rights, according to the prison service. The sides agreed that the prisoners would be eligible for two visits a month, as was in the past before being reduced to one visit a month.
    The strike ended in time for the month-long Muslim fast of Ramadan, which begins on Saturday.
    Despite Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan’s remarks according to which there will be no negotiations and that the prisoners’ demands won’t be met, the strike ended following days of talks that peaked on Friday night. This, while the prison service attempted to reach some understandings over the strike prior to U.S. President Donald Trump’s arrival in Israel earlier this week. The prison service stressed that there were no negotiations with the prisoners, but rather that “understandings” had been reached.

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  • With Palestinian prisoner strike, Barghouti challenges Abbas’ leadership
    Will a Palestinian hunger strike rain on Trump’s peace plans?

    Amos Harel Apr 18, 2017
    read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.783911

    The hunger strike that nearly 1,200 Palestinian security prisoners in Israel began on Monday is expected to ratchet up the tensions between Israel and the Palestinians in the coming days. If complications occur and the strike lasts for an extended time, it is liable to take over the security and diplomatic agenda at a time when U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration is declaring its intention to restart the peace process.
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    However, like another crisis that escalated in recent days over the supply of electricity to the Gaza Strip, it appears that the background to the strike has to do with intra-Palestinian power struggles as much as it has to do with the struggle against Israel.
    The hunger strike is basically the initiative of a single person, Marwan Barghouti, the highest-ranking Fatah prisoner in Israel. The media attention from a prolonged strike will serve him in his moves vis-à-vis the Palestinian Authority leadership, which is officially supporting the strike but in actuality is concerned about any outcome that could advance the standing of the imprisoned leader, who is not especially liked by President Mahmoud Abbas and his people. Barghouti already took credit for an initial success on Monday with an Op-Ed in The New York Times. (For some reason, the editors of the newspaper omitted from the publication the reason Barghouti is in prison: He was arrested and tried in 2002 for dispatching terrorists to carry out attacks at the height of the second intifada in which five Israeli civilians were killed. The piece has since been amended with an editor’s note amid a wave of heavy criticism.)

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  • Les sans-papiers aussi attendent toujours le changement - Immigration - Basta !

    Il aura fallu 73 jours de grève de la faim pour que la préfecture du Nord daigne promettre un « examen bienveillant » des dossiers de régularisation de 161 sans-papiers lillois. Décidée au début du mois de novembre, une fois épuisés les autres modes d’action, la grève de la faim réunissait encore une quarantaine de personnes le 10 janvier. Âgés de 20 à 50 ans, les personnes grévistes (hommes et femmes) sont algériennes, marocaines, thaïlandaises ou guinéennes. Certains ont jeûné pendant plus de deux mois.

    Expulsés d’une église au début du mois de décembre, les grévistes et leurs soutiens étaient installés depuis le 21 décembre sur le parvis de l’église Saint-Maurice, à Lille. Sous une tente, dans le froid, l’humidité et avec des conditions d’hygiène déplorables. Pour accentuer la pression, le gouvernement a été jusqu’à expulser deux Algériens en grève de la faim depuis 60 jours !

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