• Ireland to intervene in South Africa genocide case against Israel
    By Reuters | March 27, 20245:47 PM GMT+1

    DUBLIN, March 27 (Reuters) - Ireland said on Wednesday it would intervene in South Africa’s genocide case against Israel, in the strongest signal to date of Dublin’s concern about Israeli operations in Gaza since Oct. 7.
    Announcing the move, Foreign Minister Micheal Martin said that while it was for the World Court to decide whether genocide is being committed, he wanted to be clear that Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack and what is happening in Gaza now “represents the blatant violation of international humanitarian law on a mass scale.”
    "The taking of hostages. The purposeful withholding of humanitarian assistance to civilians. The targeting of civilians and of civilian infrastructure. The indiscriminate use of explosive weapons in populated areas. The use of civilian objects for military purposes. The collective punishment of an entire population," Martin said in a statement.
    “The list goes on. It has to stop. The view of the international community is clear. Enough is enough.”
    In January the International Court of Justice (ICJ), also known as the World Court, ordered Israel to refrain from any acts that could fall under the Genocide Convention and to ensure its troops commit no genocidal acts against Palestinians, after South Africa accused Israel of state-led genocide in Gaza.
    Israel and its Western allies described the allegation as baseless. A final ruling in South Africa’s ICJ case in The Hague could take years.
    Martin did not say what form the intervention would take or outline any argument Ireland plans to advance, but added that the step was decided following legal and policy analysis and consultation with several partners including South Africa.
    Martin’s department said such third party interventions do not take a specific side in the dispute, but that the intervention would be an opportunity for Ireland to put forward its interpretation of one or more of the provisions of the Genocide Convention at issue in the case.
    The Hamas-led attack killed 1,200 people and resulted in more than 250 being taken hostage, according to Israeli tallies. Since then, Israel’s assault on Gaza has killed more than 32,000 people, according to Hamas-run health authorities in Gaza.
    Long a champion of Palestinian rights, Ireland last week joined Spain, Malta and Slovenia in taking the first steps toward recognising statehood declared by the Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and in the Gaza Strip.
    Israel told the countries that their plan constituted a “prize for terrorism” that would reduce the chances of a negotiated resolution to the conflict between the neighbours.

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    Reporting by Padraic Halpin, Editing by William Maclean

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  • L’Irlande en discussion avec plusieurs États membres sur une révision de l’accord UE-Israël
    Posted on février 3, 2024 | Tony Connelly | Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ) | Traduction CG pour l’AURDIP – Taoiseach – Aurdip

    Le Taoiseach [chef du gouvernement irlandais] a dit que l’Irlande est en discussion avec plusieurs États membres de l’Union européenne qui veulent une révision de l’Accord d’association UE-Israël sur la base qu’Israël violerait la clause de l’accord portant sur les droits humains.

    Leo Varadkar [le Taoiseach] a dit que l’Irlande est aussi en discussion sur la création d’un groupe d’États membres de l’UE pour reconnaître conjointement l’État de Palestine, afin de créer un système de négociations plus équitable avec Israël dans le cadre de l’après-guerre.

    Ses commentaires suivaient un sommet d’urgence de l’UE, aujourd’hui, pendant lequel les dirigeants ont discuté le cas de génocide porté par l’Afrique du Sud à la Cour internationale de justice et les allégations selon lesquelles le personnel de l’UNRWA aurait été impliqué dans les attaques du 7 octobre.

    Il n’y a eu aucun communiqué formel (annonce officielle) après la réunion.

    « Les relations entre l’UE et Israël sont fondés sur un accord qui a une clause concernant les droits humains, et beaucoup d’entre nous croient qu’Israël pourrait l’enfreindre », a-t-il dit aux journalistes. « C’est quelque chose dont nous avons discuté ».

    « Nous ne sommes pas complètement d’accord, mais c’est quelque chose à quoi j’ai appelé aujourd’hui et je l’avais déjà fait en décembre dernier ».

    Il a dit qu’une révision de l’accord exigerait initialement une évaluation de la Commission européenne pour déterminer si oui ou non la clause sur les droits humains avait été violée.

    « Une des valeurs sur lesquelles est fondée l’Union européenne, ce sont les droits humains et d’un pays comme Israël, qui se voit comme une démocratie occidentale et progressiste, nous nous attendons à ce qu’il respecte ces standards », a-t-il déclaré.

    L’Accord d’association entre l’UE et Israël est entré en vigueur en 2000. L’article 2 stipule que les relations entre les parties « seront basées sur le respect des droits humains et les principes démocratiques ». (...)

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  • EU cannot replace Gas from Russia with gas from state in blatant breach of International Law
    18 June, 2022 - by John Brady TD – John Brady TD | Sinn Féin

    Sinn Fein spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Defence, John Brady TD has expressed concern over the decision by the EU to sign a tripartite gas deal with Israel and Egypt.

    The multi-billion Euro deal is for gas from disputed gas fields, in which Israel is in dispute with Lebanon. This despite Israel’s long record of human rights abuses, and breaches of international law.

    The Wicklow TD said:

    “I am concerned that as the EU seeks to find alternative sources to Russian energy supplies that they are prepared to do a deal with Israel - a state that has been consistently found to be in breach of international law.

    "The UN High Commissioner for Human Right Michelle Bachelet has recently called for Israel to launch a criminal inquiry into the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh. The US Palestinian Journalist gunned down by Israeli forces last month.
    "A further three Palestinians were gunned down by Israel on Thursday. Palestinians are murdered by the Israeli state on a regular if not daily basis. Israel has been found guilty on a repeated basis of human rights violations against the Palestinian people.
    "Despite discussions between Palestinians, the British company and the Israeli’s, Palestinians have not derived any benefits from the gas find. Since the Israeli blockade of Gaza began in 2007, the Israeli government has bypassed the Palestinian Authority, seizing control of natural resources for itself.

    "Israel has also seized control of a further oil and gas find at the Meged Field, just inside the West Bank. Israel argues that the field lies outside of Palestinian territories, even though the majority of the mineral reservoir lies beneath the occupied Palestinian territory.

    "While Israel reaps the benefits of mineral wealth that belongs to the Palestinian people, the right of the Palestinian people to govern themselves is denied.

    "The ability of the Palestinian state to develop is also denied. The much needed proceeds from the oil and gas discoveries would provide the means to lift the Palestinian people out of poverty and to establish a viable state.

    "Ireland has a responsibility to draw attention to this hypocrisy at an international level. The EU has a responsibility to avoid rewarding states in breach of international law. (...)

    Quds News Network
    1:41 PM · 23 juin 2022

    Ireland’s Sinn Féin spokesperson John Brady: "International law must be universally applied. Ireland must oppose EU gas deal with apartheid Israel.”


    #IsraelIrlande #Gaz