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    Fait notable, le Parti du peuple indien (#BJP) ne disposera d’aucun élu dans la nouvelle assemblée.

    La victoire confortable du #LDF [Front démocratique de gauche] est sans doute attribuable à la gestion exemplaire des inondations dévastatrices de 2018 et du #Covid-19, marquée par la distribution de kits alimentaires gratuits et le versement d’une allocation moyenne de 7 300 roupies

    Why One State in India Is Showing Promising Signs of Democracy as the World Goes More Authoritarian - CounterPunch.org

    The right wing in Kerala has typically claimed that the Left is not equipped to build the state’s infrastructure. But this time, the right wing had no grounds to make its typical complaints. Since 2016, the state government has not only improved the basic transportation infrastructure but has also built up other kinds of infrastructure needed by the working class and the peasantry.

    There is a conventional attitude that suggests infrastructure is built to promote the interests of business alone. But this is not the case in the way Kerala’s LDF government built its public infrastructure, including public housing—the government built 250,000 homes for the poor. There was a major focus on public education and public health care, both of which were enhanced, and a stronger public health care system in the state helped it to stave off the catastrophe that COVID-19 has wrought in the rest of India. For the first time in 25 years, students left private schools to return to the improved public education system. Improvements in facilities in public schools included providing sanitary pads for girls to encourage better attendance in school.

    Roads, bridges, power lines, and a massive public sector internet project(Kerala Fiber Optic Network, or K-FON) to provide internet as a basic right to citizens have been a few of the key elements of the government’s infrastructure work.