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    In terms of the quality criteria i looked at here, that is primarily precision, resolution and aliasing artefacts in polygon rendering, the tested client side renderers perform somewhere between so-and-so and badly. Openlayers shows the overall best performance. Tangram is on the second place, primarily because of much more noisy results due to aliasing artefacts. Maplibre GL makes the bottom end with a massive bias expanding polygons beyond their actual shape essentially rendering many of the tests useless and making any kind of precision rendering impossible – while being subject to similar levels of aliasing as Tangram.

    Do i have a recommendation based on these results? Not really. It would be a bit unrealistic to make an overall recommendation based on a very selective analysis like this. Based on my results i would definitely like to see more examples of practical cartography based on the Openlayers vector tiles rendering engine.

    If i should really give a recommendation to people looking to start a map design project and wondering what renderer to choose for that it would be a big warning if you have any kind of ambition regarding cartographic and visual quality of the results to think hard about choosing any of the client side renderers discussed here.

    Comparatif de rendu des polygones avec #MaplibreGL #Tangram & #Openlayers qui s’en sort le mieux.

    Un peu en lien avec https://seenthis.net/messages/932812

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