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  • Urban matters : Détroit n’en finit pas d’agonir, c’est maintenant au tour des parcs et des terrains de jeux pour les enfants de disparaître. La municipalité prévoit d’en fermer une cinquantaine.

    Detroit to close 51 parks - World Socialist Web Site

    By Shannon Jones
    4 February 2013

    Detroit’s Democratic Party Mayor David Bing announced Friday that his administration will close 51 city parks and sharply cut back operations at recreation centers by the spring. The cuts mean that only 57 of the city’s more than 300 parks will be in operation this year. Those that remain open will see reduced staffing and maintenance.

    Romanowski Park in southwest Detroit is slated to be closed

    The park closures are in line with the plans of the Bing administration to deny services to so-called unviable neighborhoods, forcing residents to move out.

    One life-long Detroit resident told the WSWS, “Recreation is an important part of a child’s development. When you close down recreation centers and don’t allow children to play it is a detriment to future generations. People still use the parks even though they are not in the same shape they were in previously.

    “I believe the closing of these parks is part of a plan to turn the land over to private developers at a cut-rate cost.”