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  • Jason:

    Thank you for the prompt reply.

    1. As far as Mr. Raoul Kennedy’s relationship with Skadden Arps,
    thank you for the information and obviously I stand corrected. My
    recollection was that up until the end of 2014 Mr. Kennedy was a
    “partner” (and not “of counsel”) at Skadden and that is where I was
    looking for his name — under the heading of partners. Incidentally,
    I have also noticed a similar sudden change in the status of Mr. Alec
    Chang from “partner” to that of “of counsel”, which I am sure is also
    the result of Skadden’s good faith business needs.

    2. In order to better analyze the potential conflict — and while
    keeping in mind that it is perfectly OK for judges to assume the role
    of plaintiff and for there to be minimal resulting interruptions to
    the firm which chose to assume the representation as far as conflicts
    of interest and disqualifications — I ask that you send me a copy of
    the complaint and all other pleadings, as well as a list of the
    members of the class and those who chose to opt-out.

    As far as the statute you mentioned, as applied to the facts at hand
    it is not on point. The crux of the statute is that the fact that a
    justice is represented by counsel shall not be the sole basis for a
    judicial determination of disqualification of a justice in unrelated
    actions. In essence, the fact that Justice Vance Raye, for example,
    is represented by Skadden/Kennedy shall not be the SOLE basis for
    request for judicial disqualification in unrelated actions. First,
    this statute does not pass the common sense test because what you are
    advocating is that if Skadden/Kennedy is representing Justice Vance
    Raye in a personal injury matter against a restaurant, for example, I
    will be prohibited from seeking to disqualify Raye in this case —
    that does not make sense. Second, this statute applies only to ONE
    justice, and in the case at hand Mr. Kennedy represents (as of now and
    assuming none chose to opt out) the entire qualified panel of justices
    of the Third District. Third, and most importantly, per the statute,
    the representation must be the “sole” basis. Here, the
    representations of Skadden/ Kennedy is NOT the sole basis. Rather,
    there is an additional basis for the disqualification — which is the
    fact that Skadden itself is also a DEFENDANT in the “unrelated
    action,” and as was previously mentioned, as of February 15, Raoul
    Kennedy himself (as well as Chang, Nolan, and various Skadden clients whom Skadden colluded with Girardi & Keese and who benefited from unlawfully retaliating against me) will be named in the upcoming federal action. For purposes of full disclosure, please note that I did not conduct any further legal research in analyzing the statute and my position is based only on what you forwarded to me as anattachment.

    As such, if there is a case that you want me to read to
    in support of Skadden’s contention, please forward it to me.
    Otherwise, I will seek to disqualify any and all judicial officers who
    are clients of your firm.

    In fact, my position is that under the circumstances your firm and its
    clients — each on its own accord — had a duty to make a disclosure
    of such relationship. I am enclosing for your convenience a “comment” written for the “California Judges Association” which clearly states that there are other consideration other than 811.9 that must be taken into consideration.

    Note also that also as a taxpayer and resident of California I already
    have concerns over this litigation relating mainly to the fact that
    the venue chosen to represent a Second District Court of Appeal
    Justice was his own, and the fact that a determination was made that
    the rule of necessity applies to Judge Elihu Berle whereas the
    Judicial Council could have chosen a judge which was not part of the
    class i.e. a recently appointed judge or a retired judge, such as
    Leslie Nichols who retired prior to 2008.

    3. In connection with Mr. Chang, I have also noticed that he no longer practices out of any of Skadden’s offices in California and is
    otherwise listed as practicing out of New York. At your earliest, I
    will appreciate if you provide me with the date — for purposes of
    SOL/tolling of SOL — that Mr. Chang allegedly left California for New

    4. Please note that hence forth, with the exception of pro-per
    parties (i.e. MoFo, Girardi & Keese, KVN, MTO, Arnold & Porter) any
    and all other attorneys with paying clients (i.e. Zellerbach, Kapor,
    UC, Yolo DA, Friedman), will no longer be ccd on this topic in order
    to prevent the spending of unnecessary legal fees by their clients.

    Thank you,

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  • Alphabetical List of Organizations / Individuals That Are of Interest to The Leslie Brodie Report — Year 2013

    For updates, please see @:


    AARP - American Association of Retired Persons;

    Peter Arth of CPUC;


    Robert Adler of Southern California Edison, formerly of Munger Tolles;

    Marty Africa of Lindsey Major & Africa;

    Allen Matkins;

    Ruthe Catolico Ashley (aka Ruthe Ashley);

    Lance Astrella of Astrella & Rice;


    Starr Babcock of State Bar of California;

    Ophelia Basgal, formerly of PG&E;

    Gibor Basri of UC Berkeley Foundation/ CaliforniaALL;

    Jeremy Ben Ami of J. Street;

    Bet Tzedek Legal Services of Los Angeles;

    Jeffrey Bleich of Munger Tolles & Olson/ Obama for America;

    Richard Blum;

    Geoff Brown of CPUC;

    Frederick Brown of Gibson Dunn;

    Boyd Gaming;

    James Brosnahan of Morrison & Foerster / Obama for America;

    Ron Burkle of The Yucaipa Companies;

    John Burton of California Democratic Party;



    California Forward;

    California Emerging Technology Fund;

    California Consumer Protection Foundation ("CCPF");

    California Supreme Court Historical Society;

    California Endowment;

    Annette Carnegie of Morrison & Foerster;

    CB Richard Ellis;

    Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment (CAUSE);

    Alec Chang of Skadden Arps;

    Raj Chatterjee of Morrison & Foerster;

    Erwin Chemerinsky of UCI School of Law;

    Ming Chin, Associate Justice of California Supreme Court;

    Steve Churchwell of DLA Piper;


    Richard Claussen of Goddard Claussen;


    Joe Cotchett of Cotchett Pitre & McCarthy

    Dick Costolo of Twitter / Posterous;


    Angela Davis of US Attorney’s office in Los Angeles/ Judicial Council

    Howard Dickstein ;

    Jeannine Dickstein (aka Jeannine English);

    Jack Dorsey of Twitter/Posterous;

    DLA Piper;

    Duke Energy;

    Joe Dunn;

    Kinde Durkee;


    Edison International

    Judge Morrison England;

    Torie Flournoy-England;

    Jeannine English (aka Jeannine Dickstein);

    EPIC Church at 543 Howard;

    Martha Escutia;


    Jerome Falk of Arnold & Porter(formerly of Howard Rice);

    Judge Tim Fall of Yolo Couty Superior Court (image:courtesy photo)

    Judge Timothy Fall (aka Tim Fall) of Yolo County Superior Court;

    Nancy Fineman of Cotchett Pitre & McCarthy;

    James Brosnahan, Jeff Bleich, Willie Fletcher
    From left James Brosnahan, Unknown, Jeffrey Bleich, and Judge Willie Fletcher (Image: courtesy photo)

    William Fletcher : FOB — Friend of Bill Clinton;Democratic Party Operative; Judge with Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals; UC Berkeley;

    For People of Color, Inc. — entity associated with MTO;

    Mark Friedman of Fulcrum Property;

    Holly Fujie;

    Fulcrum Property;


    Ronald George;

    Eric George;

    Girardi & Keese;

    Thomas Girardi;

    Golden Pacific Bank;

    Joilene Wood Grove;

    David Grove ;

    Jasmine Guillory;


    Karina Hamilton of UC Irvine;

    Robert Hamilton of Allen Matkins;

    Leslie Hatamiya;

    Kamala Harris;

    William Hauck of Goddard Claussen;

    Robert Hawley of State Bar of California;

    Tony Haymet of Scripps Institution of Oceanography ;

    James Hsu


    Institute on Aging;


    Judy Johnson;


    Raoul Kennedy of Skadden Arps;

    Freada Klein Kapor;

    Mitchell Kapor;

    Keker & Van Nest;

    John Keker of Keker & Van Nest;

    Brenda Kempster of LINK AMERICAS Foundation

    Pat Fong-Kushida

    Stewart Kwoh


    Walter Lack of Engstrom Lipscomb & Lack;

    David Lash;

    Tom Layton of State Bar of California / Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department;

    Patricia Lee

    Richard Lehman of Lehman Levi Pappas & Sadler;

    Larry Lessig;

    Level Playing Field Institute;

    David Lira;

    Little Tokyo Service Center;

    Donna Lucas of Lucas Public Affairs

    Greg Lucas


    Susan Mac Cormac of Morrison & Foerster;

    Nancy McFadden of PG&E / UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy / Jerry Brown’s

    Dennis Mangers;

    Manika Jewelry;

    Patrice McElroy;

    Nancy McFadden of PG&E;

    Sunne McPeak;

    Howard Miller of Girardi & Keese;

    Victor Miramontes of CityView / CaliforniaALL;

    Gwen Moore of GEM Communications / Shrimpscam/ State Bar of California;

    Munger Tolles & Olson;


    Bettina Neuefeind;

    Tom Nolan of Skadden Arps;

    Bill Novelli of AARP/Porter Novelli;


    Barbara O’Connor of AARP, Lucas Public Affairs;

    Pierce O’Donnell

    Ron Olson of Munger Tolles & Olson / Berkshire Hathaway / Southern California Edison


    Pacific Gas & Electric Company;

    Larissa Parecki;

    Mark Parnes of Wilson Sonsini;

    David Pasternak of Pasternak Pasternak & Patton ;

    Bradley Phillips of Munger Tolles & Olson;

    Michael Peevey of CPUC;

    Pegasus Capital;

    Roman Porter;

    Porter Novelli;



    Sarah E. Redfiled of UNH School of Law;

    Jeff Reisig ;

    Reliant Energy;

    JoAnn Remke;

    Mark Robinson of Robinson Calcagnie Robinson/Judicial Council;

    Richard Robinson

    John Roos, formerly CEO of Wilson Sonsini;

    Alan Rothenberg of 1st. Century Bank;

    Fred Rowley of Munger Tolles;

    Dave Rosenberg of Yolo County Superior Court / Judicial Council;

    Bonnie Rubin of 1st. Century Bank / State Bar of California Legal Services Trust Fund Commission


    Scripps Institution of Oceanography;

    Douglas Scrivner of Accenture

    Thomas Silk;

    Larry Sonsini

    Southern California Edison;

    State Bar of California Legal Services Trust Fund Commission

    Station Casinos;

    Jon Streeter of Keker & Van Nest;

    Aaron Swartz;


    Mary Ann Todd of Munger Tolles & Olson / California Bar Foundation

    Richard Tom of Southern California Edison / California Bar Foundation


    UC Irvine School of Law;

    UC Irvine Foundation;

    UC Berkeley Foundation;

    UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy

    University of Phoenix;



    Verizon Communications

    Voice of Orange County


    James Wagstaffe of Kerr & Wagstaffe;

    Monica Walsh of Manika Jewelry;

    David Washburn of Voice of OC;

    Madge Watai

    Henry Weissmann of Munger Tolles & Olson

    David Werdegar of Institute on Aging;

    Kathryn Werdegar, Associate-Justice of California Supreme Court;

    Matthew Werdegar of Keker & Van Nest;

    Tony West of United States Department of Justice;

    Steve Westly;

    Anita Westly

    Wilson Sonsini

    Douglas Winthrop of Arnold & Porter(formerly of Howard Rice), California Bar Foundation;



    Christopher Young of Keker & Van Nest
    Christopher Young of Keker & Van Nest (image: courtesy)

    Christopher Young of Keker & Van Nest


    Carry Zellerbach (aka Mary Ellen Zellerbach);

    Daniel Zingale;

    Zurich Financial Services / Zurich Insurance;

  • Gary MacDonald, Raoul Kennedy and Thomas Nolan of Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom asked to disclose reason Skadden Arps’ Alec Chang serves as both member of State Bar of California Board of Governors/Trustees and the California Bar Foundation.

    Roster of California Bar Foundation, please see @:

    Roster of State Bar of California Board of Governors, please see @: