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  • La terre au coeur des préoccupations des Libériens - RFI

    Georges Weah qui succèdera ce mois-ci a Ellen Johnson Sirleaf à la tête du #Libéria a fait de la #sécurité_alimentaire l’une de ses priorités. 60% des Liberiens travaillent dans l’#agriculture, de grandes compagnies possèdent des #concessions immenses mais pourtant le pays importe 80% de ses produits de base. Depuis 2014, le pays tente d’adopter une nouvelle loi sur le #foncier qui garantirait aux communautés rurales des #droits sur leurs #terres.

  • L’expansion des plantations d’huile de palme stoppée au Liberia

    Des villageois ont fait reculer de puissantes #Multinationales, et cela se passe au Liberia. Le 5 mars, la présidente Ellen Johnson Sirleaf s’est rangée du côté des populations rurales fermement opposées à l’expansion des plantations d’huile de palme de la compagnie britannique Equatorial Palm Oil (EPO). L’ancienne prix Nobel de la paix a déclaré qu’il revenait aux communautés locales de décider si la compagnie devait ou non étendre ses plantations. « C’est une victoire pour les autochtones qui sont (...)


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  • The #Nobel for Peace – an Expanding Scandal

    For years, Norwegian politicians have used the prize to pursue their own ideas and purposes. Last year´s prize that went to the European Union, the 2009 prize for U.S. President Barack Obama, the 2010 prize for Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo, the 2011 prize for Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – almost all of the prizes awarded in the last two decades have failed to respect Nobel´s will.

    Instead of appointing a committee dedicated to the peace ideas described in the will Parliament is, with few exceptions, using the coveted seats as a bonus to reward retired parliamentarians. In Norway attitudes have shifted away from Nobel’s aims. Politicians strongly loyal to the U.S. and NATO are obviously unsuited to manage a prize for peace by disarmament, and the members ought to resign.


  • The Disneyfication of Ellen Sirleaf Johnson

    Liberian president, #Ellen_Johnson_Sirleaf is often presented by western #MEDIA as an avatar of all things good, which is unsurprising. This was the narrative that made her an icon of international development and women’s empowerment. It took a dip in 2011 as foreign journalists arrived in Monrovia during her re-election campaign and found a bitterly […]

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  • Liberians Launch Campaign Against Gay Marriage
    By Jonathan Paye-Layleh
    Associated Press
    Sunday Nov 11, 2012MONROVIA, Liberia — A few hundred Liberians representing the Christian and Muslim faiths and civil society organizations gathered here Saturday to launch a campaign to press the government to ban same-sex marriage.

    The campaign is seeking 1 million signatures supporting a resolution to ban gay and lesbian activities here.

    More than 25,000 signatures have already been gathered, the head of the citizens’ movement spearheading the campaign, Jim Tornonlah, told The Associated Press.

    The Liberian senate recently passed a bill strengthening the law against homosexuality. It must be approved by the House of Representatives before it is sent to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to sign into law.

    Earlier this year Johnson Sirleaf expressed her opposition to same-sex marriage saying that if a law supporting it was brought before her she would not sign it.

    However after the United States State Department took exception to her stance on gay rights, she softened her position and said that her government would “guarantee people’s civil liberties.”

    At Saturday’s anti-gay marriage rally, an outspoken clergy, representing the Liberia Council of Churches, Rudolph Marsh, lashed out at the influence of foreign powers.
    “There are good things in America that we can copy,” said Rudolph Marsh, lashing out at the influence of foreign powers, “we don’t have to copy the bad ones; let’s leave the bad ones with Americans.”

    “There are good things in America that we can copy,” he said, “we don’t have to copy the bad ones; let’s leave the bad ones with Americans.”

    Marsh called on Liberian Christians and Muslims to remain united “and stand together and tell the world that Liberia is a place of civilized people and will not allow same-sex marriage.”

    Muslim leader Sheikh Omaru Kamara, representing his faith at the ceremony, hailed the unity of purpose that both Christians and Muslims were showing against homosexuality.

    Liberia’s only known gay and lesbian rights campaigner, Archie Ponpon, insisted Saturday that Liberians should be allowed to practice what they want.

    Ponpon was mobbed at least twice after he announced the formation of his group, the Movement for the Defense of Gays and Lesbians in Liberia (MODEGAL) in April.

    “It is also their right to do what they are doing today,” Ponpon told the Associated Press of the campaign to ban same-sex marriage in Liberia. But he said the campaigners are wrong to make “verbal attacks on me and trying to kill my advocacy.”

    Ponpon, whose mother’s residence was set alight and razed to the ground earlier this year when he announced the formation of his gay-rights body, said he’s still coming under attack for his beliefs.

    Ponpon said over the phone tha

    • And then to realize that Liberia only exists due to the fact of hate, discrimination, and people being regarded and treated as second class people...... the slaves!

      I think the ancestors of the people living in 2012 in Liberia will turn in their graves, and if they could would have their bones removed from Liberian soil as soon as possible!

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    Liberia Christians say God wants gay sex to stay illegal
    Liberian Church and Inter-Religious Council has joined forces to stop the senate from repealing anti-gay laws
    25 October 2012 | By Joe Morgan
    President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s spokesman has said she will veto any homosexuality bill that comes across her desk, but that isn’t stopping campaiging Liberian Christians.
    Extremist Christian groups are campaigning against the legalization of gay sex in the Western African country of Liberia.
    Called No to the legalization of homosexuality, the Liberian Church has forcefully declared their opposition to same-sex marriage and the decriminalization of sodomy.
    In a press release, the coalition group says: The majority of Liberians are saying No to the legalization of homosexualism in the country because it is opposed to the laws and commandments of God.
    It corrupts our moral values and contributes to social indiscipline in the society, it is un-African and therefore foreign to our culture and current way of life, and it is a threat to reproduction and future population of our country.
    It is inherently a conduit for the spread of HIV/AIDS, accepting or approving such a practice brings a curse upon all of our nation, and, to recognize a same-sex marriage prepares our future government to subsequently recognize the marriage of a man to an animal by redefining the universally understood meaning of marriage.
    The Church, which also includes the Interreligious Council, are asking for $10,000 (£6196, 7695) in order to formally launch their campaign on 10 November.
    It will cover media publicity, transportation, printing of t-shirts, etc to stop the government from removing an amendment which bans marriage between polygamists, family members and members of the same-sex.
    Over the past year, anti-gay attacks have increased in Liberia and there have been calls for a Kill The Gays bill similar to Uganda. In Liberia, 98% of people are Christian or Muslim and the country’s motto is the ‘love of liberty brought us here’.
    Gay rights activists have promised they will campaign to have Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleafs Nobel Peace Prize removed if she signs a bill toughening anti-gay laws.