person:george davis


    Dear Counsel:

    I hope you are well and are enjoying the summer.

    This will serve to discuss various matters dealing with the two above referenced actions. At times, each counsel is addressed individually and at times issues are addressed to all (or the majority of) counsel collectively, as follows:

    1. YOLO COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT JUDGES DAVID ROSENBERG AND DAVID REED — First, as to the part of this communication addressed to Messrs. Michael Fox, Keith Fink and Olaf Muller, please be informed that an upcoming federal action of Levi v. Girardi & Keese will include one cause of action seeking only equitable relief against “Yolo County Superior Court.” Since your clients (Judges David Rosenberg and David Reed) are part of the “Yolo County Superior Court”, I wanted to give you a heads-up of the upcoming action, as well as to inform you that it is unrelated to the topics which were previously the subjects of various agreements.

    Simply put, and as discussed in more detail below as events relate to other parties, there have been serious new developments dealing with: a) Yolo DA / AARP b) Michael Cabral / Yolo and Riverside DA’s offices/ SNR Dentons - Rod Pacheco - James Hsu / Yolo County’s Cache Creek Casino - Chief Marshall Mckay/ Mark Friedman / DLA Piper / Kapor Enterprises.

    As far as (a) — developments involving Yolo DA and AARP, etc, note that last week I learned that AARP — where George Davis (formerly a California Bar BOG member who voted to press false criminal charges against me with Yolo DA, president of AARP-California, and with strong financial ties to CCPF) and Barbara O’Connor (AARP and AARP Foundation Director, Link America Foundation Director - whom I caught in major alleged fraud re Washington DC party to celebrate the “linking” of the two Americas — which in actuality was a Barack Obama inauguration party - and employee of Sacramento-based Donna Lucas’s Public Affairs) — has bestowed an unusual grant of $40,000 on the Yolo County District Attorney (see attached press-release and HERE ) headed by Jeff Reisig and Jonathan Raven.

    As far as (b) — developments involving Yolo / Riverside Assistant District Attorney Michael Cabral — note that during the pendency of the criminal action against me, a very unusual theory was explored by which Cabral had been transferred from Riverside County DA to Yolo County DA for the sole reason of falsely and maliciously criminally prosecuting me in order to intimidate me into silence and otherwise confiscate incriminating evidence through the execution of an invalid search warrant.
    At that time, I looked into those facts and rejected the theory dealing with Cabral (See story HERE). About one month ago, I learned that Cabral is no longer with the Yolo DA, and has returned back home to the Riverside County District Attorney.

    As you may recall and as I stated previously, I agreed to a plea of no contest to a charge of misdemeanor attempted extortion as a stopgap measure since I was under duress on various fronts. As part of the plea bargain I agreed to, among other things, not contact the State Bar of California Board of Governors/Trustees directly, and other overreaching conditions.

    Both as a journalist and as a victim of the above alleged malfeasance, I am obviously interested in informing the State Bar of California Board of Governors/Trustees and the public vis-a-vis press releases, published articles, and by contacting other journalists of those events. However, per conditions imposed on me while under duress as part of the plea bargain in the criminal matter by Judge Reed, I am prohibited from directly contacting BOG members. As such, in addition to suing some of the above named and others in federal court, I plan to ask the same federal court for relief to allow me to freely exercise free speech.

    As such, if the attorneys for Judges Rosenberg and Reed believe that advancing an action against Yolo County Superior Court for equitable relief is not consistent with the spirit or language of our prior agreements, please let me know.

    Note that from my perspective past events are all forgotten history and there is absolutely no desire to rehash old claims against Rosenberg and Reed. In fact, as I mentioned to Rosenberg’s attorney (Mr. Fink) over the phone, I am a huge fan of Rosenberg and was recently disappointed that he was not appointed as a justice to the California Supreme Court given his outstanding judicial qualities, experience, and political background (i.e. former chief of staff to Governor Jerry Brown; Judicial Council member; mayor of Davis, etc).

    2. SERVICE OF BRIEF AND APPENDIX — California Rules of Court Rule 8.124 (e)(1)states that “a party preparing an appendix must: (A) Serve the appendix on each party, unless otherwise agreed by the parties....”

    As far as the service of the appendix, I am hoping that each party will agree to waive formal service and instead agree that the service of a searchable PDF Appendix via electronic mail is sufficient. Note that I will be advising the court of my request and the responses received from counsel, if any.

    Similarly, I am hoping that you will also agree to waive formal service of a hard copy of the appellant’s brief and to instead agree that the service of searchable PDF and/or Microsoft Word version of the brief via electronic mail is sufficient. I will also be letting the court know that I made this request of counsel and the responses received, if any.

    I would like to urge everyone to agree to the above in order to save a tree, costs, and the unnecessary labor of printing, copying, and binding thousands of pages.

    3. SETTLEMENT DISCUSSIONS — As applied to the two above referenced actions, I would like to remind everyone that the window to engage in settlement discussions has been closed, as was stated previously. As such, due to multitudes of reasons, in connection with the above two referenced actions, please refrain from extending any settlement offers, attempting to engage in settlement negotiations, or offering anything of value. The only exception will be if the undersigned originates a proposal.

    4. DOCKET — As far as the matter pending before the California Third District Court of Appeal, note that the docket maintained by the court contains many inaccuracies and is otherwise lacking. For example, a search for the last name of defendant/respondent “James Brosnahan” yields no result. Ditto defendants Freada Kapor Klein, Michael Cabral, Mark Friedman (only the name of the late distinguished Morton Friedman OBM appears), Fulcrum Property (only “Fulcrum Davis” appears, which I assume is associated with the Friedmans), Mary Cary Zellerbach, Martin Investment Management, Ronald Olson, Jeff Bleich, Chris Young, Kamala Harris, Douglas Winthrop, Holly Fujie, Ophelia Basgal, and others.

    As such, I ask that each of you contact the court of appeal on behalf of your respective clients — similar to the 4th entry of the docket by which the attorney for Darrel Steinberg independently wrote the court to advise that Steinberg is a respondent, see HERE — to inform the court of the problem and ask for it to be rectified.

    Moreover, please ensure that the name of your clients are spelled correctly i.e. “Munger,Tollis” or “Freada, Kapor, Klein” are not the correct spelling, at least based on my understanding.

    The attorney representing Ms. Kamala Harris is requested to inform the court to remove a comment by which the docket states that Ms. Harris was sued in her capacity as the attorney general or forward proof where I allege she was sued in such capacity.

    The attorney from Locke Lord representing defendants Cary Zellerbach and Martin Investment is asked to inform the court to correct the docket which does not mention either yourself, your firm, or your clients. Also with respect to your client that has thus far managed to avoid service, please be advised that the California statute of limitations is tolled and I intend to pursue claims against her either in state or federal court. REDACTED

    5. SKADDEN ARPS — ISSUES RE RAUOL KENNEDY REPRESENTATION OF CALIFORNIA JUDICIARY — Mr. Russell, as you may recall, in reply to my inquiry you wrote: "My colleague Raoul Kennedy does indeed represent Justice Robert Mallano in Mallano v. Chiang et al., LASC Case No. BC533770. As you may know, Judge Elihu Berle granted class certification in Mallano on January 15, 2015. The class members have not yet been identified because notice has not been circulated, nor has the period for opt outs occurred. Nevertheless, regardless of which judges or justices eventually become members of the class, pursuant to section 811.9 of the California Government Code, the “fact that a justice, judge, subordinate judicial officer, court executive officer, court employee, the court, the Judicial Council, or the Administrative Office of the Courts is or was represented or defended by the county counsel, the Attorney General, or other counsel shall not be the sole basis for a judicial determination of disqualification of a justice, judge, subordinate judicial officer, the county counsel, the Attorney General, or other counsel in unrelated actions.” Cal. Gov’t Code § 811.9. As a matter of law, there is no conflict. The statute is attached for your reference."

    As a reply, I wrote in part that the statute applies only to one justice, and in the case at hand Mr. Kennedy represents (as of now and assuming none chose to opt out) the entire qualified panel of justices of the Third District and that, most importantly, per the statute, the representation must be the “sole” basis. Here, the representation of Skadden/ Kennedy is NOT the sole basis. Rather, there is an additional basis for the disqualification — which is the fact that Skadden itself is also a DEFENDANT in the “unrelated action.”

    In any event, this will serve to inform you that I intend to seek to disqualify any and all judicial officers who are clients of your firm. As such, I ask for you to please forward a list identifying the class members and all those who chose to opt-out of the litigation.

    6. MORRISON & FOERSTER: Mr. Besirof, associate Davis indicated that you replaced Mr. Dresser as the attorney in this matter. Please let me know if you have any questions or require certain clarification. Since you are new to the case and since it is summer, if you need extra time to catch up on materials as far as the filing of an appellate respondent brief, I am extending to you (and by extension everyone else) an additional 60 days in which to file your brief.

    7. DEFENDANT MARK FRIEDMAN / COUNSEL - BROTHER PHILIP FRIEDMAN — Mr. Friedman, in connection with events dealing with Michael Cabral / Yolo DA / Chache Creek Casino and SNR Dentons, can you please provide a list of all the partnerships between defendant Mark Friedman and the Rumsey / Yocha Dehe tribe which operates Cache Creek Casino in Yolo County?

    A lawsuit (attached) the tribe/casino filed against your brother and REDACTED lists the following: Government Property Fund,LLC; Government Property Fund II, LLC ; Government Property Fund III, LLC ; Government Property Fund IV, LLC ; 4330 Watt,LLC; Fulcrum Management Group LLC ; Fulcrum Friedman Management Group, LLC ; Illiniois Property Fund, GPF ; and Illinois LLC. Are these partnership still in effect ?

    Also, for purposes of determine potential conflicts of interest in the current pending matter as far as your ability to serve as legal counsel given your role as a potential witness, please inform me whether Paragraph 108 of the lawsuit which states: “The other Vectors partners included REDACTED and Opper, as well as Friedman, Friedman’s father and brother, and John Krasznekewicz (a Friedman friend)” refers to you, Philip Friedman. In essence, what I am asking is are you the Vector partner or is the brother alluded to someone else ? Also, starting in 2006 to the present, were you involved in any other partnership with the tribe and the casino ?

    8. MUNGER TOLLES & OLSON: Mr. Senator, if not a bother, I will appreciate if your firm would forward me the following:

    a - copy of the report prepared by your colleague Bart Williams dealing with alleged misconduct by Joe Dunn, especially in connection to a trip overseas by which Dunn was accompanied by Howard Miller of Girardi & Keese and Tom Layton. As you may be aware, accompanying the Yolo County District Attorney officers during the execution of the search warrant at my home was also Tom Layton — who served as liaison. As such, if said report is in the public domain, I will appreciate if you forward a copy.

    b - your colleague Jeffrey Bleich recently solicited as clients a group of UC Davis APA law students in connection with their bid to admit post-mortum an APA applicant to the State Bar of California. If not a bother, will it be possible for you to please forward to me a copy of the motion and all other pleading submitted to the California Supreme Court.

    9. FREADA AND MITCHELL KAPOR / LEVEL PLAYING FIELD INSTITUTE : Mr. Medina, at your earliest, I will appreciate if you please address the following:

    a. In order to determine your status as potential witness, can you please forward your employment history to date beginning from around 2006 ? Were you ever employed at the DLA Piper office in Sacramento ? If yes, can you please state the dates of your employment.

    b. Are you and your clients in a position to disclose who is paying Kapor and LPFI’s attorney’s fees? If it is DLA Piper who set you up to defend the two or otherwise is paying your attorney’s fees, please let me know. As you may know, DLA Piper managing partner Gilles Attia, daughter Sarah Attia, and partner Steve Churchwell played a huge role in CaliforniaALL / Obama for America. Also, separately and around the same time, there is an allegation that DLA Piper laundered $50,000 to “Obama Victory Fund” through defendant Level Playing Field Institute / Kapor Enterprises vis-a-vis the so called “Kapor Maneuver.”

    c. Recently, I have learned from a YOU-TUBE video featuring Mr. Kapor that he is heavily invested in what he refers to as “Ed-Tech” companies.

    It will be appreciated if you let me know if Mr. Kapor, his wife, or their entities have any business relationships with Steve Poizner or former California Bar Foundation treasurer Lindsay Lee — both of whom are also involved with Ed-Tech.

    d. Yesterday, just as I was about to send you settlement business proposals, much to my chagrin and indignation, I encountered the following article in USA Today. Under the heading of “Kapors pledge $40 million investment in tech diversity” it stated, among other things: “Mitch Kapor and wife Freada Kapor Klein will invest $40 million over three years in a set of initiatives designed to give women and underrepresented minorities a better shot at becoming technology entrepreneurs.” The article further stated that “Kapor Capital will make more than $25 million in investments in technology start-ups working to narrow the achievement gaps. At least half of the companies will have founders from underrepresented groups.” (See story )

    My understanding is that any and all non-profit and for-profits companies operated in the State of California are deemed to be “business establishments” that come within the purview of Civil Code Section 51 known as The Unruh Civil Rights Act.

    Be advised that the plan by the Kapors and Kapor Capital to “make more than $25 million in investments in technology start-ups working to narrow the achievement gaps. At least half of the companies will have founders from underrepresented groups” runs afoul of The Unruh Civil Rights Act which reads: “All persons within the jurisdiction of this state are free and equal, and no matter what their sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, or sexual orientation are entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges, or services in all business establishments of every kind whatsoever.”

    In other words, Kapor Capital’s plan to pick and choose “founders from underrepresented groups” (based on the article, women and “underrepresented minorities”) is unlawful. If you or your clients disagree, please forward an explanation. Otherwise, I shall await word from you that there has been a change of plans.

    e. As you may be aware, starting around 2000, the former executive-director of the State Bar of California (Ms. Judy Johnson) secretly served as the president of the “California Consumer Protection Foundation” ("CCPF") an entity which obtained millions of dollars from class-action “cy pres” awards and from fines, settlements and payments the CPUC — during the time Michael Peevey and Geoff Brown served as commissioners — imposed on various utility companies. For example, anytime a merger took place i.e. between various cell-phone companies such as Verizon, millions were paid to CCPF.

    CCPF, in turn, funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to entities in South-Central Los Angeles [with very close connection to State Bar of California BOG members Shrimpscam’s Gwen Moore and George Davis], a dubious entity in Venice for “Youth Radio”, an entity headed by Michael Shames, various Asian-American entities with close connections to State Bar officials (Holly Fujie and Madge Watai — Little Tokyo Service Center, etc.) and money to entities headed by associates of Justice Ming Chin.

    Based my estimation, around $3 million cannot be accounted for, and separately I alleged that CCPF submitted false reports to the IRS. Months before the execution of the search warrant, I complained to the IRS against CCPF as well as filed an ethics complaint against Judy Johnson and others with the State Bar of California. Later, as you may recall, the State Bar of California BOG voted to file criminal charges against me, alleging among other things, that the CCPF ethics complaint constituted criminal conduct which served as one basis for the search warrant.

    Based on my recollection, it also appeared that CCPF may have funneled money to entities established by the Kapors. Since all the materials have been confiscated by the Yolo DA and are otherwise inaccessible, at your earliest, I will appreciate the names of those entities and the dates / amounts each of these contribution.

    f. Please consider this a formal request for “Kapor Center for Social Impact” to produce its 3 last 990 forms submitted to the IRS. If you need me to request this information from the entity directly, please let me know.

    Thank you for your attention to these matters. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • State Bar of California ; Voice of OC ; Joseph Dunn ; Michael Cabral

    To:, “Todd, Mary Ann” <>,,,,, Cc: “Robert.Hawley” <>, “starr.babcock” <>,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Dear Mr. Dunn and to whom it may concern:

    This will serve to address the following:

    1. Attached below for your reference is a courtesy PDF copy of a summons and civil complaint filed against your publication VOICE OF OC in Yolo County Superior Court.

    Please note that as an act of good faith and in order to protect the brand “State Bar of California” and the reputation of the judicial system, I tried as much as possible to keep executives and directors of the California Bar out of the suit.

    Nevertheless, as you know very well, strong circumstantial evidence provides that the California Democratic Party took advantage of California’s Energy Crisis to enrich itself in lieu of prosecutions, and that the chosen forum to engage in various financial machinations has been the California Bar Foundation and related entities.

    This is the reason many utility lawyers, CPUC executives and operatives were appointed as members of the BOG and as directors of the California Bar Foundation, to wit: CPUC Commissioner Geoffrey Brown, CPUC Chief Legal Counsel Peter Arth, Gwen Moore of GeM Communications, George Davis of Davis Broadband (and secretly of AARP), Jeannine English (of AARP and lobbyist for Ross Perot Energy System), Dennis Mangers (on behalf of energy senator Darryl Stienberg, Kip Lipper, and Lipper’s sister Donna Lucas of Venoco Energy), Jeff Bleich and Bradley Phillips (on behalf of Southern California Edison, Verizon) , Douglas Winthrop of Howard Rice / Arnold & Porter (on behalf of PG&E), Annette Carnegie (on behalf of El Paso Energy), Howard Miller (on behalf of Girardi & Keese), and Nancy Fineman (on behalf of Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy).

    As you also know very well, clear and convincing circumstantial evidence provide that you, Martha Escutia , Tom Girardi and James Brosnahan launched VOICE OF OC with funds misappropriated (through the ad-hoc sham non profit CaliforniaALL) from the California Bar Foundation and in consideration for malfeasance by you and Martha Escutia stemming from California’s Energy Crisis by utility lawyers who were part of the California Bar Foundation/BOG such as Jeff Bleich (on behalf of Southern California Edison), James Brosnahan/Annette Carnegie (on behalf of El Paso Energy), Douglas Winthrop (on behalf of PG&E), non-lawyer/lobbyist Jeannine English (on behalf of Ross Perot System), and Thomas Girardi (on behalf of class-action lawyers who were prosecuting related litigation such as Pierce O’Donnell and Joe Cotchett in matters such as Continental Forge, El Paso, and SWEETIE’S).

    As you also know very well, in order to justify the existence of CaliforniaALL, you, Erwin Chemerinsky, Karina Hamilton, husband Robert Hamilton, and CaliforniaALL misled the public by various fraudulent means into believing CaliforniaALL was responsible for the launching of the Saturday Law Academy at UC Irvine ("SALUCI") in 2008, whereas SALUCI was actually launched in 2005.

    Later, as you also by now know very well , CaliforniaALL was also misused by various Obama for America actors (Jeff Bleich, James Brosnahan , Tony West, Kamala Harris, Laura Chick, and CHRIS YOUNG) as well as by the election campaign of Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson by Jeannine English, Mark Friedman, and CHRIS YOUNG.

    2. This will serve to confirm and to place you and members of the BOG on notice of the fact that Yolo County Assistant District Attorney Michael Cabral has stated on multiple occasions to me and to on separate occasions to various attorneys words to the effect of, “The State Bar of California doesn’t really want you criminally prosecuted, they just want you to go away”. On a separate occasion he stated that he wants me prosecuted and to have “State Prison” "hanging over my head" if I do not fulfill conditions of probation which will include not suing, complaining, or blogging against various wrongdoers. When I stated to him that this is an attempt to shut me up through misuse of the justice system and that it has no relations to any crime I committed, he stated “that’s the situation.”

    Michael Cabral has already stated to me, and later through my insistence to my attorney, that he “never” spoke to Jeannine English, that he spoke “only once” to Tom Layton, and that he only communicates with representatives from the State Bar of California.

    Mr. Cabral’s latest laughable and highly unethical offer, conveyed to me by my attorney, and which I caused to be placed on the court record, is that “if I want a misdemeanor” I have to agree to a “stay away order” not only against Jeannine English and Howard Dickstein, but also against all the people named in the search warrant, such as you, Tom Girardi, Holly Fujie, and others. When I inquired why would I have to agree to a “stay away” from you and Girardi, for example, I was told it was a “special” stay away order which would include conditions that for the next three years I have to agree to NOT FILE COMPLAINTS, “NOT SUE” and “NOT BLOG” about any of those mentioned in the search warrant and if I either file complaints, lawsuits or blog about those individuals, it would be considered a “probation violation.”

    3. This will serve to inform the State Bar of California Board of Trustees of the fact that I only recently discovered that former member George Davis has been secretly part of the AARP while concurrently serving as public member of the State Bar of California Board of Governors ("BOG"). As you know, on June 12, 2011 I filed a complaint with the entire State Bar of California Board of Governors against then BOG member Jeannine English of AARP stemming from her conflicts of interest, self-dealing, breach of fiduciary duties, and failure to discloses a $900,000 Cy Pres award to AARP courtesy of Tom Girardi and Girardi & Keese during the time period the BOG was investigating my allegations dealing with the matter of In Re Girardi. As you know, the entire BOG took jurisdiction over of my complaint dealing with the matter of In Re Girardi, and once I discovered that the State Bar of California appointed Girardi’s own personal malpractice attorney (Jerome Falk of Howard Rice) as “special prosecutor”, the BOG ceased all communications with me.

    4. If not a bother, will it be possible for you to please make certain State Bar of California employee Teri Greenman respond to my request for documents previously submitted.

    Very truly yours,

  • Text of Message Sent to AARP General Counsel Cindy Lewin Re Jeannine English, George Davis, Barbara O’Connor

    Dear Ms. Lewin:

    This will serve to address matters dealing with Jeannine English, Barbara O’Connor, and California AARP President George Davis.

    First, as you know, I previously alleged misconduct on the part of Jeannine English during the period she served as “public member” of the State Bar of California Board of Governors ("BOG").

    At that time, around June of 2011, I only alleged misconduct in connection with her husband Howard Dickstein, Mr. Thomas Girardi, and AARP vis-a-vis a complaint submitted to the entire BOG which included another “public member” of the BOG — Mr. George Davis of Davis Broadband Group.

    Very recently, much to my chagrin, I came across a press-release dated April 13, 2013 announcing that George Davis “has been appointed AARP California State President.” And, that “prior to his appointment, Davis was acting state president and served for two years on the state’s Executive Council, a five-member council that provides direction and leadership in carrying out AARP’s strategic priorities in California.”

    In that Ms. English already admitted that around June of 2011 she informed you of the fact that I had filed a complaint against her with the BOG, I suspect that AARP, English, and Davis conspired to deliberately conceal from me Davis’ sudden and convenient association with AARP.

    If not a bother, can you please forward to me the exact date Davis was snagged by English to join California-AARP’s Executive-Council.

    Second, around the time period mentioned above, I also unearthed a highly sophisticated scheme to launch a non-profit entity ( “CaliforniaALL”) which would serve as vehicle to embezzle and launder funds.

    Initially, I was under the impression CaliforniaALL served as vehicle to only embezzle funds from the California Bar Foundation to finance the launching of an online “news agency” ( “Voice of OC”) by California Bar Executive-Director Joe Dunn, Thomas Girardi, and James Brosnahan.

    Only months later did I manage to uncover the very deep involvement, indeed, of OBAMA FOR AMERICA/ Obama Supporters such as:

    Jeffrey Bleich, Brad Phillips, and Ron Olson (of Munger Tollles — on behalf of Berkshire Hathaway, Verizon and Southern California Edison)

    James Brosnahan, Tony West, Chris Young, and Annette Carnegie (of Morrison & Foerster)

    John Roos and Mark Parnes (of Wilson Sonsini)

    Steven Churchwell and Gilles Attia (of DLA Piper)

    Kamala Harris ( San Francisco District Attorney)

    Laura Chick, George Davis, Gwen Moore, Dennis Mangers, and Jeannine English (BOG)

    Freada Kapor-Klein and Mitchell Kapor ( The Kapor Center — where an OBAMA FOR AMERICA phone-bank was situated.)

    Subsequent to the election of President Obama, CaliforniaALL moved from DLA Piper to a Sacramento loft occupied by Howard Dickstein and Mark Friedman’s CPA — Alison Turner of Turner & Associates. I suspect it was misused by Mark Friedman and Jeannine English to cause the election of Kevin Johnson as mayor of Sacramento, as well as other officials. In the summer of 2010, CaliforniaALL was dissolved.

    As such, it now appears Jeannine English — a bona fide lobbyist — was acting on behest of AARP and AARP Services, Inc to cause the election of Barack Obama in the hope future legislation will financially enrich AARP Services, Inc.

    Also in connection with Jeannine English, I have recently learned that months after I had complained against her around June of 2011, she alleged that in addition to my email of June 24, 2011 (which she views as “threatening and frightening” "outlandish harassment" and as “extortion demand”), articles dealing with her and her husband published on the Leslie Brodie Report “have slandered” her and her husband and “have caused considerable stress and hardship.” Ms. English also claims that she finds it “frustrating” that “allegations and lies” about her and her husband will “remain on the Internet.”

    The sins of Lashon Hara and Hotzaat Diba are considered to be a very serious sins in the Jewish tradition, and because it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that much of the content on the Leslie Brodie Report dealing with AARP, Jeannine English,Donna Lucas, Barbara O’Connor, CaliforniaALL and George Davis originates from me, I am extremely concerned if published material is false and defamatory. — whether such articles defame a person or a business entity.

    As such, I would like to invite you to feel free to communicate and inform me of any claims which AARP believes are false.

    Third, this will serve to address grave misconduct by AARP as it relates to Ms. Barbara O’Connor — a director of both AARP and AARP Foundation.

    O’Connor’s profile on the web-sites of AARP and AARP Foundation is clearly false and misleading since there is no mention O’Connor is part of Lucas Public Affairs — a bone-fide extension of Porter Novelli — a public relations firm owned and operated by AARP Executive-Director Bill Novelli (Ret.) .

    Moreover, as a Director of Link Americas Foundation, O’Connor participated in a scheme to finance a lavish inauguration party for Barrack Obama under the auspices of “Link Americas” communication event.

    As such, if not a bother, can you please forward to me the date Ms. O’Connor commenced her association with AARP-CA, AARP, and AARP Foundation.

    Thank you for your time.

  • E-Mail message to Donna Lucas of Lucas Public Affairs —

    Hello Ms. Lucas:

    I an investigative reporter, a whistleblower, and a rabbi. Unfortunately, we cross path because many of your allies were involved in a scheme known as CaliforniaALL, to wit, AARP, Jeannine English, Dennis Mangers, George Davis, Darrell Steinberg, Kip Lipper, Pat Fong-Kushida, and the like.

    Consequently, I am conducting a background search of you and Lucas Public Affairs and hope you can address the following:

    1. Will it be correct for me to assume that Lucas Public Affairs is an extension of Porter Novelli ? Can you please clarify the legal relationship between you, Lucas Public Affairs, and Porter Novelli.

    2. Are AARP and AARP Foundation clients of Lucas Public Affairs ?

    3. An employee of Lucas Public Affairs (Ms. Barbara O’Connor) serves as Director of AARP and AARP Foundation ( . Did you or Lucas Public Affairs urge O’Connor to omit from the AARP online-profile the fact that she is an employee of Lucas Public Affairs ?

    4. Can you please describe the circumstances surrounding your appointment as director of Golden Pacific Bank ?

    5. Can you please describe the circumstances surrounding your appointment as director of California Forward ?

    6. Can you please describe the circumstances surrounding your appointment as member of Scripps’ Advisory Council ?

    7. Can you please describe in details the circumstances surrounding your appointment as director of Venoco ?

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your prompt response

  • BREAKING NEWS... Developing... Members of State Bar of California Board of Trustees Alleged Fraudulent Misrepresentation Re Public Members George Davis and Jeannine English — Spouse of Howard Dickstein

    The Leslie Brodie Report (TLR) is carefully following a major developing story relating to State Bar of California Board of Governors / Trustees ("BOG") Public Members George Davis and Jeannine English.

    According to knowledgeable sources, speaking on condition on anonymity, both Davis and English (spouse of Howard Dickstein, both defendants in two separate RICO suits) are under scrutiny for seeking to mislead and defraud the public.

    Specifically, despite the fact that Davis and English exited the BOG in October of 2012, executive and directors of State Bar of California conspired to engage, and did in fact engage, in further acts of racketeering through and by means of fraud in seeking to create a false appearance that Davis and English are presently member of the BOG.

    Please continue @: