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    As for the events we underwent after May 26, it’s a human tragedy, there is a sad record of killings, other losses, of intense suffering. We even are not fully aware of what indeed happened, as officials of course try to hide the facts, and may be you know more than we here. One thing is very clear, to what extent Burjanadze’s meeting were not supported by the most part of our society, and we don’t think that her way is right or she is clean, however we think that government not only suppressed this protest ,but it was a example of showing its power and message to people who are not with them and have opposing opinion will be killed or hit, beaten, even when they are fell down and hands tied. There are some cases of raping of young boys, killed young man, who was found somewhere in the park after two days of the raid, tortured and the officials say that he was dead by exident, it’s very cynic, isn’t it. every day we get a new facts of violations and I think they must be punished hardly for the crime they cottited. Since yesterday there are a peaceful demonstrations of the people, not leaders, not politicians, just simple citizens with demands to set up a commission to investigate all the facts. In my views this protesting latent meetings and demonstrations must be continued to emerge out of a guilty, state criminals.

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