person:josef müller-brockmann

  • Milch - Lait - Latte. An exhibition on iconic Swiss graphic #design manuals setting a multilingual standard

    Josef Müller-Brockmann’s book Grid systems in graphic design is probably the best known manual by a Swiss graphic designer. First published by Niggli Verlag in 1981 it has been reprinted in its original bilingual version in English and German several times and was translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Korean editions, just to name a few. However popular the book, it has never been published in French or Italian thus far – a gap which Editions Entremonde, a young publishing venture from Paris and Geneva, has now filled. The reason – they say – is to make this text available to students in Italian and French-speaking countries, so they can read Müller-Brockmanns text in their first language and expose it to a more substantial critical reflection.