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  • Au Royaume-Uni, campagne contre les journaux « anti-femmes » avec Romola Garai ("The Hour") - Women and Hollywood

    Romola Garai’s support of UK Feminista’s and Object’s Lose the Lads’ Mags campaign has paid off - both the Co-op and Tesco have capitulated, albeit in limited terms.

    While the Co-op was the first to react, demanding that all lads’ mags were adorned with “modesty sleeves” (that’s a plastic cover to you and me), retail giant Tesco has gone further and persuaded three magazines (the imaginatively named Zoo, Front and Nuts) to modify their covers and they are restricting sales to over 18s. While the cover imagery will be less explicit and more modest, the magazines’ content will not change.

    UK Feminista spokesperson Kat Banyard told The Guardian that they will continue their campaign to end the lads’ mags industry in its entirety “because they are deeply harmful. They fuel sexist behaviours which underpin violence towards women.” Ms Banyard also pointed out that Tesco’s decision to only sell the material to over 18’s treats it as pornography and the chain does not carry pornography as a matter of policy.

    Although the modification of the magazines’ covers does not mark the end of the anti-lads’ mags campaigns, the step taken by Tesco is positive. The retailer is a very powerful ally - in the UK last year, 1 pound of every 10 spent in British shops was spent in Tesco. Further, the distinction between so-called men’s lifestyle magazines featuring hyper-sexualised, highly explicit imagery and pornography is being challenged. A discussion including feminist groups, publishers, retailers and readers has begun in an open forum - a first step worth celebrating.

    Update to Romola Garai’s Campaign Against Tesco - Women and Hollywood

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  • Romola Garai (The Hour): This Woman Is Too Fat for Hollywood? - Women and Hollywood

    I love Romola Garai. First, she’s a good actress. She’s just so excellent in The Hour which is written by Abi Morgan. Second, she knows that she needs to be in magazines and make appearances in order to have a successful acting career. But being the feminist that she is she doesn’t let any of that take away from her knowing that this shit is all messed up.

    She’s a size 10 but when I look at pictures of her I think she’s much smaller. That’s because as she says she constantly gets airbrushed. And to add insult to injury she doesn’t ever get offers of designer duds because they never make anything bigger than a size 8.

    And the fact that she looks smaller than she is makes her nervous because she doesn’t want to anybody to think that she is anything other than who she is in reality.

    And I know that people are accepting those images and are under the impression that that is really how my body looks, that I’m hairless and sexless and weigh 90 lbs. That really worries me. And I really don’t know what to do except talk about it.

    Please keep on talking because we will be listening.

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