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  • AI Won’t Take Your Job, People Will - Shelly Palmer

    The AI-assisted Graphic Artist

    Now, let’s imagine the same process in a slightly different way. In this scenario, the senior art director has an AI coworker (an AI system designed and trained to version graphic artwork). Instead of harnessing a team of junior art directors to build the deliverables, the senior art director clicks a button and the AI coworker builds every required deliverable, in seconds.

    Unlike handing the work to a junior team and waiting hours, days, or weeks, the work is ready immediately for review. The senior art director will still have to page through each version to give it final approval, and might even have to tweak a few of the versions to get them just right. But the basic work, the work of 10 junior art directors, will be eliminated – and so will their jobs.

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  • #amazon #alexa’s Expansion into Startups

    Source: Shelly Palmer.The Amazon Echo (along with its associated vocal transducer/artificial intelligence Alexa), that served as the forerunner to #google Home by several years, is beginning to be overshadowed by Alexa-based speakers.An Alexa speaker can be acquired in rather manageable sizes such as the Echo (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker with Alexa which stands under 6 inches in height. These are compact devices capable of providing its user with 360-degree sound. Currently, the voice assistant’s makers are trying to put her to use in numerous related fields.Amazon has been working on designing and producing a variety of System Dev Kits (SDK’s) which Amazon itself has defined as “end-to-end system reference designs for creating products with Alexa built-in.” Examples of some SDK’s include (...)

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  • Stop Saying AI Can’t Replace Humans - Shelly Palmer

    We are not close enough to general-knowledge artificial intelligence to consider a world where such a system could completely replace a cognitive nonrepetitive (white-collar) worker.
    The most probable future is far scarier.

    Man/Machine Partnerships

    As I recently wrote in Partner, or Die!, the best way to prepare yourself for the accelerating onslaught of AI and machine learning systems is to learn to partner with them. We are tool users; these systems are tools. Just as the steam engine amplified the power of our muscles, computers amplify the power of our brains. We can partner with machines to create competitive advantage for ourselves. But the devil is in the details.

    Partial Replacement, Complete Threat

    Everyone’s new, short-term goal is to form strong, competitive, awesome man/machine partnerships.

    Et maintenant la définition du public de ces réflexions :

    But people are expensive! So the results of your man/machine partnership will have to be more productive than a partnership formed by cheaper laborers. If you’re a 50-plus-year-old auditor making over $500k annually, then a 20-something-year-old, newly minted CPA and his or her trusty AI companion are going to do your job for less than 25 percent of what you’re being paid. Guess how long management is going to let that continue?

    Comme par hasard SP mentionne le sort de la majorité des gens, de nous qui ne sommes pas dirigeants d’entreprises internationales et managers. Nous sommes de plus en plus bon marchés.

    You’ve Got It Wrong – This Is Where Experience and Wisdom Come In

    Yes. This is exactly where experience and wisdom become exceptionally important. But remember, to change your world, AI does not need to replace humans – it just needs to replace you.

    Après une dernière escalation de la menace décrite SP propose une solution pour le manager de plus en plus inquiet :

    Simple Strategy, Complex Execution

    The lesson here is very clear. You must become the “Amazon” of your chosen field. How? First, invent the future. You must try to see the world as it will become. Saying that “it’s all about data” is not the same as understanding the sources and uses of data that will shape your future.

    Essayez de resoudre ce quiz de mémoire seulement - voici une preuve pour la véracité de la thése de l’auteur.

    Bonus Sci-Fi Quiz: Do you know the books, movies, and Bonus Sci-Fi Quiz:

    Do you know the books, movies, and TV series these fictional sentient systems are associated with?
    Robot B-9 “Robby,” the copies of Dr. Roger Korby or James T. Kirk (Star Trek, obviously, but can you name the series and the episode?), C3-P0 (Star Wars, of course, but how does it greet every new life form it meets?), Mother, WOPR, Skynet, Optimus Prime, Lieutenant Commander Data, The Matrix, V.I.K.I., Sonny, and my new favorite mechanical device, Dolores Abernathy.

    TV series these fictional sentient systems are associated with?
    Robot B-9 “Robby,” the copies of Dr. Roger Korby or James T. Kirk (Star Trek, obviously, but can you name the series and the episode?), C3-P0 (Star Wars, of course, but how does it greet every new life form it meets?), Mother, WOPR, Skynet, Optimus Prime, Lieutenant Commander Data, The Matrix, V.I.K.I., Sonny, and my new favorite mechanical device, Dolores Abernathy.

    Alors en fin de compte qu’est-ce qui nous reste à faire face à la menace par le plateformes du techno-monopolisme multinationales ? Le réponse se résume en deux mots :

    Soyons solidaires.

    D’accord, c’est un peu trop vague comme stratégie. Alors j’ai relu l’article de SP. J’y ai découvert des idées qu’on peut développer en outils pour la cause des gens simples.

    P.S. J’aime bien la traduction automatique dans le contexte de #seenthis. C’est un bel exemple de solidarité techniquement assistée .

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  • I’d Pay You $500,000 a Year, but You Can’t Do the Work - Shelly Palmer

    There is somewhere to learn this stuff. You learn it by doing it every day and communicating with the community that is doing it every day. It’s not taught in schools and it is constantly evolving. In fact, this may be top-tier tech’s secret weapon. Just like Tim Cook (Apple) owns the physical supply chain for every component you might need to make a smartphone, top-tier tech literally owns the programming languages and frameworks used to create them – even though they are free for all of us to use.

    Awesome and Insane

    None of this would be an issue if top-tier tech did not make its code available open source. We have this problem only because they need talent as much as we do.

    That said, we’re going to keep looking for amazing programmers and my offer stands. I can’t wait to pay you $500,000 per year. You just have to be an awesome and insane engineer with enough skills and work ethic to keep the work we do for our clients as good as the work at the biggest and best tech companies in the world.

    Feel free to send me a link to your GitHub account. No resumes required.
    This article is about a narrow issue — a lack of engineers with very specific, highly in-demand skill sets. It attempts to explain how top tier tech has strategically monopolized an incredibly important recruiting pipeline using open source.

    • And, here’s why the rules are not what they seem: if you build something popular on GitHub using Facebook’s or Google’s code, they will see it, and a recruiter will contact you. That’s how the “GitHub recruiting pipeline” works.

  • Is Apple Over ? - Shelly Palmer

    There were so many Apple devices in our offices, someone once said, “It looks like Steve Jobs threw up in here.”

    That was then.

    What malevolent force could entice me to seriously consider a PC? What wickedness could tempt me to contemplate a transitioning back to Windows? What could possibly lure me to the dark side? Only Apple itself has such power.

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  • 5 Awesome Illegal Uses for Alexa - Shelly Palmer
    Shelly Palmer a confiance dans le système juridique de son pays.

    I am not a conspiracy theorist. Not even close. But this is simply too obvious. Since Alexa is always listening, with a writ from a court of competent jurisdiction, and in full compliance with the Fourth Amendment, bugging your location is just a subpoena away.

    Or, for the hacking community, it’s simply open season.

    Importantly, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple and other organizations that are purveying ASR/NLU systems are going out of their way to prevent all of the above. But in practice, we do live in a world of infinite possibilities. “Alexa. Are you listening?” Of course you are. Intelligence communities, both foreign and domestic (including state and local law enforcement), are you listening? We’ll know soon enough.

    Author’s Note: This is not a sponsored post. I am the author of this article and it expresses my own opinions. Also, I am the proud owner of several Amazon Echos, Echo Dots, Google Home units, Android devices that are “OK Google” enabled and a significant number of Siri-enabled Apple devices. The purpose of this article is to inspire a civil discussion about the possible future of ASR and NLU systems, not to cast aspersions or in any way suggest that we should limit, slow down or inhibit the remarkable progress being made in this field.

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  • The Presidential Election : Does Hacked Equal Rigged ? - Shelly Palmer

    L’optimiste s’exprime mais il ne voit pas que la manipulation des élections aux États Unis fonctionne indépendamment de la question si le vote électronique est hacké. Il suffit de penser aux manipulations des listes électorales pour identifier un problème nettement plus significatif.

    “Physical security models do not work for networked systems and a new mental model is required to make intelligent trade-offs between efficiency and resilience.” Sullivan’s words are not comforting.

    Was this just a test? Is there a bigger, more disruptive DDoS attack planned for Election Day? How would that impact our ability to vote or count votes?

    A direct technical attack is not the only type of hack. What about social engineering? It is usually the lowest-tech, highest-efficacy type of attack. Could there be a massive social engineering hack on, or near, Election Day?
    The thousands of very well-distributed, mostly old-fashioned, partisan-monitored, local election polling places that make up our national election system are on full alert, and it is more than capable of defending our democracy on November 8th. So please, go out and vote with confidence. America needs you.

    On lit souvent que notre ećrivan-journaliste national Kurt Tucholsky aurait dit que les élections seraient illégales si elles pouvaient changer quoi que ce soit. C’est faux. D’après les dernières enquêtes c’est une phrase de sa contemporaine Emma Goldman. L’idée est donc le résultat de l’observation de la politique étatsunienne.

    Besagtes Zitat stammt vermutlich eher hierher: ‎"If voting changed anything they would make it illegal." - Emma Goldman

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  • Deux variations sur le thème de la mort de la presse et de l’opinion publique aux États-Unis

    La conférence de John Oliver est un must pour tout/e étudiant/e en journalisme.

    Journalism : Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

    Your Comfort Zone May Destroy the World - Shelly Palmer

    The Quick, but Painful, Death of Truth

    Journalism has been on life support since the advent of social media, but this past year we have witnessed the quick, painful death of truth, and it may be gone forever. Put a comfortable lie in an echo chamber, and nobody will challenge it. It will reverberate until it is accepted as actually true. Then, the willfully ignorant will shout it as loudly as they can. It may be their truth, but that does not make it true.
    Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    While we may not post really stupid stuff online or make outrageous comments to inspire others to do violence, we are all guilty of enjoying the pleasures of our respective comfort zones. We live in a world with extraordinary filters. They can easily be programmed to only send us notifications of things we want to hear. There are websites and news feeds across the entire spectrum of belief systems, and it is super easy to find your comfort zone and stay there. Don’t.

    The best way to get the world back on track is to do our best to understand each other. We need to relearn how to respect other points of view. We don’t need to agree with them, but we need to read far enough down the page to understand what is really being said. We must listen when we converse. We must see when we look.

    The alternative is a cacophony of isolated echo chambers, each believing that they have the moral high ground, and each sure that their respective deity is on their side. It’s clearly where we are headed, and in practice, we may already be there. You may not think that your comfort zone could destroy the world, but your comfort zone is a place where you accept the things you cannot change. To make the world a better place, it’s time for all of us to change the things we cannot accept.

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  • Rich Data, Poor Data: What the Data Rich Do - That the Data Poor and the Data Middle Class Do Not! - Shelly Palmer

    Generally speaking, there are two kinds of companies in the world: data rich and data poor. The richest of the data rich are easy to name: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple. But you don’t need to be at the top of this list to use data to create value. You need to have the tools in place to turn information (data) into action. That’s what the data rich do that the data poor and the data middle class do not.

    – The Data Rich Treat Data Like Cash
    – Data Is More Powerful in the Presence of Other Data
    – The data rich have data councils that meet regularly to evaluate and modify corporate data governance policies.
    – Data rich companies have data science departments that are tasked with turning information (data) into action. These departments are built on three foundational skills: computer science, math and domain expertise.
    – The data rich make their data actionable by using very sophisticated machine learning and AI algorithms.
    – Data-driven thinking is the key to acting data rich.

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  • AlphaGo vs. You : Not a Fair Fight - Shelly Palmer

    I Think for a Living!

    Yes, you do! But so does AlphaGo, and soon a purpose-built version will be able to do almost every low-level, most mid-level and some high-level white-collar jobs. Importantly, this type of AI will always outperform its human competition. Of course AlphaGo can lose, underperform or make a subjectively or objectively “bad” decision. But the future is clear — no white-collar job is safe. Not yours, not mine, not anyone’s.
    I am thrilled by the success of the AlphaGo team and I am absolutely humbled by the power of what they have created. And it really, really scares me. Not because I don’t understand it, but because I do.
    here I have to urge caution. Thinking machines will also learn to fight, they will learn to create computer viruses unlike any the world has ever known, they will level the playing field between good guys and bad guys in ways no one can really predict and they will impose symmetry on warfare that is currently asymmetrical – which is what scares me the most.

    Dans cet article SP omet la question centrale : qui posséde et contrôle la machine ? Deep Thought aka AlphaGo suit toujours les ordres de ses maîtres , em conséquence ce sont leurs ordres qui créent tôt ou tard des situations hors contrôle - pensez au marché des finances á la dérive. On verra que l’expansion des forces de productivité par l’intelligence artificielle contribuera aux crises de surproduction des plus en plus aigues . J’ai comme un vague sentiment d’inquiétude sachant que ce sont la déstruction et la guerre qui constituent les méthodes employées d’habitude pour adapter le capitalisme aux crises de surproduction provoquées par l’avènement de nouvelle technologies .

    Une guerre causée par la surproduction intellectuelle aura quelle tronche ? Brulera-t-on les intellectuels et les ouvriers manuels sur le même bûcher pour ériger le reigne de la première dynastie de l’empire de mille ans ? Seront-ils simplement condamnés à mourir de faim à cause de l’absence de demande pour leur travail ? Une société qui aura transformé la quasi totalité de ses membres en bouches inutile connaîtra-t-elle une existence stable ? Que de questions inutiles ! Les contradictions du monde présent n’auront pas de mal à écarter tout projet dystopique plannifié et prévisible.

    Qu’en pensez-vous ?


  • Facebook Instant Articles: Fish Where the Fish Are — Shelly Palmer

    I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Just to be clear, the 1st Amendment applies to what words and ideas the government can allow and prohibit; it says nothing about nor does it apply to what private individuals or publicly traded companies can say.
    There is a real danger. Publishers have been extremely bad at creating emotionally satisfying ways to consume written and graphical content online – especially on mobile devices. Platforms are either too gimmicky or too plain or too precious or too boring. Facebook Instant Articles raises the bar. Instant means instant. There is no lag time between the time you click and when you see the content. This new platform takes the concept of “on demand” very seriously – publishers will have to as well.

    Facebook knows it’s the most popular house party on the mobile web and Instant Articles is clearly designed to keep you there. But even more importantly, Instant Articles will help Facebook standardize what happens when you click a link - one of the few user experiences it doesn’t already control.
    Could Facebook Really Replace the Internet?

    No. But it has a real opportunity to replace the Mobile Web. Facebook is far and away the biggest source of traffic for most websites (see the Sharealholic Chart above). Fish where the fish are. Why build a mobile website if you can upload content to a platform that has daily access to practically everyone you’d ever want to reach? This is a question that will be asked over and over again as Facebook continues to grow and other online vehicles and platforms are forced to fight for unique users and advertising dollars. If mobile is the future, Instant Articles is a remarkable head start.

  • Emperor of the Internet — Shelly Palmer

    “I am NoMan, Emperor of the Internet, Online Imperator and Lord of IPv6, Imperial ruler of the web, Grand King of the Ethernet, Keeper of the Royal Encryption Algorithms, Monarch of Virtual World. If I allow you to communicate with me, you will address me as, Your Majesty, the Heavenly Digital Sovereign.”

    This had to be a hoax. The message continued...

    “I am all powerful. No computer, no mobile phone, no device, nothing with an on/off switch is out of my reach...

    When you are chosen, you will pay tribute to me in an amount equal to 2% of every online transaction, every online purchase, every online transfer of funds you make for the rest of your natural life. No transactions may be excluded. Ever.

    In honor of your tribute, I grant you immunity from identity theft, cyber-attack, all cyber-weapons and protection against all other cyber-terrorists - for none are more powerful than I. If my conditions are met, I, as the beneficent Emperor that I am, will allow you to live a peaceful, tranquil, profitable digital life.

    Should to choose to disobey me, I will give you three warnings. On the day of the third transgression, every aspect of your digital life will be destroyed. I will take 100 percent of your bank balance and leave you with no identity, no home, no transportation, no medical records, no financial records, no insurance, no data and no hope of ever recovering any of it. I will erase you from existence.

    These are the rules. Do not test me. I am, NoMan. Pray that I favor you with my greatness.”

    Pretty much everyone thought this was bit of technical magic performed by a disgruntled hacker with a sixth-grade sense of humor and delusions of grandeur. But after a few victims, it became clear that – not only was this not a hoax, it was the beginning of the end.

    C’est comme ca qu’on vend son beurre quand on est conseiller de #sécurité. Pas mal.