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  • Palestinian shot, killed after Jerusalem stabbing attack
    Dec. 13, 2018 11:21 A.M. (Updated: Dec. 13, 2018 11:51 A.M.)

    JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian was shot and killed by Israeli forces in occupied East Jerusalem after carrying out a stabbing attack, predawn Thursday.

    Witnesses told a Ma’an reporter that Israeli forces opened fire at a Palestinian youth identified as Majd Jamal Mteir , 25, at around 5:00 a.m., critically injuring him, in the al-Wad Street of the Old City of Jerusalem.

    Mteir, from the Qalandiya refugee camp north of Jerusalem, was later pronounced dead.

    Israeli police and intelligence forces were heavily deployed across the streets of the Old City, sealed the city and prevented Palestinian worshipers from the entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque for Dawn Prayers.

    Israeli media reported that Mteir stabbed two Israeli police officers deployed in the al-Wad Street, a female police officer whose injury was reported as moderate and a policeman whose injury was reported as light.


    • Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian In Jerusalem
      December 13, 2018 9:28 AM

      Israeli soldiers killed, on Thursday at dawn, a young Palestinian man in the al-Waad Street, in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, after he reportedly stabbed and injured two Israeli police officers.

      Israeli sources said two officers of the Border Guards Unit suffered mild wounds, “when the Palestinian stabbed them, before he was shot dead.”

      They added that one of the wounded officers, a 19-year-old policewoman, suffered a moderate injury, and was moved to Hadassah Ein Karem Medical Center, in Jerusalem, where her condition improved and was described as mild.

      The slain Palestinian was later identified as Majd Mteir , 26, from Qalandia refugee camp, north of occupied East Jerusalem.

      He was shot with several live rounds, and succumbed to his wounds shortly afterwards.

  • 33 Palestinians injured during 37th Friday of Gaza protests
    Dec. 8, 2018 12:17 P.M. (Updated: Dec. 8, 2018 4:14 P.M.)

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Thirty-three Palestinians were injured during the 37th Friday of “The Great March of Return” along the eastern borders of the besieged Gaza Strip.

    A Ma’an reporter said large crowds of Palestinians gathered by the return camps near the eastern Gaza border, in order to participate in the weekly protests to break the ongoing Israeli siege.

    Israeli forces repeatedly fired live ammunition and tear-gas bombs directly towards protesters gathered near the Israeli security fence, which led to injuring 33 Palestinians.

    Sources added that Israeli snipers were deployed across the eastern border.

    The Hamas movement spokesperson, Hazem Qassem, said that the return marches reaffirm the rights of the Palestinian people against plans to “disregard” the Palestinian cause.

    Qassem stressed, “The legitimate and just struggle of the Palestinian people will continue until our goals are achieved. The marches will continue until the siege of the Gaza Strip is lifted.”


  • 14 Palestinians injured during 35th Friday of Gaza protests
    Nov. 23, 2018 5:48 P.M. (Updated: Nov. 24, 2018 1:12 P.M.)

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — 14 Palestinians were injured by Israeli live ammunition during the 35th Friday of “The Great March of Return” mass protests along the eastern borders of the besieged Gaza Strip.

    Hundreds of Palestinian protesters arrived at the eastern borders of Gaza to participate in the 35th Friday of protests, demanding the right of return and breaking the nearly 12-year Israeli siege.

    A Ma’an reporter said that Israeli forces repeatedly opened fire towards the protesters and injured at least 14 Palestinians.

    “The Great March of Return” protests were launched on March 30th by thousands of Palestinian civilians in Gaza — which has suffered from a decade-long Israeli siege — who took to the borders to demand their right of return as refugees to their original homelands, now in present-day Israel.


  • Violence escalates: 6 Palestinians killed, 20 injured in Israeli airstrikes
    Nov. 13, 2018 11:36 A.M. (Updated: Nov. 13, 2018 12:48 P.M.)

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Six Palestinians were killed and at least 20 others were injured during a campaign of Israeli airstrikes from overnight Monday until predawn Tuesday across the northern besieged Gaza Strip.

    Medical sources in Gaza reported that six Palestinians were killed and 20 others were injured during continuous Israeli airstrikes over various parts of Gaza.

    The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza identified the six killed as Muhammad Zacharia al-Tatri, 27, Muhammad Zahdi Awda, 22, Mousa Iyad Ali Abed al-Aal, 22, Hamed Muhammad al-Nahal, 22, and Khaled Riad Ahmad Sultan, 26, and Musaab Hawas, 20.

    In addition, Mahmoud Abu Usba, 40, was killed after a residential building was hit by a rocket fired from Gaza towards the Ashkelon Regional Council, in southern Israel, on late Monday.

    Abu Usba was a Palestinian resident of Halhoul City, north of the southern occupied West Bank district of Hebron, and was a worker in Israel.

    Hebrew-language news outlets reported that two Israeli women, who were present in the same residential building were reported to be in critical conditions, due to the hit.

    The sites additionally confirmed that some 550 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards the Israeli communities surrounding Gaza, which led to 70 Israelis injured and the destruction of several buildings in the communities.

    Israeli warplanes targeted and fired at over a hundred Hamas movement and Islamic Jihad movement sites, including an intelligence compound, which is located in the center of Gaza City near a school, a mosque and other diplomatic facilities, an Israeli army spokesperson confirmed.

    The entire complex itself includes a kindergarten and a warehouse, however, the Israeli army claimed that it is used for intelligence gathering, research and development.

    A Ma’an reporter said that Israeli warplanes had targeted and demolished three residential buildings, which were home to three Palestinian families, and another five commercial buildings, including a hotel, in Gaza City.

    Following the violent escalation overnight, Hamas’ military wing spokesperson said in a statement that Beer Sheva and Ashdod would be targeted next if “Israel persisted in its aggression.”

    The Jihad reiterated the statement by Hamas, saying Gaza factions have the capacity to continue their offensive.

    It is noteworthy that Israel is currently not working with the United Nations nor Egypt to reduce tensions.


    • Flambée des tensions à Gaza suite à une opération mortelle des forces israéliennes dans l’enclave
      MEE - 13 novembre 2018

      Des dizaines de frappes aériennes israéliennes sur la bande de Gaza ont tué six Palestiniens, tandis que des tirs de roquettes du Hamas ont tué un Palestinien en Israël

      Quatre Palestiniens ont été tués ce lundi, et deux autres sont décédés aujourd’hui, alors que l’armée israélienne a lancé des dizaines de frappes aériennes sur la bande de Gaza, tandis que plusieurs centaines de roquettes ont été tirées depuis l’enclave assiégée.

      Le ministère gazaoui de la Santé a identifié les six Palestiniens tués : Mohammed Zakariya al-Tatari (27 ans), Mohammed Zuhdi Odeh (22 ans), Hamad Mohammed al-Nahal (23 ans), Moussa Iyad Abd al-Aal (22 ans), Khaled Riyadh al-Sultan (26 ans) et Musaab Hoss (20 ans) . Vingt-cinq autres Palestiniens ont été blessés depuis lundi après-midi.

      Un Palestinien a également été tué après qu’une roquette tirée depuis Gaza a touché sa maison dans la ville israélienne d’Ashkelon, a rapporté Haaretz, qui a ajouté que la roquette avait gravement blessé deux femmes qui se trouvaient dans la maison.

      La mort du quadragénaire, un Palestinien originaire de la ville de Hébron en Cisjordanie, est le premier décès confirmé causé par le déluge de roquettes tirées de Gaza depuis lundi après-midi ; cette flambée des tensions a fait suite à une opération mortelle menée par les forces spéciales israéliennes dans l’enclave.

      L’armée israélienne a touché au moins 70 cibles à Gaza, tandis que 300 roquettes ont été tirées du territoire palestinien vers Israël tout au long de la journée de lundi, ont rapporté les médias israéliens.

      Une nouvelle frappe israélienne a également tué un Palestinien ce mardi, a annoncé le ministère de la Santé de Gaza, faisant s’élever le bilan à cinq morts dans l’enclave en moins de 24 heures.

      Un témoin oculaire à Gaza a déclaré à Middle East Eye que l’armée israélienne avait bombardé lundi le bâtiment qui abrite Al-Aqsa TV à Gaza, une chaîne de télévision liée au Hamas.

      Des médias locaux et internationaux ont rapporté que le bâtiment avait été complètement détruit lors de l’attaque et que des édifices voisins avaient également été endommagés. (...)

  • Injuries reported as Israel suppresses 13th naval march in Gaza
    Oct. 22, 2018 5:52 P.M. (Updated: Oct. 22, 2018 5:52 P.M.)

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — At least ten Palestinians were injured by Israeli ammunition, while others suffered tear-gas inhalation, as Israeli forces suppressed hundreds of Palestinian protesters in the naval march in Beit Lahiya in the besieged Gaza Strip, on Monday afternoon.

    Medical sources confirmed to Ma’an that one Palestinian was injured with a live bullet in the leg in the Zikim area.

    A Ma’an reporter said that Israeli forces opened fire at protesters approaching the border fence.

    Israeli forces also fired tear-gas bombs causing many to suffer tear-gas inhalation.

    The National Committee for Breaking the Siege had called upon Palestinians to take part in the 13th naval protest.

    Dozens of ships has also sailed off the coast in an attempt to break the 12-year-long siege on Gaza.

    Many attempts have been made throughout the years to draw the public’s attention to and break the on-going siege of the Gaza Strip whether via ships attempting to sail into Gaza or ships attempting to sail from Gaza.


  • Palestinian killed, 14 others injured in Gaza protests

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — One Palestinian was killed and 14 others were injured on late Sunday as Israeli forces attempted to suppress protests in the besieged Gaza Strip.

    The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed that Palestinian, Imad Daoud Eshteiwi , 21, was killed by Israeli live ammunition, east of Gaza City.

    The ministry also confirmed that Israeli forces opened fire and injured 14 Palestinians east of the return camps in central Gaza.

    According to reports, one of the injured is in critical condition.

    A Ma’an reporter said that Israeli forces opened live fire towards hundreds of Palestinian protesters who arrived to the eastern borders of Gaza to participate in calling an end to the nearly 12-year siege imposed by Israel.


  • Palestinian boats attempt to break Gaza siege, Israeli navy opens fire


    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli naval forces opened fire at dozens of Palestinian boats protesting at the northern besieged Gaza Strip seaport, on Monday, in an attempt to break the 12-year-long Israeli blockade.

    Protesters sailed 55 boats off the coast of the Gaza Strip; the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza said that 49 Palestinians were injured, 10 of whom were hospitalized.

    Boats were then forced to head back to shore.

    A Ma’an reporter said that protesters at the beach set fire to tires near the northern security fence border with Israel.


    Israeli Navy Injures 49 Palestinians In Gaza
    Israeli forces also fired tear-gas bombs at protesters.


  • Palestinian succumbs to injuries in eastern Gaza
    Sept. 10, 2018 10:58 A.M. (Updated: Sept. 10, 2018 12:11 P.M.)

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A 32-year-old Palestinian was shot and killed on Sunday by Israeli forces east of Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern besieged Gaza Strip.

    The Israeli army announced that its soldiers spotted a Palestinian approaching the security border fence and opened fire at him, causing him injuries and later detaining him.

    The Israeli army added that the Palestinian succumbed to his injuries on the scene.

    A Ma’an reporter said that Israeli forces opened fire at a Palestinian man, who was later identified as Ataf Saleh , 32, from the Jabaliya refugee camp.

    According to reports, Israeli military vehicles then entered several meters near the return camps in the Gaza Strip and detained Saleh after seriously injuring him.

    Israeli forces opened fire at anyone attempting to approach the border fence and prevented ambulances from reaching Saleh for more than half an hour, during which he succumbed to his injuries.

    Meanwhile, the Israeli army said that three Palestinian youths were detained as they allegedly attempted to enter into Israel in central Gaza.


  • Israel closes Erez crossing in response to protests
    Sept. 5, 2018 11:12 A.M. (Updated: Sept. 5, 2018 11:15 A.M.)

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The Israeli authorities announced, on Wednesday, the closure of the Erez crossing (Beit Hanoun) between Israel and the northern besieged Gaza Strip, until a further notice.

    The Palestinian liaison said that the Israeli authorities notified the Palestinian side of the closure, pointing out that it would be starting on Wednesday until a further notice under the pretext of organized protests that had taken place near the crossing, on Tuesday, against the United States’ decision to cut all funds to the United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA).

    Sources pointed out that significant damages were caused on the Palestinian side of the Erez crossing, as a result of the protests.

    The Israeli authorities allowed passage into Israel to only two emergency cases, however, prevented some 400 other cases from leaving the Gaza Strip.

    Israel confirmed that the crossing would be open for passengers returning to the Gaza Strip.

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    • Israeli naval forces open fire at Gazan fishermen
      Sept. 5, 2018 10:59 A.M. (Updated: Sept. 5, 2018 12:00 P.M.)

      GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli naval forces opened fire, on Wednesday morning, at Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of the southern besieged Gaza Strip.

      A Ma’an reporter said that Israeli naval forces opened fire at Palestinian fishermen as they were working off the coast of Rafah City in the southern Gaza Strip.

      Sources added that no injuries were reported.

      Several human rights groups reported that since the beginning of 2018, the Israeli navy has carried out more than 230 attacks against Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip, including shootings, detentions and confiscation of boats.

      Israeli human rights group B’Tselem confirmed that Israel’s Gaza closure and “harassment of fishermen” have been “destroying Gaza’s fishing sector,” with 95 percent of fishermen living below the poverty line.

  • Israeli forces kill Palestinian in East Jerusalem
    Aug. 18, 2018 10:54 A.M. (Updated : Aug. 18, 2018 2:41 P.M.)

    JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian youth was killed after being shot by Israeli forces under the pretext of attempting to carry out a stabbing attack in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem.

    Hebrew-language news outlets claimed the Palestinian youth attempted to stab one of the members of the Israeli forces, who responded with opening fire at the youth and killing him.

    The Palestinian was identified as Ahmad Muhammad Mahamid from the Umm al-Fahm town in northern Israel.

    Sources confirmed there were no injuries reported among Israeli forces.

    A Ma’an reporter said that Israeli forces closed the gates of the Old City of Jerusalem and forced all shops to close and evacuate the area.


  • Palestinian killed, others injured on 18th ’Great March of Return’ Friday
    July 27, 2018 4:27 P.M. (Updated: July 27, 2018 5:47 P.M.)

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — One Palestinian was killed and at least ten Palestinians were injured with Israeli live bullets on the 18th Friday of the “Great March of Return” in the besieged Gaza Strip.

    The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed that Ghazi Muhammad Abu Mustafa, 43, succumbed to wounds he sustained with a live bullet in the head earlier Friday in eastern Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

    A Ma’an reporter said that two Palestinians were injured at the eastern borders of Gaza City, while another was injured at the return camp of eastern Khan Younis.

    Israeli forces suppressed Palestinian crowds at return camps using live bullets and tear-gas bombs.

    Sources added that Israeli soldiers were not deployed at the borders, but that only armored military vehicles were seen.

    Meanwhile, an Israeli drone fired at least one missile targeting a group of Palestinians in eastern al-Tuffah neighborhood of Gaza City; no injuries were reported.

    The “Great March of Return” protests were launched by thousands of Palestinian civilians in Gaza — which has suffered from a decade-long Israeli siege — who took to the borders to demand their right of return as refugees to their original homelands, now in present-day Israel.

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  • Israel hits several areas across Gaza, Presidency warns of escalation

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli warplanes carried out several airstrikes reportedly targeting Hamas sites across different areas of the besieged Gaza Strip on Friday evening.

    Israeli airstrikes targeted the al-Rawda site of the al-Qassam Brigades in the al-Zaytoun neighborhood in southeastern Gaza City, the military wing of the Hamas movement, injuring several Palestinians.

    A Ma’an reporter said that Israeli warplanes also targeted two sites in western Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip with 11 missiles; no injuries were reported.

    The airstrikes came after the Israeli army declared the beginning of a widespread attack across the Gaza Strip in response to fire opened at Israeli soldiers in the eastern Gaza Strip earlier.

    Four Palestinians were killed earlier Friday, including three al-Qassam fighters, while the fourth was killed during “The Great March of Return” protests.

    Meanwhile, Israeli naval forces opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats injuring 1 fisherman.

    A Ma’an reporter said that Israeli forces also opened fire at the fishermen forcing them to head back to shore.


  • Three Palestinians killed in Al-Aqsa clashes on Friday
    July 21, 2017 3:00 P.M. (Updated: July 21, 2017 6:34 P.M.)

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian teenager was killed during clashes in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras al-Amoud on Friday, medical sources told Ma’an, as witnesses said that the youth was shot by an Israeli settler.

    The youth was identified as 17-year-old Muhammad Mahmoud Sharaf from the neighborhood of Silwan.

    Witnesses said Sharaf was shot in the neck by an Israeli settler, and later succumbed to his wounds.

    Social media pages shared footage of what they claimed to be Sharaf’s funeral, stating that Sharaf was immediately buried out of fear that Israeli authorities might confiscate his body.

    Israeli police spokeswoman Luba al-Samri however said in a statement that Israeli police wasn’t aware of any deaths at Damascus Gate — in an apparent confusion due to Damascus Gate being known in Arabic as Bab al-Amoud.
    Very shortly after his death, mourners carried out Sharaf’s funeral, out of fear that Israeli authorities might confiscate his body, as participants chanted slogans about the teenager and Al-Aqsa.


    • Two Palestinians shot, killed in East Jerusalem clashes
      July 21, 2017 3:00 P.M. (Updated: July 21, 2017 5:10 P.M.)

      Another Palestinian succumbs to wounds in Jerusalem hospital

      Meanwhile, another Palestinian, identified by medical sources as Muhammad Abu Ghanam , succumbed to his wounds in al-Makassed hospital after being shot by Israeli police forces during clashes in al-Tur.

      Witnesses said that Israeli forces raided the hospital on Friday afternoon looking to detain Palestinians who were injured during the clashes.

      A Ma’an reporter on the scene said that a funeral was also promptly held for Abu Ghanam, as Palestinians were filmed hauling his body over a wall surrounding the al-Makassed hospital to avoid Israeli forces confiscating it.


    • Three Palestinians killed in Al-Aqsa clashes on Friday
      July 21, 2017 3:00 P.M. (Updated: July 21, 2017 5:29 P.M.)

      Palestinian shot, killed in Abu Dis demonstration

      Later on Friday afternoon, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said a Palestinian succumbed to his wounds in a hospital in Ramallah after having been shot in the chest by Israeli forces during a demonstration in the village of Abu Dis in the Jerusalem district of the West Bank.

      The slain Palestinian was identified by local sources as 17-year-old Muhammad Mahmoud Khalaf .


  • Israeli forces kill Palestinian near Nablus after alleged stabbing attack
    Aug. 24, 2016 3:31 P.M. (Updated: Aug. 24, 2016 8:39 P.M.)

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian was shot dead by Israeli forces Wednesday near Nablus after allegedly attempting to stab an Israeli soldier, according to Israeli sources.

    An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an that Palestinians were “hurling stones” from a vehicle near Israel’s Ariel settlement on Route 60, when Israeli forces began to chase their vehicle.

    During the pursuit, one Palestinian reportedly exited the vehicle and tried to stab an Israeli soldier in the neck. According to the spokesperson, the soldier opened fire on the Palestinian, which “resulted in his death.” The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed the Palestinian was killed at the scene.

    A Ma’an reporter identified the slain Palestinian as Sari Muhammad Abu Ghurab, 24, from the village of Qabatiya in the northern West Bank district of Jenin.


  • Palestinian killed during clashes with Israeli forces in Hebron
    Dec. 11, 2015 2:25 P.M. (Updated : Dec. 12, 2015 11:43 A.M.)

    HEBRON (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man was shot and killed during clashes in the Ras al-Jura area of Hebron on Friday, witnesses told Ma’an.

    A Ma’an reporter said Uday Irsheid , 24, was shot in the chest and critically wounded during clashes with Israeli military forces at the northern entrance to Hebron.

    He later died from his injuries.

    An Israeli army spokesperson did not have any immediate information on clashes in the area.

    Uday’s sister, Dania , was shot and killed by Israeli forces in Hebron on Oct. 25.

    au sujet de sa sœur Dania Irsheid :
    Amira Hass : Were All Palestinians Killed in Hebron Really a Threat to Soldiers ?


  • Palestinian shot dead near Ramallah after stabbing Israeli
    Dec. 4, 2015 2:07 P.M. (Updated: Dec. 4, 2015 2:24 P.M.)

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man was shot and killed on Friday after stabbing an Israeli near the Ramallah-area village of Abud, Palestinian officials said.

    The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Health confirmed that a Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli military forces near the village, which is located adjacent to the illegal Israeli settlement of Halamish.

    The man was identified as Abed al-Rahman al-Barghouthi , 27. He died from gunshot wounds to the neck and arm, the ministry added.

    Israel’s military said an “Israeli was stabbed and wounded northwest of Ramallah” and the assailant was shot at the scene.

    Reports in Israeli media said the Israeli was a soldier, although their identity has not yet been confirmed.

    The Magen David Adom ambulance service said the Israeli was in a moderate to serious condition.


    • Thousands join funeral of slain Palestinian in Ramallah-area village
      Dec. 5, 2015 5:36 P.M. (Updated: Dec. 5, 2015 5:41 P.M.)

      RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Thousands of Palestinians attended the funeral of 26-year-old Abed al-Rahman Barghouthi on Friday, a day after he was shot dead by Israeli forces outside the village of Abud northwest of Ramallah.

      An official military procession, led by officers of the Palestinian National Forces, carried Barghouthi’s body from the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah to Abud, where he was laid to rest in the village ceremony following funeral prayers in the local mosque.

      Barghouthi’s body was wrapped in a Palestinian flag and carried on mourners’ shoulders, a Ma’an reporter said.

      Israel alleges that Barghouthi was attempting to attack an Israeli soldier when he was shot, but witnesses and relatives have insisted he was shot dead “in cold blood,” and did not pose any threat at the time.

      “The Israeli occupation forces executed my nephew in cold blood after they stopped him at a checkpoint near the main entrance to the village,” Barghouthi’s uncle, Husni, told Ma’an during the funeral procession.

      He said that Israeli soldiers had asked Abed al-Rahman to show them his identity card, and afterward fired six rounds at his neck and head. Husni said the soldiers “planted a knife near the body of his nephew after they shot him dead so as to justify their crime.”

      Following the funeral, clashes quickly erupted between local youths and Israeli forces stationed near the main entrance to Abud, which was sealed with mounds of earth on Friday evening after Barghouthi was shot dead.

      Barghouthi was reportedly a US citizen who had recently arrived in the occupied West Bank for his marriage.

      Village residents told Ma’an on Friday that he was walking home from his fiance’s house when he was killed.

  • Palestinian shot dead after stabbing Israeli near Gush Etzion
    Nov. 22, 2015 3:55 P.M. (Updated: Nov. 22, 2015 5:31 P.M.)

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli forces after he stabbed and wounded a 20-year-old Israeli woman near the illegal Israeli settlement bloc of Gush Etzion, Israeli sources said, in the third Palestinian death on Sunday.

    An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an that a “Palestinian stabbed a civilian” at the Gush Etzion junction, and “forces on site responded to the imminent threat and shot the attacker, resulting in his death.”

    The Palestinian was later identified as 34-year-old Issa Thawabta from Beit Fajjar in Bethlehem district, just south of Gush Etzion.

    The army spokesperson said the Israeli victim was evacuated for emergency care, and Israeli emergency services Magen David Adom told Ma’an that she was a 20-year-old woman “currently in severe condition.”

    A Ma’an reporter who was present in the area said that he witnessed dozens of Israeli soldiers rushing to the hitchhiking station at the Gush Etzion junction, firing gunshots.

    The soldiers then shut down the main bypass road known as Route 60.

    Thawabta was the third Palestinian to be killed on Sunday, after another two Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli settlers after allegedly attempting to attack Israelis.

    Israeli Woman Hurt in West Bank Stabbing Attack Succumbs to Wounds

    21-year-old Hadar Buchris from Safed sustained knife wounds to her upper body; assailant, a 34-year-old Palestinian, was shot dead.
    read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.687656

  • Palestinian killed in gunfight with Israeli forces near Ramallah
    Nov. 17, 2015 7:31 P.M. (Updated: Nov. 17, 2015 8:56 P.M.)

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian in armed clashes north of Ramallah on Tuesday evening, with two others injured during an exchange of fire.

    Israel’s army said that shots were fired at an Israeli military patrol near Ramallah, with soldiers returning fire and shooting an assailant.

    Three armed Palestinians had reportedly exited a vehicle near an Israeli military patrol and opened fire at soldiers near Turmus Ayya, north of Ramallah.

    Two Palestinians were injured in the gun battle and detained by Israeli forces.

    Israeli soldiers prevented a Red Crescent ambulance from reaching the scene of the incident, a Ma’an reporter said, with the main Ramallah-Nablus road closed by Israel’s military.

    The victim, identified by the Palestinian Ministry of Health as Muhammad Munir Hassan Saleh , 24, from Arura village, was reportedly left on the ground for over an hour without being treated by medics.

    Israeli forces fired tear gas and stun bomb grenades at local Palestinians who attempted to reach him.


  • Palestinian shot dead, 3 Israelis injured after suspected car attack
    Nov. 8, 2015 10:04 A.M. (Updated: Nov. 8, 2015 12:42 P.M.)

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces shot dead a Palestinian Sunday after he allegedly carried out a suspected vehicular attack that left three Israelis injured near the Tapuah Junction south of Nablus, Israeli media reported.

    Israeli media reported that in addition to the three Israelis injured in the alleged attack, a fourth Israeli, 23, was shot and injured in the leg during the incident, and border police are reportedly investigating as to whether or not she was shot by police when they were shooting at the Palestinian.

    Two of the four Israelis have been evacuated via helicopter to a nearby hospital, one of which was in critical condition.

    The Palestinian has been identified as Sulaiman Aqel Muhammad Shahin , 22, from al-Bireh City in Ramallah.

    According to a Ma’an reporter near the scene, Israeli forces closed off Huwwara and Tapuah checkpoints south of Nablus following the suspected attack. The checkpoints control one of the main routes that connects the northern occupied West Bank to the central and southern districts.

    An Israeli police spokesperson did not immediately respond for comment.


  • Palestinian shot, killed by Israeli forces in southern Gaza
    Nov. 6, 2015 4:09 P.M. (Updated: Nov. 6, 2015 4:20 P.M.)

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli forces shot and killed a 23-year-old Palestinian man in the Gaza Strip on Friday, Palestinian officials said, the second Palestinian to be killed after a 72-year-old woman was shot dead in the occupied West Bank earlier in the day.

    The Ministry of Health in Gaza identified the man as Salameh Moussa Abu Jame .

    He was shot east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip during clashes in the area.

    In northern Gaza, a Palestinian teenager was injured during clashes near the Erez crossing.

    A Ma’an reporter said that dozens of Palestinian youths protested at the border, with Israeli forces firing tear-gas canisters at demonstrators.

    An Israeli army spokesperson said “tens of Palestinians gathered and approached the security buffer zone and attempted to damage the security fence.”

    Israeli forces called for the perpetrators to stop, before firing at the “main instigator,” the spokesperson added, confirming an injury.


  • Palestinian, 20, shot dead after alleged attack at Damascus Gate
    Oct. 14, 2015 4:49 P.M. (Updated: Oct. 14, 2015 6:09 P.M.)

    Israeli police stand in front of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, October 5, 2015. (AFP/File)

    JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man was shot dead at the Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem on Wednesday after an alleged attack, Israeli police and media said, with no reported injuries.

    Israeli police responded to the scene after the alleged attack and a suspect with a knife was shot dead, Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said.

    Witnesses said the man was “executed in cold blood” after being shot with 14 bullets and left to bleed on the ground. Israeli forces deployed in the area and shouted “terrorist, terrorist” at the suspect before shooting him, they added.

    A Ma’an reporter identified the man as Basil Bassam Ragheb Sidr , 20. Initial reports incorrectly said he was 14.

    The latest death brings the total number of Palestinians killed since Oct. 1 to 31, with at least 17 shot dead at demonstrations.

    At least seven Israelis have been killed in the same time period.

    On Tuesday, Two Palestinians were shot and killed after they allegedly carried out attacks that killed three Israelis and injured up to 27 in four separate attacks across Israel and occupied East Jerusalem on Tuesday. (...)

  • PA forces disperse Palestinian protest in Bethlehem
    Sept. 20, 2015

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian Authority security forces on Sunday dispersed a march near al-Duheisha refugee camp in Bethlehem that was called to protest an excessive use of force by PA forces last week.

    A Ma’an reporter said that up to 300 Palestinians took part in the march, which began at the entrance to the refugee camp before making its way to a nearby PA intelligence building.

    Protesters reportedly chanted slogans against President Mahmoud Abbas and the PA.

    The march was called after PA security forces on Friday violently attacked three teenage Palestinians from al-Azza refugee camp, also in Bethlehem.

    The attack, which was caught on camera by online news site Middle East Eye, came during a peaceful rally, and led to sharp criticism from Palestinians of the officers’ excessive use of force.

    Protesters at Sunday’s march attempted to stage a sit-in in front of the intelligence building.

  • 3 Israeli soldiers injured in hit-and-run south of Bethlehem | Maan News Agency

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Three Israeli soldiers were injured in a hit-and-run accident on Wednesday night near the al-Arrub refugee camp on the main Bethlehem-Hebron road.

    A Ma’an reporter in the camp said that a car plowed into three soldiers standing on the road, injuring one seriously and the other two moderately.

  • GAZA, Le corps de Zuhdi Abd al-Hamid Abu al-Rus 22ans a été retrouvé sous les décombres d’une mosquée détruite dans al-Nuserat le 9 août.

    Remains of Palestinian man found under rubble in Gaza | Maan News Agency
    Published today (updated) 27/10/2014

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Search crews in Gaza on Monday found the remains of a Palestinian who was killed during the recent Israeli assault on the Strip, a Ma’an reporter said.

    The body of Zuhdi Abd al-Hamid Abu al-Rus, 22, was found under the rubble of a destroyed mosque in al-Nuserat.

    Israeli forces targeted the mosque on Aug. 9.

    The Israeli offensive on Gaza lasted five weeks, killed nearly 2,200 Palestinians, and left over 100,000 homeless.


    • Chaque jour :

      Man dies of wounds sustained in Gaza war
      Published yesterday (updated) 28/10/2014

      GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A young Palestinian man on Tuesday died in Turkey of wounds he sustained in Israel’s recent offensive on the Gaza Strip.

      Palestinian medical sources and family members told Ma’an that 20-year-old Ibrahim Adli Asila from Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip had succumbed to his wounds.

      Asila was critically injured after Israeli forces targeted his house with an airstrike, killing a number of his family members.

  • Israeli home demolitions leave 51 homeless near Jerusalem | Maan News Agency

    JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities on Thursday demolished six homes near Jerusalem, leaving 51 Palestinians homeless and bringing the year’s total displaced in the West Bank and East Jerusalem up to 752.

    A Ma’an reporter said that Israeli civil administration workers raided the Sheikh Anbar neighborhood in Zuayyim village without prior notice and demolished a number of structures belonging to the al-Saidi, al-Jahalin, and Abu al-Hawa families that authorities claimed were built without a permit.

    The structures included five homes and three cattle sheds.

    Khader al-Saidi, one of the newly-displaced residents, said that authorities demolished the homes with bulldozers without allowing the families to remove their possession.

    This led to an exchange of insults and hand scuffles between residents and Israeli forces, he added.(...)