• Move over darling

    The UK’s Conservative government is taking a leaf out of France’s book by promoting the English language in sub-Saharan Africa, including those countries normally considered exclusively within the French sphere of influence and where Paris defends and promotes francophonie. It’s part of a drive by the British government to establish new, post-Brexit trading links.

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  • Women may have to quit jobs to fill care roles #post-Brexit, report warns

    A dossier drawn up by ministers says they may have to plug a gap in EU care workers, but critics slam it as “remarkable misogyny”.

    Women may have to give up work to look after elderly relatives unless EU care workers are given priority after Brexit, it has been reported.

    The Daily Telegraph says that is the assessment made in a 37-page dossier drawn up by ministers on the impact of Britain leaving the EU.

    The document allegedly warns that growing numbers of people, “especially women”, could be forced to quit their jobs to give “informal care” to parents and grandparents.

    Under the “worst case scenario”, women living in Britain would likely plug the hole of 6,000 fewer doctors, 12,000 fewer nurses and 28,000 fewer care staff within five years.

    This is because “greater numbers undertake informal care”, the report says.

    It warns: "Considering rising life expectancy, population structural changes as well as increases in the number of people living with one or more long-term conditions, there are significant demand implications for the health and social care workforce.

    "Unless we ensure such demand is met, there is a wider risk to labour market participation more generally, especially when considering increasing social care needs.

    “If we fail to meet social care needs adequately we are likely to see a decrease in labour market participation levels, especially among women, as greater numbers undertake informal care.”

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    Sara Farris « Wait a second?! Wasn’t the case that migrants are taking British people’s jobs? So now that migrant care workers might not be coming to the UK after Brexit, shouldn’t we see thousands of British women finally working as carers? Yes, sure, but for free! And after they give up their paid jobs apparently. The bullshit of migrants as economic threat here in full display! »

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