• « Les zombies, c’est nous » : Dialogue entre Wu Ming 2 et Giuliano Santoro | Serge Quadruppani (Article11)

    En Italie (comme en France), le legs colonial et la persistance d’un fort racisme restent sous-estimés, voire totalement niés. Alors qu’un monument à la gloire d’un boucher colonial - Rodolfo Graziani - vient d’être érigé dans la province de Rome, deux intellectuels italiens, Wu Ming 2 et Giuliano Santoro, débattaient récemment de la situation. Source : Article11

  • Two out of three gay Italians discriminated against | Gay Star News

    Two out of three gay Italians discriminated against
    A survey by Rome county and European Union shows that 73% of LGBT people are victims of hate at school, at work and in everyday life
    01 November 2012 | By Daniele Guido Gessa
    Discrimination in Italy: 73% of LGBT people are victims of gay hate.

    Two out of three lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Italians are still discriminated against, claims a survey of students and LGBT activists by Rome county, Provincia di Roma.

    According to the study, 73% of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Italians have been victims of some sort of discrimination at school, at work, among relatives and in everyday life.

    The survey is part of a European project against discrimination. Called ‘Niso’, it has also been carried out in Belgium, Holland and Estonia.

    In Italy, the results are something new. It’s the first time that an official study reveals such widespread gay hate in society.

    According to the interviewees, the most discriminatory environments are the neighborhood (65%), school (59%) and group of friends (58%).

    New media and social networks are a new environment of gay hate: 30% of the interviewees named the web as a source of discrimination.

    More than a 1,000 people have been interviewed, with three Roman high schools analyzed by the researchers.

    In general, transgender people and gay men think they face discrimination more than lesbian women. And 55% of them think that Italy is still a place where life is hard.

    The research focused also on stereotypes. According to 40% of students, gay men are ‘easily’ recognizable by their clothes, voices and physical appearance.

    On the opposite side, only 20% of students think that lesbian women are recognizable.