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  • UAE says Qatar fighter jets intercept flight ; Doha denies it - ABC News


    The United Arab Emirates on Monday claimed that Qatari fighter jets intercepted one of its commercial airliners in international airspace on the way to Bahrain, an allegation promptly denied by a Doha official.

    Qatar says Emirati plane violated airspace, UAE denies

    Je précise à ceux qui ne suivent pas l’actualité du monde arabe qu’il ne s’agit pas de foot !

    Je pense qu’on est toujours dans #nuit_torride

    • Deux (?) incidents avec des avions militaires émiratis,

      Recently, Qatar accused Emirati military jets of violating its air space in December and January in two incidents, filing a complaint to the United Nations.

      Celui de décembre est décrit, mais je ne trouve pas trace de celui de janvier. Peut-être s’agit-il du dépôt de plainte ?

    • Mais il y a aussi l’info sur le prince qatari dont MbS a pu, un temps, penser qu’il pouvait l’utiliser comme pion …

      On Sunday night, an exiled Qatari ruling family member once promoted by Saudi Arabia amid its ongoing dispute with Doha appeared in an online video, claiming he’s being held against his will in the United Arab Emirates, an allegation denied by Abu Dhabi.

      The video of Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al Thani, a little-known ruling family member until the Qatar crisis, also offered new fuel to the stalemated dispute. It also recalled the bizarre, now-reversed resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri while on a trip Riyadh, a Nov. 4 decision that was widely perceived as Saudi-orchestrated at the time.

      (info bien détaillée dans la légende de la photo dans ton billet)

      Exiled Sheikh Abdullah, once promoted by Saudi Arabia amid its ongoing dispute with Doha, appeared in an online video posted Sunday, Jan. 14, 2018, and aired by Doha-based satellite news network Al-Jazeera, claiming he’s being held against his will in the United Arab Emirates, an allegation denied by an Abu Dhabi official.

    • ويوم أمس، انتشر مقطع مصور يظهر آل ثاني وهو يتهم ولي عهد أبو ظبي، محمد بن زايد، باحتجازه، محملاً الأخير المسؤولية عن أي أذى يلحق به. وقال آل ثاني، في التسجيل، «(إنني) كنت ضيفاً عند الشيخ محمد، (إلا أنني) الآن لم أعد في وضع ضيافة وإنما في وضعية احتجاز»، مضيفاً أن الإماراتيين أوعزوا إليه بعدم مغادرة المكان الذي يقيم فيه. وأعرب عن خشيته من أن «يحصل لي مكروه، ويقوموا بإلقاء اللوم على قطر»، مشدداً على أنه «إذا حدث لي شيء، فأهل قطر بريئون منه، والشيخ محمد هو من يتحمل المسؤولية».

  • Abbas, in protocol of Doha meeting: PA will give Israel authority of West Bank if border talks fail - Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz
    By Jack Khoury | Sep. 1, 2014 |

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has reportedly told Israel that if negotiations with the United States about establishing a Palestinian state within the 1967 lines fail, he will transfer responsibility of West Bank lands to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    The report emerged Monday in the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar, citing transcripts of a meeting in Doha between Abbas and Qatar’s Emir Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. The newspaper published a photograph of the document, which appeared to come from the emir’s office.

    According to the published protocol, Abbas conveyed this messages to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a meeting with an unnamed Israeli defense official in his Ramallah offices around two weeks ago.

    Abbas reportedly told his counterparts at the Doha meeting that he told the Israeli official: "The peace process failed after 20 years, so our new strategy is that the United States and Israel agree to establish a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital in a limited amount of time, and that both sides immediately begin determining the borders.

    “If both sides agree,” Abbas continues, "we will continue the talks about the rest of the core issues. And if not, we will take the following measure: Cessation of the security coordination and transfer of responsibility for PA territory to Netanyahu, who will bear the responsibility for them.”

  • Soutien de Pierre Daher (patron de LBCi) au Akhbar et à New TV. L’article cite également Najat Charafeddine de Future News. Plus étonnant, selon l’Orient-Le Jour, le président de la République Michel Sleiman a, lui, apporté son soutien à Al Jadeed TV (concernant Al Akhbar, Sleiman est certainement moins fana de la notion de « liberté d’expression). À ma connaissance, cependant, aucun média occidental n’a évoqué l’affaire.

    “It’s a shame not all media are participating in this event,” Pierre al-Daher, CEO of LBCI Television, said.


    “At the end of the day we are all reporters and we all stand in solidarity with one another,” Najat Charafeddine, from Future TV, told Al-Jadeed.

    Dima Sadek, anchorwomen with LBCI, said it was ridiculous that the STL could threaten Lebanese journalists for merely publishing information from an inside source at the court.

    Liban : Sleiman appelle le PDG d’al-Jadeed pour exprimer son engagement en faveur de la liberté de la presse

    Le président libanais Michel Sleiman a appelé le directeur général de la chaîne de télévision al-Jadeed, Tahsine al-Khayat, exprimant son engagement en faveur de la liberté de la presse. M. Sleiman a également affirmé qu’il s’oppose à toute atteinte contre les médias. Cet appel intervient au lendemain de la décision du Tribunal spécial pour le Liban (TSL) qui a ordonné la comparution, le 13 mai prochain, des journalistes libanais Ibrahim el-Amine (journal al-Akhbar) et Karma al-Khayat (chaîne TV al-Jadeed) pour outrage au tribunal et obstruction à la justice.

    Note : selon Pierre Abi-Saab, Pierre Daher était chargé de la promotion de la liberté d’expression à l’association des médias libanais :


    • La position du ministre de l’information est dénoncée par Al Akhbar, mais présentée comme un soutien aux deux médias par Naharnet (j’ignore si c’est une différence totale de lecture, ou un problème de décalage horaire) :

      Information Minister Ramzi Jreij considered on Monday that the media can criticize the Special Tribunal for Lebanon if there is a need, slamming the summons by the international court of al-Jadeed TV and al-Akhbar newspaper’s journalists on charges of “contempt and obstruction of justice.”

      “The reports published by the two media outlets are responsible and just criticism,” Jreij said in comments published in As Safir newspaper.

      He stressed that “investigations with al-Jadeed and al-Akhbar will prove their innocence.”

      The STL announced on Thursday that it has summoned Karma Mohammed Tahsin al-Khayat from al-Jadeed, as well as the station’s parent company New TV S.A.L., and Ibrahim Mohammed al-Amin from al-Akhbar, as well as the newspaper’s parent company Akhbar Beirut S.A.L. to appear before it on two counts of Contempt and Obstruction of Justice.

      “The important thing is that the two media outlets defend themselves properly by adopting all the legal means as per the tribunal’s mechanism,” the minister noted.

      He warned the two journalists of failing to appear before the STL’s hearing, saying: “This move will lead to repercussions including the issuance of arrest warrants.”

      Jreij said that he is a “staunch advocate of media freedom,” however he noted that the “STL is a legal body and its decisions are binding for Lebanon.”

      A meeting was held on Monday at noon in solidarity with the two journalists at the Press Syndicate to defend the “mere truth.”

    • Aujourd’hui, l’explication de Pierre Abi Saab :

      The gist of the message, which addressed the journalists gathered yesterday at the Press Syndicate in defense of national sovereignty and public freedoms in Lebanon and against the bulldozer of international repression and intimidation of the media, was “I am with freedoms, but... not this time!” The statement was interrupted by the boos of the audience, dealing a moral blow to the minister that Lebanon will remember for a long time.

      After a nice little introduction that emphasized his good intentions regarding freedoms, our minister advised the two journalists charged by the international court with contempt and obstruction of justice, Ibrahim al-Amin and Karma Khayat, to comply with the international tribunal “because it is the only way to prove their innocence.” How is that possible when he insists that they are not facing accusations? In other words, the minister told the journalists gathered at the syndicate, there is no need for you to be present here, go back to your homes, the Lebanese state has no sovereignty and no say in the presence of the international tribunal. This, however, is inaccurate considering Rule 178 of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL).

  • Mission de première urgence pour le tout nouveau ministre de la justice du Liban, Ashraf Rifi : mettre au pas le quotidien Al Akhbar.

    Ashraf Rifi takes on Al-Akhbar

    Amin hit back Tuesday: “Today we have Michel Sleiman, who is impersonating the president, and Ashraf Rifi, who is impersonating the Minister of Justice. Tomorrow we might face … the Court of Publications, which is becoming more like a mock court which serves the authorities of death and oppression.”

    He then scorned Sleiman for a brief scandal in which he and his family were caught with fake French passports in 2004. Amin then challenged Sleiman for not taking responsibility for the deaths of dozens of soldiers killed in Denniyeh in 2000 during a battle with Salafi gunmen.

    Amin then attacks Rifi, the “militia leader in Tripoli,” who backs armed gangs.

    “Will you, General Ashraf Rifi, tell us the story of how you did not take orders from the Minister of Interior and did what you thought was appropriate, then bluntly accuse us of ‘instigating disobedience?’ Will you do what your fellow officers did, and give us a detailed account of how you spent your secret expenditures?”

    Amin concluded: “We at Al-Akhbar do not fear any of you for one main reason: You do not know the meaning of real dignity. Your arms haven’t hugged a martyr’s body and you haven’t heard the gasps of a mother running to receive her son who fights in the Resistance. You haven’t had the chance to breathe in pure air that does not contain the poison of an enemy or a traitor.”

    “Take your best shot

  • And The witch hunt against #Elbaradei is on once again

    Comment El-Baradei devient la cible de tous ceux qui appuient un régime militaire, y compris des intellectuels « de gauche » et des écrivains comme Ghitani

    The vice president was speaking about what Gamal El Ghitani , the famous writer wrote in a whole page in Tuesday issue of state owned Al Akhbar attacking him and describing him as a danger on Egypt.
    Ironically the current editor in chief of Akhbar Hassan El Banna “Not related to the MB” did not let El Ghitani write in the paper during the MB days now , he lets him to write a full page slamming ElBaradei.

    The contradictions of ElBaradei By El Ghitani
    What Gamal El Ghitani wrote in Akhbar was the latest episode in the new season of “ElBaradei :The enemy” that has been running since the days of Mubarak !! For the past three weeks Mohamed ElBaradei has been under a furious attack in the media.
    Of course a common factor between all those who attack ElBaradei that they are the same old Pro-Mubarak Pro-Military Anti-Revolution Faces like Ahmed Moussa , Tawfik Okasha , Magdy El Gald , Mostafa Bakry and Amr Adeeb. This is besides the marathons of the anti-ElBaradei op-eds in the newspapers from that camp.
    Of course when someone too close to the military like Mostafa Bakry opens his mouth ranting against ElBaradei to know that there is trouble, huge trouble in Mount Olympus.
    The Pro-Mubarak Pro-Military Conspiracy theorists online and offline are back saying ElBaradei is a Zionist Muslim brotherhood secret member who is going not only destroy Egypt, but rather to destroy the Egyptian army !! Yes ElBaradei is now a secret international Muslim brotherhood agent “Along with Barack Obama and Tawakol Karman too !!”

  • Important : l’armée livre des vidéos de Assir préparant l’attaque contre l’armée. Al Akhbar oppose ces vidéos à la campagne menée par des députés du 14 Mars contre l’armée :

    The army and the defense minister provided video footage. Faced with this irrefutable evidence, the Future Movement MPs ate their words. They had no other choice after they saw the footage of Assir, wearing military fatigues and bearing arms, ordering his group to “shred them to bits,” in reference to army soldiers, and how Assir, addressing the army checkpoint at the heart of the controversy, cried, “You animals, we will slaughter to you,” and ordered his fighters to execute the soldiers.

    The hearing did not end well, especially since it was chaired by Future MP Samir al-Jisr, who adjourned the session after a quarrel erupted between the MPs present. But the question remains: Will these MPs feel ashamed and back down on their reckless behavior?

    To be sure, anyone who rereads the statements made by Future MPs, from Muin Merehbi to Khalid Daher and Ahmad Fatfat, will see that their contentions that Hezbollah had fought with the army “against Sunnis” will only continue.

  • Déjà mentionné par Warda dans al Akhbar, il est particulièrement intéressant de voir le soin que porte à la situation au Bahreïn, RT, qui se présente sur son site web comme
    « the first Russian 24/7 English-language news channel which brings the Russian view on global news »

    Bahrain arrests 22 over anti-govt protests — RT News

    Bahrain arrests 22 over anti-govt protests

  • Al Akhbar fête ses six ans ! Comme Nouvelles d’Orient d’@alaingresh ! Et comme Loubnan ya Loubnan de moi-même-personnellement !

    Since issue one, Al-Akhbar has never been impartial, and does not want to be. Even objectivity, which some hold up as a standard, does not lend itself to a single prescription. We take a clear and progressive position on matters human, political and cultural that affect our lives. We always knew we were created to cause controversy, though not for its own sake in order to attract attention, like so many around us.

  • U.S. journalist attacks Lebanon-based news site for pro-Assad slant

    Max Blumenthal publicly announced that he would no longer contribute to Al Akhbar English, accusing the news site of “defending the Syrian regime behind the cover of leftist ideology,” in a blog entry he wrote on his own website on Wednesday.

    The journalist referred to “pro-regime op-eds” recently published on the site and writers who have “thrown their weight behind [Syrian President Bashar] al-Assad’s campaign of brutality.”

    Blumenthal wrote that Al Akhbar English had recently featured “an attack on Arab Third Wayers (supporters of the anti-imperialist, anti-authoritarian political tendency)” in a recent opinion piece, which he deemed to be in line with the “Syrian regime’s long record of exploiting the Palestinian struggle to advance its narrow self-interests.”

    • The right to resist is universal: A farewell to Al Akhbar and Assad’s apologists

      Following her vehement defense of the Syrian dictator’s use of surgery metaphors to refer to his security forces’ brutal crackdowns, Al Akhbar English featured Ghorayeb’s daftest work to date: an attack on Arab Third Wayers (supporters of the anti-imperialist, anti-authoritarian political tendency) in which she asserted that “the real litmus of Arab intellectuals’ and activists’ commitment to the Palestinian cause is no longer their support for Palestinian rights, but rather, their support for the Assad leadership’s struggle against the imperialist-Zionist-Arab moderate axis’ onslaught against it.”

      Ghorayeb’s rant, rightly condemned by As’ad Abu Khalil as an “outrage,” was of a piece with the Syrian regime’s long record of exploiting the Palestinian struggle to advance its narrow self-interests. For me, it was the final straw. Had Al Akhbar’s editorial leadership provided a platform to Ghorayeb and other apologists because of the quality of their writing or because of their willingness to defend the regime behind the cover of leftist ideology? This had become a salient question.

      I was forced to conclude that unless I was prepared to spend endless stores of energy jousting with Assad apologists, I was merely providing them cover by keeping my name and reputation associated with Al Akhbar. More importantly, I decided that if I kept quiet any longer, I would be betraying my principles and those of the people who have encouraged and inspired me over the years. There is simply no excuse for me to remain involved for another day with such a morally compromised outlet. And so, instead of preparing to throw up in my own mouth each time I click on one of the pro-regime op-eds appearing with regularity on Al Akhbar English’s home page, I am washing my hands of the whole operation.

    • The Angry Arab News Service: Enough grandstanding on the Syrian question: Al-Akhbar English versus

      PS In other words, AlAkhbar (accused of a pro-Asad slant) publishes articles calling for Asad’s downfall. When the Arab oil and gas media call for the downfall of the Saudi or Qatari royal regimes, we can talk, or when the Western liberal media, like the Nation, dare publish an article calling for the demise of Israel.

    • Al-Akhbar and Syria: No Room for Silence

      Media organizations, including Al-Akhbar, failed to deliver proper journalistic coverage of Syria. Unreliable sources, inaccessibility of troubled areas and many other factors may be used to rationalize this shortcoming. While the debate regarding a clear editorial line was ongoing, the publication that prides itself on doing things differently found itself partner in a collective media failure in dealing with Syria.
      Fifteen months into the events, Al-Akhbar’s editorial policy is that it stands for the basic rights of the Syrian people, for a united and free Syria, and against violence, hatred, destruction and civil unrest. The Syrians must have full sovereignty in deciding their political path without any foreign interference. All crimes should be investigated and all perpetrators, irrespective of their positions, should be held accountable by an independent judicial authority. This applies to all without exception.

      However, the collective media failure has laid the groundwork for a situation that is dire in Syria, where only absolutes are tolerated – an absolute crushing of an uprising, or a complete destruction of a regime. Clarity is sought in the most murky of environments. But absolute answers do not exist. Just like there is no black and white in Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, and other places, the political landscape in Syria is also painted with shades of gray.

      Bashar al-Assad shouldn’t go today. Bashar al-Assad should have never been president. After all, countries are not personal assets that are passed on as inheritance.

      Theory is simple and beautiful and can even be principled – reality, not so much

    • Media restrictions and Al-Akhbar

      Max, I noticed, did not complain at all about censorship because I believe he has the freedom to write what he wanted: I believe that this is the strength of Al-Akhbar in relative terms: editorial control is most lax compared to all Arab media and even to Western media. There are articles in Al-Akhbar Arabic and English that are very critical of the Syrian regime and that call for its overthrow. […] But if Max is unhappy to write alongside people who support the Syrian regime (with whom I disagree of course), how will he feel about writing for, say, Huffington Post where there are apologists for Israeli war crimes? Or for In the Huffington Post Max is writing alongside Abe Foxman, for potato’s sake. Does that bother him? […] Al-Akhbar is a work in progress and our efforts can strengthen the project. It is a least centralized media that I know of and departments are quite independent (sometimes that is good and sometimes that is not but it is not tightly controlled like most Arab media). […] There are yet things in the paper that I don’t like: on Syria or on Lebanon but what is important (and here is something that Max may not see because he does not read Arabic) is that the paper is pioneering on secularism and on challenging religious authorities (Sunnis and Shi`ite and Christian and even published an article about corruption of Hizbullah clerics). The culture section is promoting sexual liberties and homosexual rights: no other Arab media—NONE—dare do that. If there is a freer and better alternative to Al-Akhbar, I don’t know it because there is none.

  • À suivre absolument : Al Akhbar est partenaire de Wikileaks sur la publication des emails de #Stratfor. Le quotidien commence, dans sa version anglaise, avec un premier long article de présentation.

    Stratfor : Inside the World of a Private CIA | Al Akhbar English

    Stratfor is an institution that is ideologically based on neo-conservative ideas of pragmatism. There is an underlining sense of delight for the global power projected by the United States, and its allies. More pointedly, there is a total disconnect to actual realities and vast complexities of the regions and topics they cover. The analysis and discussion regarding the Middle East is most noteworthy in this regard.


    Most of the employees have a fleeting understanding of the topics they cover. It seems that analysts are tasked with topics that they commonly have no background in. In an informal (13) email exchange, aside from the questionable jests by the parties in regards to AIDS, the first line transcribed lets on that the analyst placed in charge of Latin America is not actually an expert on the region, yet was still able to gather intelligence to the satisfaction of her superiors.

    Furthermore, many of the internal documents forwarded around are from Western or Israeli agencies, rather than from other sources in the region, which reinforces the disconnection within Stratfor.

    Et une première sélection d’emails concernant la région :

  • Al Akhbar publie un grand reportage en 3 parties, à la rencontre de l’Armée syrienne libre au Liban. Ici, curieuses préoccupations politiciennes libanaises, avec notamment la diffusion d’extraits « soigneusement édités » des discours de Nasrallah pour leur donner une tournure sectaire : Wadi Khaled : The Free Syrian Army Base in Lebanon (I)

    In the slogans shouted by the crowd, a good deal of the denunciation is directed at Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. A loudspeaker broadcasts excerpts from his speeches, carefully edited to make them sound as though they were directed against the Sunni sect.

    Hezbollah’s TV station al-Manar also comes in for its share of name-calling, along with al-Jadeed. One banner shows the logos of both alongside those of Syrian state TV and Syrian pro-regime station Dunya TV.

    The sheikh calls on the assembled faithful to revolt, and not to fear impending death.“The media kill us twice over,” says one demonstrator, who chants: “Down with Manar! Down with Jadeed! Agents of the murderous regime!”
    Flags of the “New Syria” abound, some of them home-made, as do Turkish flags. The blue banner of the Future Movement is also much in evidence.

  • Ce billet d’Al Akhbar en anglais rappelle l’importance de la guerre du Liban de 2006 et ce qu’elle a changé dans l’attitude « mentale » des arabes. Très intéressant.

    Science, technology, education and research : these must become the new front lines of the Arab Revolt – Rami Zurayk

    This transformation is a crucial mental leap in the process of self-liberation of the mind. It also ushers a change in the balance of power. We reached this point in Lebanon in 2006, when a handful of resistant confronted the elite Golani brigade of the Zionist army in South Lebanon and made its soldiers cry for their mothers to come and save them. This is when the legend of the mighty Israeli army was truly shattered and everything suddenly became clear. This is when we all understood that there is no such thing as an elite Israeli brigade; only little cowardly people who hide behind their tanks and their planes. This is when we understood that for nearly 60 years we had been defeated in our minds. This why our victory in July 2006 was essentially won over our own minds. Today we have changed the nature of the struggle. Today we resist because we want a better world and not because we are hopeless and desperate. We fight to live and not to die.

  • Land and People: The limits to the revolution

    News from Lebanon too, where, in the wake of the demonstration of the March 14 coalition that took place last Sunday, and in which they openly confirmed their anti-Resistance stance, people are asking: “what next?” Al Akhbar has started to publish the wikileaks of the July 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon, and they don’t show March 14 under a very good light, especially when the French ambassador confirmed that the coalition wanted Israel to do the dirty work and terminate Hezbollah and the Resistance, and when then prime minister Sanioura appeared to have Israel’s interests at heart. By and large, the wikileaks have been damning for the March 14...


  • As`ad AbuKhalil publie sur son blog (#Angry_Arab) la traduction en anglais de l’article qu’il a récemment écrit pour Al Akhbar au sujet de la minisérie “#Carlos”:
    Carlos the Movie: the Palestinian Cause through Zionist Eyes

    En voici quelques extraits, mais il faut lire l’article complet: il contient notamment de nombreux détails sur des erreurs factuelles et des analyses biaisées du mouvement palestinien.

    “However, the director’s intent was clear: to harm not only #Wadie_Haddad but the Palestinian struggle overall even when it didn’t involve ’foreign operations.’”

    “The best proof of the movie’s Zionism is the complete absence of #Israel from the plot. Israel is completely absent from criminal and terrorist operations in Europe although Israel had started terrorism in Europe by sending explosives to embassies in the forties (the otherwise serious Economist magazine erred in a recent article as it failed to mention Israel’s pioneering role in sending letter bombs). The movie showed no concern for victims among the Palestinian people and other Arab civilians in Europe or thousands of victims in the Arab world. But it wanted to emphasize for the viewer foreign victims of Arab violence (such as the scene of shooting a pregnant French woman in Beirut. One doesn’t know if this actually occurred or if it was one of the many lies the movie fabricated). During a seventies’ recording of Bassam Abu Sharif explaining the attack on the Zionist Marks and Spencer’s owner in London, the director should have informed the viewer, at least cursorily, that the reason behind burns and wounds on Abu Sharif’s face was the Zionist letter bomb from Israel, which is dear to Assayas and his crew. Haddad targeted the owner of Marks and Spencer for funding ’Herut’ party and Zionist causes.”

    “The movie wanted to depict the Arab revolutionary as hostile to Jews as Jews (only one German objected to hostility to Jews while in reality the matter was debated among the ranks of the leadership and membership, but the director deliberately mis-portrayed Palestinian organizations and characterized them as fascist and dictatorial. Not all leaders of Palestinian groups were like Yasir Arafat, and even he was questioned by his cohorts especially in the early years).”

    “However, there is another instance of racism in the movie: the Latin American revolutionaries appeared driven by political principles. The same was true for German elements (which the movie exaggerated perhaps due to German funding). But Arab revolutionaries were hooligans and cared only for money and executing Arab intelligence’s orders.”

    “Next is the question of assessing “Carlos’” work. No doubt, the revolution attracted meddlers, adventurers, criminals, opportunists and daredevils, as it also attracted true revolutionaries. “Carlos” last activity was a statement in which he saluted Bin Ladin and described him as a revolutionary. Who says that “Carlos” gets to decide the Arab revolution’s issues? We have no obligation to support those who support our causes when in fact they harm them.”

    #Palestine #Israël #Anis_Naqqash