• Israël s’apprêterait à autoriser Omar et Tlaib à visiter le mont du Temple
    Par Times of Israel Staff - 15 août 2019

    Les autorités israéliennes se prépareraient à la possibilité que les élues du Congrès Ilhan Omar et Rashida Tlaib visitent le mont du Temple à Jérusalem lors de leur déplacement dans le pays, a rapporté mercredi la Treizième chaîne.

    La date précise de leur venue n’a pas été confirmée, bien que le site d’information Axios ait indiqué mercredi qu’elles arriveraient vendredi.

    D’après la Treizième chaîne, une « réunion secrète » sur le sujet a eu lieu récemment au Conseil de sécurité nationale israélien, dirigé par le conseiller adjoint à la sécurité nationale, Reuven Azar. (...)

    Netanyahu appears poised to block Omar, Tlaib from entering Israel ahead of a planned weekend visit
    By Ruth Eglash and John Hudson - August 15 at 6:33 AM

    JERUSALEM — A forthcoming trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories by Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) will possibly be blocked by Israel in its current proposed format, a senior Israeli government official told The Washington Post on Thursday.

    Speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, the official said that if Tlaib, an American of Palestinian heritage, made a special humanitarian request to visit her family in the occupied West Bank, then “it would be considered favorably.”

    Omar and Tlaib, who have both been outspoken critics of Israel and support a boycott movement against the country, are slated to arrive Sunday. Their trip is being planned by Miftah, a nonprofit organization headed by Palestinian lawmaker and longtime peace negotiator Hanan Ashrawi.

    Denying entry for Omar and Tlaib would likely deepen the divide between the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Democrats, who have privately said such moves are not emblematic of a country that prides itself as a democracy tolerant of political expression.

    Israel May Backtrack on Allowing Omar, Tlaib to Enter Over BDS Endorsement
    U.S. assessments indicate turnabout may be inspired by pressure from White House
    Noa Landau - Aug 15, 2019 2:03 PM

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may decide to bar Democratic congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering the country for a visit they are expected to begin on Saturday, Israeli officials told Haaretz.

    The officials said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held consultations on Wednesday with the country’s foreign minister, interior minister, National Security Council chief and attorney general, but has yet to decide.

    A senior Israeli official familiar with the deliberations said that at the moment, Netanyahu is weighing denying a political visit by the two, but may allow Tlaib — who has family in the West Bank – enter in order to see her relatives there.

    The Washington Post reported Thursday that Netanyahu’s government informed congressional leaders, who are currently in Israel, that it would formally announce the two would be denied entry due to their support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

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  • #Angers : #rassemblement en soutien aux expulsé-e-s de la #Grande_Ourse

    Suite à l’expulsion du squat de la Grande Ourse, une partie des habitant-e-s seulement a été relogée à l’hotêl, et uniquement pour une durée de cinq jours. Nous appelons à un rassemblement ce lundi pour demander une réelle prise en charge des ancien-enne-s habitant-e-s et la fin de la politique de l’autruche pratiquée par les […]

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  • #Toulouse : #rassemblement contre l’expulsion de la Maison du Peuple

    Le 25 juillet 2019, Le verdict du tribunal d’instance pour la Maison du Peuple est tombé : les habitants et habitantes ont 8 jours pour quitter les lieux et évacuer leurs affaires personnelles et vider le hangar du matériel entreposé. Il a été jugé que l’appel à venir exercer à la maison du Peuple des […]

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  • Tlaib and Omar’s planned West Bank trip embroils Israel in Trump’s battle with ‘the squad’ - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

    Netanyahu’s decision to allow the congresswomen entry into the country shines spotlight on Israeli ’travel ban’ on BDS activists
    Allison Kaplan Sommer | Jul 20, 2019 3:48 AM

    There’s bad news for American Jews who are already deeply uncomfortable with the fact that Israel is playing a role in the confrontation between progressive congresswomen known as “The Squad” and U.S. President Donald Trump. Things don’t look like they are going to get any better, in what is shaping up to be a long, hot summer.

    Trump has turned the Jewish community into a political football with his repeated characterization of the group of four congresswomen - particularly Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar – as anti-Semites who hate Israel. The charge is echoed by Trump’s allies and defenders in the Republican Party seeking to deflect the charge that Trump himself is a racist.

    Posturing as a defender of Israel is a message that appeals to right-wing pro-Israel evangelical voters while deliberately pushing a sensitive button that undermines unity in the Democratic Party. In Trump’s now-infamous North Carolina rally, he singled out Omar - pointing to her “history of launching vicious anti-Semitic screeds” and accusing her of hating both America and Israel. His supporters in return chanted “send her back,” echoed the message of his tweet earlier in the week, telling members of “The Squad” to “go back” where they came from.

    At the same time that all this was playing out, the groundwork was being laid for a new confrontation - one that will take place in Israel. Omar revealed midweek that she had introduced a bill in Congress opposing “unconstitutional legislative efforts to limit the use of boycotts to further civil rights at home and abroad," pushing back against anti-BDS legislation that was poised for a vote. Her bill was widely applauded by the Palestinian boycott, sanctions and divestment movement.

    On the same day Omar told a journalist that she planned to be in Israel and the West Bank “within the next few weeks” – in her words, to learn about the “occupation.” She will presumably be joining “Squad” fellow Rashida Tlaib.

    Travel ban

    For more than three years, Netanyahu’s government has vigorously pursued a policy of barring BDS activists from the country. Dissatisfied with existing laws that gave wide latitude to authorities to deny entry to those it deemed unacceptable, legislation was created to make the policy explicit. The “travel ban” law was passed in March 2017, banning the entry of any person “who knowingly issues a public call for boycotting Israel that, given the content of the call and the circumstances in which it was issued, has a reasonable possibility of leading to the imposition of a boycott – if the issuer was aware of this possibility.”

    Over the past few years, the government has used these powers on multiple occasions to refuse entry to a variety of people, even compiling a formal blacklist of organizations whose leaders would be barred from coming to Israel or the West Bank.

    Whether or not Omar and Tlaib would be allowed entry into Israel and the West Bank would be determined by no less than Prime Minister Netanyahu, Haaretz reported on Thursday. And on Friday, Israeli Ambassador to Washington Ron Dermer said the two congresswomen will be allowed entry, “out of respect for the U.S. Congress and the great alliance between Israel and America.”

    Do Tlaib and Omar qualify to be barred under Israeli law? Tlaib has gone on record as supporting BDS, telling the Intercept “I personally support the BDS movement,” saying that boycotting draws attention to “issues like the racism and the international human rights violations by Israel right now.” Omar said that she believed in and supported the BDS movement, shortly after she was elected to Congress last year.

    These statements alone might not have been seen as “a public call for boycotting Israel” which “has a reasonable possibility of leading to the imposition of a boycott."

    But in light of the new House bill, one could argue that they have moved from merely verbally supporting BDS to taking action that will make boycotting possible and help block legislation that would prevent it.

    Yad Vashem

    The timing is deeply charged for the Israeli leader. When the two congresswomen arrive “in a few weeks” the Israeli prime minister will be less than a month away from the fateful September 17 national election, where he is fighting to win a fifth term as leader.

    Currently, Netanyahu’s political prospects are worrisome, with polls suggesting that he may fail to assemble a ruling coalition, just as he failed to do so after last April’s elections.

    Some of Trump’s supporters in Israel - including the leader of Republicans Abroad in Israel - urged Netanyahu to refuse Tlaib and Omar entry. That would have won him much-needed support on his right flank, while scoring points with President Donald Trump.

    But to forbid any members of the U.S. Congress - let alone the first two Muslim women ever to serve - would have been unprecedented. It would have been a wrecking ball to bipartisan support of Israel, further alienating the bulk of U.S. Jewry, who identify as Democrats. In addition to the diplomatic ramifications, Netanyahu would also be denying the first Palestinian-American woman congresswoman the ability to visit her grandmother and her family in the West Bank, a move which would play into the hands of those who wish to paint Israel as a heartless violator of human rights.

    Netanyahu could instead turn the tables by rolling out the welcome mat and inviting them to meet with him, offering to bring them to Yad Vashem to heighten their sensitivity to the Holocaust. If they refuse, he can score points as being on the side interested in dialogue and reconciliation.

    Hot summer

    The precise dates and circumstances of the upcoming visits are still unclear. Tlaib had originally envisioned her trip as a large-scale congressional visit, painting it as an alternative to the major AIPAC trips to Israel for freshmen congressmen during the August recess. This year’s trip for Democrats, led by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, is set to arrive in the first week of August. The Republican delegation is set to arrive a week later.

    Last December, Tlaib excitedly unveiled plans for her alternative congressional delegation, which she hoped would enable her colleagues “to see that segregation and how that has really harmed us being able to achieve real peace in that region,” asserting that she doesn’t believe “AIPAC provides a real, fair lens into this issue. It’s one-sided.” The Israel lobby’s “lavish trips to Israel,” she said, “don’t show the side that I know is real, which is what’s happening to my grandmother and what’s happening to my family there.”

    As of last week, her plan appears to be in trouble as the group that was supposed to organize the trip announced it was dropping out, citing “scheduling conflicts."

    But even if Tlaib and Omar do not travel as part of a “CODEL” - an official congressional delegation paid for by the federal government, they are free to visit as part of a private trip.

    Whether they come individually, together, joined by other members of the “squad” or beyond, they now know that they can come. Tlaib has already said that she is “really, really” excited to visit her family in the West Bank and that she plans to bring her sons along.

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    • Netanyahou décidera si Ilhan Omar et Rashida Tlaib pourront entrer en Israël
      jeudi 18 juillet 2019 , Noa Landau, Haaretz, Traduit de l’anglais original par l’AFPS

      Le ministre des Affaires étrangères peut faire une exception à la loi qui interdit l’accès au pays aux partisans de BDS. Mais, sujet sensible oblige, la décision reviendra finalement au Premier ministre.

      Les députées américaines Ilhan Omar et Rashida Tlaib prévoient de venir en Israël et en Cisjordanie dans les semaines qui viennent. Ce sera au Premier ministre lui-même de trancher s’il leur accordera le droit d’entrer dans le pays malgré leurs appels à soutenir la campagne BDS. (...)

  • #Chambéry : retour sur le #rassemblement de solidarité avec les proches de Lakhdar

    Communiqué de presse / DAL 38 / 8 juillet 2019 CHAMBÉRY : MÉPRIS ET VIOLENCE POUR LA FAMILLE, LES AMI.ES, LES VOISIN.E.S ET LES PERSONNES SOLIDAIRES DE LAKHDAR, MORT ALORS QU’IL SE FAISAIT EXPULSER Le rassemblement de solidarité et de colère a réuni environ 150 personnes devant le conseil municipal de la ville, actionnaire majoritaire de […]

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  • #Chambéry : #rassemblement lundi 8 juillet 2019 suite à l’expulsion mortelle de mercredi dernier

    RASSEMBLEMENT LUNDI 8 JUILLET À 18H DEVANT LA MAIRIE DE CHAMBÉRY Ignominie de l’expulsion à CHAMBERY, le DAL38 solidaire. Politiques d’abandon du logement social, droit au logement bafoué par les bailleurs sociaux, les élus municipaux, la Préfecture, expulsions de plus en plus nombreuses. Mais cette fois-ci à Chambéry, c’est un homme qui est mort suite […]


  • #Chambéry : mort d’un père de famille pendant une #expulsion

    Un #rassemblement s’organise à la mairie de Chambéry à 18h, lundi 8 juillet. Tâchons d’y être nombreuses et nombreux pour soutenir la famille et dénoncer les expulsions ! LAKHDAR MORT ENTRE LES MAINS DE LA POLICE QUI EXPULSAIT SA FAMILLE ÊTRE EN IMPAYÉ DE LOYER MÉRITE-T-IL LA PEINE DE MORT ? Nous faisons part de notre […]

  • Un bon hashtag pour exprimer votre #ras_le_bol de vivre en #dictature et votre envie d’en découdre (pourquoi la #violence ne peut-elle être que policière ? Sommes-nous moins légitime en tant que citoyen face aux abus_policiers ?), ne serait pas #AffutezVosRasoirs ?

    J’ai donc réalisé une petite image qui ne manque pas d’#humour (je trouve). Si j’avais le talent incommensurable pour les mots d’#Agnes_Maillard, ce serait une bombe atomique, mais bon je me contenterai de mon pétard mouillé que je vais de ce pas vous montrer (soyez indulgent) :

  • Rasmea Odeh Breaking the Silence in Berlin: #RasmeaSpricht #RasmeaSpeaks

    29 March 2019 - On Wednesday evening, 27 March, Rasmea Odeh‘s voice and words were heard in Berlin, Germany, despite a harsh, repressive campaign that included yet another ban on her speaking in person issued by Berlin’s Senator for the Interior. The successful event at be’kech in Berlin’s Wedding district brought crowds to the space despite a large police presence; the space was so crowded that many people stayed outside to watch the event through glass windows.

    The evening marked a significant achievement for Rasmea Odeh and all those defending the right to organize and advocate for Palestine in Berlin. Despite all attempts to prevent it from taking place, Rasmea’s voice was heard in Berlin and celebrated by people of conscience.
    Photo: Public-solidarity

    Once again, as was the case on 15 March, when Rasmea was to join Palestinian poet and former prisoner Dareen Tatour for an evening of solidarity and celebration of Palestinian women’s struggle, the venue itself was subject to harassment and threats. Another media smear campaign was launched against Rasmea along with attempts to demand that she once again be prohibited from speaking.

    On Wednesday afternoon, only hours before the event, Berlin Interior Senator Andreas Geisel, an SPD politician who had earlier declared that speaking “against the state of Israel” crossed a “red line” that justified the violation of freedom of speech, once again banned Odeh from delivering a public speech at the event. However, organizers presented a video from Odeh, ensuring that her message and her story would be able to be heard by supporters in person and everyone around the world who supports her and the struggle for justice in Palestine.
    Photo: Salim Salim, Arabi21

    Once again, several vans of police filled the area (although a smaller presence than that surrounding the 15 March event). They searched the crowd for Rasmea, but left partway through the event after it was clear that she was not attending in person. A claimed counter-demonstration by pro-apartheid Zionist organizations was not immediately visible, but there may have been several participants at the corner of the street.

    The moderator of the evening opened the event with a stirring call against the silencing of oppressed and marginalized people, especially Palestinian women. She noted the growing support received by the event and the campaign to defend Odeh by a number of organizations, including the Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte, which sent a statement to the organization. The event was supported by Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, Berlin Muslim Feminists, Bündnis gegen Rassismus, HIRAK (Palestinian Youth Mobilization, Berlin), The Coalition Berlin, Bloque Latinoamericano Berlin, Brot und Rosen international socialist women’s organiation, Revolutionäre Internationalistische Organisation – Klasse Gegen Klasse, Berlin Against Pinkwashing, Jüdische Stimme für gerechten Frieden in Nahost (Jewish Voice for a Just Peace), RefrACTa Kollektiv Brasilien-Berlin, BDS Berlin and the Kali feminist collective.

    The event also included a speech by a Palestinian student on behalf of HIRAK, emphasizing that this week also marks the one-year anniversary of the Great March of Return in Gaza. Just this week, Israel has been shelling Gaza, causing further destruction after taking hundreds of lives in the past year as Palestinians participated in collective, popular protests for their right to return and break the siege. She urged people to get involved in struggles here in Berlin, including Palestinian community organizing, the solidarity movement and the BDS campaign.

    The organizers next showed a video from 2013 in which Rasmea speaks about her life as a Palestinian woman. The video was made when she received the 2013 Outstanding Community Leader award from the Chicago Cultural Alliance:

    The screening was followed by a 20-minute video presentation – the main speech of the night – in which Rasmea discussed her situation in Berlin as well as presenting more broadly on Palestinian women, Palestinian prisoners and the continuing struggle for liberation. Full video coming shortly!

    As Rasmea spoke, including discussing her personal experience of torture, people in the packed room were silent, watching and listening closely to the Arabic speech and the subtitles in German and English. The conclusion of her speech was met with loud and prolonged applause and cheers as the event’s moderator noted that “this is what they did not want you to hear.”

    The event continued with a cultural evening featuring anti-colonial poetry by Wind Ma, a silent theater sketch by Maher Draidi of Almadina Theater, a musical performance of songs and guitar by Nicolás Miquea and a closing dabkeh performance by the Yafa Dabkeh Troupe. The event concluded with a stirring moment as people chanted together, “Viva, viva Palestina! Free, free Palestine!”

    Rasmea Odeh, born in 1947, is a lifelong struggler for Palestine and a well-known feminist organizer and activist. After surviving torture and sexual assault under interrogation by occupation forces and serving 10 years in Israeli prison, she came to the United States, where she organized over 800 women in Chicago in the Arab Women’s Committee, a project of the Arab American Action Network. In 2013, she was targeted by the FBI and U.S. immigration authorities and accused of lying about her time in Israeli prison, despite the fact that it was publicly known; she even testified before a Special Committee of the United Nations about her experience under torture and imprisonment. After a years-long court battle that won widespread grassroots support, she was deported to Jordan in 2017. She was one of the initial signatories of the call for the International Women’s Strike.
    Photo: Public-solidarity

    After she was invited to speak in Berlin on 15 March, the U.S. ambassador (with ties to the German far right) Richard Grenell, Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan, charged with fighting Palestine solidarity and the BDS movement internationally, and the Israeli ambassador in Germany launched calls to censor her. Media propaganda falsely labeled her an “anti-Semite,” when she is in reality a longtime anti-racist struggler who developed strong connections with other oppressed communities, particularly the Black liberation movement. In the U.S., Angela Davis and Jewish Voice for Peace were among her supporters. In this context, Berlin politicians yielded to the demands of Trump and Netanyahu, and when Rasmea arrived at the event location, she was given a sheaf of papers. Her Schengen visa was ordered cancelled and she was directed to leave the country; she was banned from speaking at the event.

    Most of the allegations in the documents simply restated attacks by pro-apartheid media publications, including labeling the BDS campaign “anti-Semitic”. The German authorities also claimed that allowing Rasmea to speak and retain her visa would “damage the relationship between Germany and Israel.” Thus, Rasmea Odeh’s voice, experience and analysis was ordered suppressed and silenced through the joint complicity of the German, U.S. and Israeli governments.

    Rasmea is committed to fighting back in court. Her lawyer, Nadija Samour, said that “cancelling a visa based on what has happened so far in the past is a completely new concept from a legal point of view.” However, she and her supporters are aware that this is not simply a legal question but a clear political battle that requires support from the broadest number of people in Germany and internationally.

    Supporters of Rasmea in the United States, including the US Palestinian Community Network, Committee to Stop FBI Repression, Rasmea Defense Committee and many other groups have worked to support the growing campaign in Germany, and more organizations have been adding their voices to express support for Rasmea. By cancelling her Schengen visa, German officials are not only attempting to silence Rasmea’s speech in Berlin but to prevent her from traveling elsewhere in Europe to speak about her experiences and her views – thus denying people across the continent the opportunity to hear from a leading transnational feminist and Palestinian organizer.

    Rasmea was ordered silenced based on a desire to stop her from sharing her words and her experience, telling her story and presenting her analysis. The U.S. government is apparently committed to chasing Rasmea around the world in order to persecute her wherever she goes; meanwhile, the Israeli state continues its intensive attack on people’s right to support Palestine everywhere in the world, which has included the promotion of anti-BDS laws and falsely labeling Palestinian human rights defenders and solidarity groups as “terrorists.” The German state and Berlin authorities also chose to join this campaign, issuing two separate bans in less than two weeks against Rasmea Odeh to prevent her from delivering a live speech about her experiences, her involvement in women’s organizing and her view of Palestine.

    In many ways, Rasmea’s case does not stand alone; in Germany, it comes alongside the Humboldt 3 case and the prosecution of activists for speaking up against war crimes, attempts to block Palestine events from taking place in any location and far-right campaigns particularly targeting migrant communities. It also comes alongside the pursuit of anti-BDS laws in the US, the use of “anti-terror” frameworks to criminalize Palestinian community work and the use of visa denial to suppress political and cultural expression, such as in Australia’s recent denial of a visa to Palestinian American poet Remi Kanazi.

    In a particularly disturbing media article containing propaganda against Kanazi, pro-apartheid groups demand that Kanazi is barred for, among other things, supporting Rasmea and other Palestinian political prisoners. They also use the recent far-right, white-supremacist massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand, as a justification for banning him, despite the fact that this was an attack targeting Muslims, linked to racist, anti-Muslim and anti-Arab propaganda, based on white supremacy, and which took the lives of a number of Palestinians specifically. It is clear that there is a global attack, backed by Erdan and the Israeli government, aimed at all Palestinians and supporters of Palestine – and especially aiming to isolate Palestinian prisoners from the international movements that continue to defend their rights.

    The campaign to defend Rasmea Odeh is not ending with this event – instead, it marks a strong beginning of a resurgent movement against the silencing of Palestinian women and for justice in Palestine. It also made it clear that Palestinian women, on the frontlines of struggle from inside Israeli prisons, to the Great Return March in Gaza to organizing for justice in Berlin, will not be silenced. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network urges people and organizations around the world to get involved and join this campaign by following the Facebook page, Rasmea spricht (Rasmea will speak) and sending statements of solidarity to samidoun@samidoun.net.

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  • #Rennes : mercredi 26 juin, barbecue contre les expulsions

    L’AG inter-squats ainsi que l’inter organisation de soutien aux personnes exilées appelle à un #rassemblement revendicatif et festif contre les expulsions devant la Préfecture. Le lieu occupé de l’Aubière (Thorigné-Fouillard), ainsi que le squat d’Estrémadure sont menacés d’expulsion dans les prochaines semaines. Les habitant.es de la Tour Europe (Maurepas) vont devoir quitter les lieux le […]

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  • Olivier Besancenot : « Est-il possible d’oublier les élections 30 secondes ? »

    Le porte-parole du NPA propose de créer des « coordinations permanentes » qui permettraient à la gauche sociale et politique de retrouver le chemin d’un dialogue durable. Selon lui, après les européennes, aucune organisation ne peut prétendre à l’hégémonie politique.

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  • #Bagnolet (93) : appel à soutien après l’expulsion de l’ex-Transfo

    Les occupants de l’ancien #Transfo ont été expulsés aujourd’hui, lundi 3 juin 2019. Plusieurs sont actuellement au commissariat. En fonction de l’évolution de la situation, un appel à soutien au TGI de #Bobigny à 13h, ou à un #rassemblement devant le commissariat des Lilas à 18h sera relayé mardi matin. Depuis quelques jours, une trentaine […]

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  • #Bagnolet (93) : solidarité avec le nouveau squat du 57 av. de la République

    Depuis 6h30 ce dimanche 2 juin, la police bloque l’entrée d’un nouveau squat occupé par un collectif de jeunes tchadiens, au 57 avenue de la République, à Bagnolet. Ce bâtiment est vide depuis l’automne 2014, précisément depuis le 23 octobre 2014, jour de l’expulsion du squat d’habitation et d’activités le #Transfo. À l’époque, il avait […]

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  • L’Outre-mer oscille entre l’abstention et le RN

    Le tabou de l’extrême droite a bel et bien disparu dans l’Outre-mer français : le parti de Marine Le Pen arrive pour la première fois en tête d’un scrutin à La Réunion, à Mayotte, en Guadeloupe, en Guyane, en Nouvelle-Calédonie, à Saint-Martin et à Saint-Barthélémy. L’abstention a dépassé les 70%.

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  • L’introuvable bilan du Rassemblement national au Parlement européen

    Si son entrée en force à Strasbourg, il y a cinq ans, a représenté pour le RN une formidable aubaine financière, son bilan sur le fond reste en revanche des plus minces.

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  • #Berne (Suisse) : Quelques mots sur les événements du 18 mai

    Communiqué expliquant les motifs de la nuit d’affrontements avec la police, samedi dernier à Berne. Nous sommes des personnes solidaires contre l’expulsion de Fabrikool. Nous aimerions rappeller que le maintien de l’occupation du batiment de Fabrikool avait pu être obtenu en mars 2016 après plusieurs nuits d’émeutes consécutives à l’évacuation d’un autre squat : #Effy29. […]

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  • #Madrid : Communiqué des deux anarchistes arrêtées le 13 mai

    Tôt le matin du 13 mai, les flics sont entrés par effraction dans nos maisons et dans l’espace anarchiste #La_Emboscada – trois semaines après son inauguration – avec le 21e groupe de la Brigade Provinciale d’Information de Madrid, dédié à l’espionnage et à la chasse aux anarchistes. On nous a informé qu’ils déposaient un […]

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  • Nicolas Lebourg : « Les ralliements de gauche, marginaux, servent le storytelling du RN »

    Le Rassemblement national s’est réjoui du soutien que vient de lui apporter un élu insoumis. Selon l’historien Nicolas Lebourg, cet épisode nourrit sa rhétorique du « ni droite, ni gauche », ancienne mais pas moins fictive.

    #POLITIQUE #Nicolas_Lebourg,_Front_national,_andrea_kotarac,_extrême-droite,_Rassemblement_national

  • France insoumise : le départ d’un cadre vers l’extrême droite ébranle le mouvement

    Andrea Kotarac, élu insoumis à Lyon, a annoncé qu’il soutenait le Rassemblement National. En pleine campagne européenne, sa décision suscite un fort émoi en dehors comme à l’intérieur du mouvement. Et rouvre les déchirures internes.

    #GAUCHE_S_ #Rassemblement_national,_populisme,_Jean_Luc_Mélenchon,_andrea_kotarac,_La_France_insoumise

  • Les parades financières du #Rassemblement_national pour ses campagnes

    Comme d’autres partis d’opposition, le Rassemblement national rencontre des difficultés importantes pour obtenir des prêts des banques. Au fil des élections, le parti de Marine Le Pen use de toutes les astuces pour parvenir à financer ses campagnes.


  • Le #Rassemblement_national enrichit ses sympathisants grâce à l’argent public

    Le Rassemblement national finance sa campagne européenne grâce aux prêts de ses sympathisants, en proposant un taux attractif de 5%. Un choix qui coûtera environ 200 000 euros au contribuable, puisque le RN compte intégrer les intérêts à ses dépenses de campagne remboursables par l’État.


  • Mobbing in Hellersdorf: Rassismus im Briefkasten - taz.de

    25. 4. 2019 Jennifer Aladefa* kann nicht mehr. „Bitte helft mir, eine Wohnung zu finden“, sagt sie, während sie dem jüngsten ihrer drei Kinder sein Fläschchen gibt. Sie wirkt erschöpft. Seit Monaten sucht die junge Mutter erfolglos nach einer neuen Bleibe. Mittlerweile ist sie bereit, in eine Obdachlosenunterkunft zu ziehen.

    Die Sozialarbeiter*innen im Frauenzentrum Matilde in Hellersdorf arbeiten häufig mit Frauen in schwierigen Lebenssituationen. Aber dieser Fall stellt sie vor eine besondere Herausforderung. Denn seit Aladefa 2017 in ihre Hellersdorfer Wohnung zog, versuchen Nachbarn die junge Frau nigerianischer Herkunft aus dem Haus zu drängen. Dabei gehen sie systematisch vor und handeln aus offenbar rassistischen Motiven. Die Nachbarn beschwerten sich so häufig über angeblichen Lärm und Geruch, dass die Vermieterin von Aladefas Wohnung zunächst mit Abmahnungen, dann mit Kündigungen reagierte. Nun schickte sie ihr einen Räumungstitel.

    Dabei wollte die Vermieterin, eine ältere Dame aus Sachsen, Aladefa und ihre Kinder eigentlich nicht vor die Tür setzen. Sie ist Eigentümerin der Wohnung, auch alle anderen Wohnungen im Haus gehören Einzeleigentümern. „Man hatte ein Herz“, sagt sie zur taz. Auch sie geht davon aus, dass die Nachbarn Aladefa schikanieren. Vor ihr habe eine vietnamesische Familie in der Wohnung gelebt – sie sei ebenfalls aus dem Haus gedrängt worden, habe aber rechtzeitig eine Wohnung gefunden.

    Die Nachbarn sind gut untereinander vernetzt. Bereits im April 2018 erstellten sie Lärmprotokolle, nachdem Aladefa ihr drittes Kind zur Welt gebracht hatte. Lärmprotokolle werden auch vor Gericht eingesetzt, um Belastungen nachzuweisen. Über Monate hinweg dokumentierten die Nachbarn angebliche „Lärmbelästigung durch lautes Knallen der Türen“ oder „Geschreie weit über Zimmerlautstärke“. Wegen der Beschwerden hatte die Vermieterin Aladefa bereits mehrere Abmahnungen geschickt.

    Der Druck stieg weiter
    Im Mai 2018 kündigte sie ihr zum ersten Mal – in den nächsten Monaten folgten weitere Schrei­ben. Aladefa wandte sich im Sommer an das Frauenzentrum Matilde, um Hilfe zu bekommen.

    Da die Vermieterin keinen Grund nannte und die Kündigung somit nicht rechtskräftig war, riet das Frauenzentrum Aladefa mit Hilfe einer Anwältin zunächst, nicht auszuziehen. Sie unterstützten sie bei der Wohnungssuche und schalteten die Fachstelle Fairmieten – Fairwohnen unter Trägerschaft des Türkischen Bunds in Berlin-Brandenburg (TBB) und Urban Plus ein, die Beratung und Begleitung bei Diskriminierung auf dem Wohnungsmarkt bietet. Fairmieten – Fairwohnen und das Frauenzentrum setzten sich mit der Vermieterin in Kontakt und vereinbarten mit ihr, die Kündigung vorerst nicht weiter zu verfolgen – zumindest bis Aladefa eine neue Wohnung gefunden hat.

    Nachbarn beschwerten sich, die Vermieterin schickte nun einen Räumungstitel

    Aber der Druck stieg weiter. Im Herbst 2018 reichten die Anwälte der Hausverwaltung eine Unterlassungsklage beim Amtsgericht Lichtenberg gegen die Vermieterin ein. Bei der Hausverwaltung handelt es sich um die WoBeGe, eine Tochter der städtischen Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Stadt und Land. Sie vertritt die Eigentümergesellschaft des Hauses.

    Der Vorwurf der Klage: Lärm- und Geruchsbelästigung aus Aladefas Wohnung. Zudem sollen sich regelmäßig mehr als zehn Personen dort aufhalten. „Die Vorwürfe sind erfunden“, sagt Aladefa. In der Wohnung lebe nur sie allein mit ihren Kindern – und die verursachten vertretbare Geräusche. Kinderlärm ist in der Regel nicht justiziabel.

    Drohschreiben im Briefkasten
    Viel eher scheint die Belästigung von den Nachbarn selbst zu kommen. Erst nach und nach erkannten die Mitarbeiter*innen von Fairmieten – Fairwohnen und dem Frauenzentrum Matilde, welchen Zumutungen Aladefa im Haus ausgesetzt ist. Regelmäßig stopften Nachbarn Müll in ihren Briefkasten oder klebten ihn zu. „Vor ihre Haustür stellten sie Duftkerzen, um auf den angeblichen Geruch aufmerksam zu machen“, sagt eine Mitarbeiterin des Frauenzentrums. Ein Aushang im Treppenhaus im April 2018 bezeichnet Aladefa persönlich als Verursacherin. Im November nahm die rassistische Kampagne bedrohliche Züge an.

    Der taz liegen neun Nachrichten und Drohschreiben vor, die Aladefa im Zeitraum von November bis Januar in ihrem Briefkasten fand. Ob sie von den Nachbarn stammen, ist nicht nachzuweisen. Da die Täter aber Zugang zum Briefkasten hatten, liegt die Vermutung nahe. Teilweise handelt es sich um Zeitungsartikel, die negativ über Schwarze Menschen und Geflüchtete berichten. Andere sind offen rassistische Grafiken oder Schreiben, eines bezeichnet sie als „Parasit“ und „Hartz4-Schmarotzer“. Schließlich fand Aladefa einen Artikel in ihrem Briefkasten, der von einem ausgebrannten Kinderwagen in einem Treppenhaus in Gesundbrunnen berichtet.

    „Das ist eine eindeutige Drohung“, sagt Remzi Uyguner von Fairmieten – Fairwohnen. Die Fachstelle ist bestürzt darüber, dass die Tochter einer städtischen Wohnungsbaugesellschaft nichts gegen solches Verhalten unternommen hat. Zum Beispiel hätte man die betroffene Mieterin durch einen eindeutigen Aushang im Haus in Schutz nehmen können. Das Projekt wandte sich im Januar in einem zweiseitigen Brief an die WoBeGe und bat sie, ihre Schutzpflicht allen Mietern gegenüber wahrzunehmen.

    Die Antwort fiel knapp aus: Das Allgemeine Gleichbehandlungsgesetz werde umgesetzt, die WoBeGe sei nur für Gemeinschaftseigentum zuständig. Man werde das Schreiben zum Anlass nehmen, um mit den Mietern ins Gespräch zu kommen. Auch der Gang zur Polizei blieb erfolglos. Eine Mitarbeiterin des Frauenzentrums fragte, ob eine Strafanzeige möglich sei. „Dort erklärte man uns, dass die Anzeige gegen Unbekannt laufen würde“, sagt sie. Und Aladefa, die nur ihre Ruhe wollte, entschied sich gegen das juristische Prozedere.

    Bezirksamt ist involviert
    Stattdessen setzte die Hausverwaltung ihre Forderungen gegen die Vermieterin durch. Zu der Unterlassungsklage fand im März eine Anhörung statt. Laut Amtsgericht Lichtenberg erkannte die Vermieterin die Forderungen an, ohne dass der Richter ein Urteil sprach. Sie und ihr Mann entschlossen sich, ohne rechtlichen Beistand aufzutreten – ein Fehler, findet Fairmieten – Fairwohnen. „Die Anhörung hätte womöglich ganz anders ausgehen können“, sagt eine Mitarbeiterin, die zur Unterstützung des Paars im Publikum saß. Tatsächlich seien die Rassismusvorwürfe vor Gericht gar nicht verhandelt worden, es sei nur um Lärm- und Geruchsbelästigung gegangen. Nun soll die Vermieterin 250.000 Euro zahlen, sollten die Nachbarn sich wieder beschweren. Um dem zu entgehen, reichte sie den Räumungstitel ein.

    In den Fall ist nun auch das Bezirks­amt involviert. Die Registerstelle von Marzahn-Hellersdorf, die rassistische Vorfälle im Bezirk verzeichnet, nahm Kontakt auf mit dem Flüchtlingskoordinator Francisco Cárdenas Ruiz. Gemeinsam initiierten sie einen Brief, den Bezirksbürgermeisterin Dagmar Pohle (Linke) im März an die WoBeGe schrieb. Aus Datenschutzgründen verweigert das Bezirksamt die Herausgabe des Briefes an die taz. Ein Sprecher der Registerstelle erklärt jedoch, dass Pohle im Brief die Hausverwaltung bat, nach einer Ersatzwohnung für Aladefa zu suchen.

    Auf den Brief hat nun die Stadt und Land reagiert und einen Ansprechpartner in Hellersdorf für Aladefa mit Aussicht auf eine Wohnung angeboten. „Wir haben unsere Unterstützung zugesichert“, sagt die Pressesprecherin der Stadt und Land der taz. Der Matilde e. V. hat bereits den Kontakt zur ­WoBeGe aufgenommen und will das Angebot mit Aladefa gemeinsam wahrnehmen.

    Es wird höchste Zeit: „Hier zu leben, fühlt sich an wie im Gefängnis“, sagt Aladefa. Die Nachbarn würden bei jeder Gelegenheit gegen die Wände hämmern, die Kinder seien verängstigt. Und sollte der Räumungstitel vor Gericht Erfolg haben, hätte die junge Familie nicht mal mehr ein Dach über dem Kopf.

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  • Le « localisme » signe la victoire des identitaires au RN - Page 1 | Mediapart

    Une frange dissidente de ce mouvement va rejoindre le Front national, à l’instar de Pierre Vial, fondateur de l’association Terre et peuple et ardent défenseur d’un régionalisme identitaire. Pour cet identitaire influent, les migrants, dans une conception foncièrement biologique des « peuples », sont conçus comme « une espèce invasive dans un écosystème donné », explique Stéphane François.

    En 2011, Marine Le Pen fait aussi venir au bureau politique Laurent Ozon, fondateur d’un nouveau mouvement politique localiste et identitaire, la « Maison commune », et longtemps proche de la mouvance de la Nouvelle droite d’Alain de Benoist. Deux ans plus tôt, Ozon participait à Orange à une table ronde sur le thème « localisme ou globalisation » entre l’ancien du GRECE Jean-Yves Le Gallou et un représentant du bloc identitaire.

    Alors que Marine Le Pen lui confie la stratégique formation des cadres départementaux, Ozon développe devant eux sa conception du « localisme » : « 1/ relocalisation des activités humaines (travail, production, consommation) ; 2/ limitation des pratiques de prédations (grand patronat) et de parasitisme social (immigration sociale et économique). »

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  • #Vito_Ricci & #Lise_Vachon

    Vito Ricci grown up in Brooklyn and Lise Vachon in Montreal. Now both living in Queens, New York.

    Photo (c) Laurent Orseau

    Playlist at the end of the page.

    Vito Ricci’s leading edge instinct and creativity have made him a vital and prolific composer of illuminating and compelling works. Infused with poignancy and honesty, his music has the power to linger in the listener’s memory. An artist who has been called “composer of wide ranging and obsessively fascinating collection of works” by the Wire, and his soundtracks compared to “heirloom seeds put back in circulation” byPitchfork and “elegant and snappy” by the New York Times. Vito Ricci has been on the leading edge of the downtown music scene since 1979.

    During his thirty-year-plus career, Mr. Ricci has scored over fifty (...)

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