• North Korea Gets New Internet Link via Russia

    Being single-homed behind China Unicom gave China control over North Korea’s internet access. This is important as the international community tries to persuade China to use its influence to reign in the nuclear aspirations of North Korea. However, now with an independent connection to Russia via TTK, such leverage is greatly reduced. With alternatives for international transit, the power shifts to North Korea in deciding whether or not to maintain its connectivity to the global internet.

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    • Russia Provides New Internet Connection to North Korea

      Until now, Internet users in North Korea and those outside accessing North Korean websites were all funneled along the same route connecting North Korean ISP Star JV and the global Internet: A China Unicom link that has been in operation since 2010.


      From 2012 for about a year, a second link to Star JV existed via Intelsat, an international satellite telecommunications operator, but in recent years the Chinese link has been the sole connection to Star JV.

      Relying on one Internet provider has always left North Korea in a precarious situation.

      More than once the link has been the target of denial of service attacks. Most were claimed by the “Anonymous” hacking collective, but on at least one previous occasion, many wondered if US intelligence services had carried out the action.