• Palestinian aid group hit by Israeli air strikes, at least 23 dead
    19 March 2024 22:03 GMT | Middle East Eye

    A group of Palestinians responsible for aid supplies and deliveries was hit by Israeli air strikes on Tuesday in northern Gaza City, resulting in the death of at least 23 people.

    These are grassroots “popular committees” established to organise the cooperation of different tribes in providing humanitarian aid in northern Gaza, Al Jazeera reported.

    They emerged in response to widespread disorder triggered by severe food shortages in recent weeks and are dedicated to guaranteeing the secure delivery of urgently required aid to UN centres.


  • The real reason Israel stormed al-Shifa Hospital yet again
    By Mondoweiss Editors March 18, 2024 – Mondoweiss

    In the past two days, a number of things happened that seemingly had nothing to do with each other. At 2:00 a.m. on Monday, the Israeli army stormed al-Shifa hospital, entering with tanks and heavy gunfire and killing and injuring dozens. It was the fourth invasion of al-Shifa since October, resulting in the arrest of over 80 people.

    The day before, 13 aid trucks arrived in northern Gaza for the first time in four months without being turned back by the Israeli army or resulting in the massacre of starving Palestinian aid-seekers. People flocking to the UNRWA warehouse in Jabalia refugee camp to receive the aid stood in uncharacteristically orderly lines and patiently waited for the handouts of flour, rice, and other foodstuffs. Many could be seen cheering once the aid arrived, a scene captured by Al Jazeera’s coverage.

    But what few people know is that this successful delivery of sorely needed food aid to northern Gaza is what led the Israeli army to launch its deadly raid on al-Shifa Hospital the next day.

    The connection between these two events can only be explained by understanding who Israel was targeting in the raid — the now-martyred Faiq Mabhouh.

    #génocide #sociocide

    • Mabhouh was the Director of Operations of the Gaza police force, a part of the Gaza government’s civilian administration. Unlike Hamas’s military wing, the Qassam Brigades, Mabhouh did not operate clandestinely at the start of the war, because he didn’t have to — he was in charge of civil law enforcement. Hamas released a statement after his death confirming that he “engaged in purely civil and humanitarian activity.”

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    • Israeli army withdraws from al-Shifa Hospital, but surrounding areas still under attack

      19 mars 2024 (08:30 GMT) | Hani Mahmoud | Reporting from Rafah

      The Israeli military withdrew from inside al-Shifa Medical Complex after storming the hospital, bulldozing the courtyard, and conducting an aggressive and extensive detailed search.

      We’re getting reports of about 150 people detained from inside the hospital. At least 20 people were killed, including a top security commander who had been coordinating the efforts between Gaza clans and the UNRWA and successfully secured the delivery of aid trucks within the past two days to Gaza City and northern Gaza.

      Killing this security commander will result in chaos. This has shattered the sense of safety and security for other people to continue coordinating this kind of work to deliver aid to these areas.

      Air strikes continue in the vicinity. Residential buildings are being relentlessly bombed. We’ve heard of two buildings at the northern gate of al-Shifa Hospital being completely destroyed.

      We’ve also heard from the southern part of the complex of one more residential building attacked, and a mosque to its west.