• Real-World sound, Inaudible Sound ,Unperceivable Sound, Noise Pollution

    Marta Zapparoli is an Italian experimental sound artist, improviser, performer based in Berlin since 2007. She was educated in fine arts and soprano saxophone at the early age. She was also very much active in experimental theatre, dance and radio, than developing her project focusied on field-recordings.
    Recently she has been focusing on and researching sounds in our environment that are unperceivable for the human ear.
    Her new research and ongoing project it is about (Inaudible sound).

    The sounds and information around us stem from a variable and immersive environment. Some of these unwanted environmental sounds and signals are constant and repetitive. 

    Particular compounds are invariably too low or high for the sensory human frequency response to detect, so are ignored by our cognition. Other, more audible, sounds cannot all be handled by our everyday waking consciousness, and over and below specific thresholds all this acoustic information becomes polluted. This acoustic pollution can disrupt humans in many different ways.

    Working for the last thirteen years with field-recordings, Marta Zapparoli tries to find sounds by breaking and interrupting the usual/predictable moving trajectories within and between spaces, as well as through different methods of spatial and temporal definition/reduction of the recording area. She is interested in sound sources as varied as giant and very small objects, machines, nature and its cataclysms, the urban enviroment, nullified and abandoned places, unpredictable movements, (defect) technologies, natural radio , wideband or wireless communication, but also some more unconventional environments like fluids, longitudinal and surface waves, ground vibrations and dynamics, conductive surfaces, rocks.

    Zapparoli utilizes analogue tape recorders due to the significance of the physicality, risk and potential imprecision involved, the different impact and freedom of handling which these machines can offer; the background noise , the rough sound ; its chemical-physical characteristic; her particular love and the trait of the magnetic tape to change quality after longtime use.

    Through live performances, this sound material is transformed and placed into other contexts, consequently changing its original character by creating a distinct aurality and awareness of reality. She aims to create a different visionary perspective of the external world. This characteristic can be detected in the way she records the sound material and subsequently assembles it during performance.




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