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  • BlackBerry hands over user data to help police ’kick ass,’ insider says - Technology & Science - CBC News

    Cette information ne date pas d’hier mais elle a été confirmée depuis. C’est dommage pour chacun qui croyait pouvoir utiliser le DTEC50 avec sa clé privée gravée dans le hardware, mais finalement ce « service » du producteur de smartphones constitue une backdoor plutôt qu’un gain en sécurité.

    A specialized unit inside mobile firm BlackBerry has for years enthusiastically helped intercept user data — including BBM messages — to help in hundreds of police investigations in dozens of countries, a CBC News investigation reveals.

    CBC News has gained a rare glimpse inside the struggling smartphone maker’s Public Safety Operations team, which at one point numbered 15 people, and has long kept its handling of warrants and police requests for taps on user information confidential.

    A number of insiders, none of whom were authorized to speak, say that behind the scenes the company has been actively assisting police in a wide range of high profile investigations

    But unlike many other technology companies, which regularly publish transparency reports, it is not clear how many requests BlackBerry receives each year, nor the number of requests it has fulfilled.

    Insiders say, for example, that BlackBerry intercepted messages to aid investigators probing the political scandals in Brazil that are dogging suspended President Dilma Rousseff. The company also helped authenticate BBM messages in Major League Baseball’s drug investigation that saw New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez suspended in 2014.

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  • New York Jets’ Oday Aboushi faces anti-Palestinian smears

    In the most recent smear, Jonathan Mael, the new media coordinator for, the official website of Major League Baseball, tweeted that the New York Jets “are a disgrace. The Patriots have Aaron Hernandez, the Jets have Oday Aboushi.”

    Hernandez, who formerly played for the NFL’s New England Patriots, is currently facing trial on murder charges.

    When challenged by other Twitter users for this outrageous comparison, Mael promptly deactivated his entire Twitter account.

    Reached by telephone at’s corporate offices by The Electronic Intifada, Mael said, “I’m sorry I can’t help you right now,” and immediately hung up phone.

    According to his LinkedIn profile, Mael was a “Community Relations Intern” at the Israel lobby group AIPAC in 2010. (Note: Several hours after initial publication of this post, Mael publicly apologized)

    Ah, quand on passe de l’AIPAC au baseball, il semble que les bons vieux réflexes ne se perdent pas.

  • Beloved High-Speed Film Camera Faces Extinction | Raw File |

    For more than five decades, the Charles A. Hulcher Co. filled an important niche in the camera world. Their cameras, which shot up to 100 frames per second, were used to make photos of everything from Space Shuttle launches to Major League Baseball games.

    But as digital cameras came to dominate, Hulcher saw business decline steeply, and today the company is down to just four employees.

    Film cameras in general are headed the way of the dinosaur, but it’s a sad thing to have specialist cameras like these go away as well. There was a lot of craft in figuring out how to build these machines that directly transcribed light to chemicals, with no virtual intermediaries.

    At one time, the camera shop on the Paramount lot (staffed by expatriate German camera makers!) could build any kind of camera to get any kind of shot. Now they get the standard rigs from PanaVision like anyone else.