• How to start with “VANE language” API – MODIS example


    The VANE geospatial platform, that’s coming out of the Beta now, is a new project we started at #Openweathermap, relying on our expertise in providing well-designed #APIs for #weather #data which is widely used by devs community. The VANE concept is to unite all operations with remote sensing data into consistent queries, allowing users to work with the data similar to the other #SQL-fashioned APIs, they are probably familiar with. This approach is different from what the typical workflow of Earth observation data usually is. Typicaly one needs to search for the certain imagery or dataset through the catalog, then place an order, then download it from FTP and process it in some desktop software he knows how to deal with, etc. That’s why the cloud-based data processing workflows are developing very fast towards providing users with most capabilities online.

    So what do we get with “VANE language” API and how it works?

    – You can SELECT by time, source, date-time period, imagery bands, tile coordinates and many other parameters, specifying the appropriate one.
    – You can APPLY online processing with multispectral 16-bit imagery, like difference indices, Change Detection, custom color processing…
    – And finally, you GET the result instantly as tiles or GeoJSON-polygon.