• Ukraine and Russia’s Non-Russians Reportedly Viewing Each Other as Allies, Disturbing Moscow | The Interpreter

    Increasingly frequent expressions of support for Ukraine by non-Russian peoples within the borders of the Russian Federation and similar expressions of support for these nations by Kyiv is disturbing many Russians who see this as an alliance of “Russophobes of all kinds.

    In an article on Rusfed24.ru, Ufa journalist Svetlana Nurgaleyeva said that nationalist groups among the non-Russian groups, including Buryats, Chuvashes, Tatars, and Bashkirs, have come together “on the basis of Russophobia and hatred to Russia as a state.

    When the Maidan began, Tatars in Kazan held a demonstration in support of the Ukrainian movement. Then in February, Chuvash nationalists declared that the Ukrainians were not fighting non-Russians like themselves but rather “imperialist Moscow,” the common enemy of both.

    And at the same time, Buryat nationalists held a round table at which participants declared that “there are no Nazis or ‘Banderites’ in the Maidan; instead, there are people ready to struggle to the end for their rights,” something that Buryats said should inspire rather than repel non-Russians in Russia.

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