• Founder Interviews: Rob Walling of MicroConf, Drip, and TinySeed

    Rob Walling has bootstrapped multiple startups to exit, most recently Drip. These days he’s working on TinySeed, the first #startup accelerator designed for bootstrappers. He also founded and runs MicroConf and Startups for the Rest of Us.Davis Baer: What’s your background, and what are you working on?I’m a software developer by training and feel like I officially became an entrepreneur in 2005 when I acquired a software product that was in its alpha release. Since then I’ve started or acquired a few dozen products, most notably SaaS applications HitTail and Drip, both of which were acquired.In addition I’ve been spearheading a community for bootstrapped #founders through my essays, podcast, conference, and now TinySeed, the first startup accelerator designed for folks who would traditionally (...)

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  • “The American Meme” Records the Angst of Social-Media Influencers | The New Yorker

    The new Netflix documentary “The American Meme,” directed by Bert Marcus, offers a chilling glimpse into the lives of social-media influencers, tracking their paths to online celebrity, their attempts to keep it, and their fear of losing it. Early on in the film, the pillowy-lipped model Emily Ratajkowski (twenty million Instagram followers and counting), who first became a viral sensation when, in 2013, she appeared bare-breasted in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video, attempts to address a popular complaint raised against social-media celebrities. “There’s the attention argument,” she says, as images of her posing in lingerie and swimwear appear on the screen. “That we’re doing it just for attention . . . And I say, what’s wrong with attention?” “The American Meme” can be seen, at least partly, as a response to Ratajkowski’s question. It’s true that the model, with her superior bone structure, lush curves, and preternatural knack for packaging her God-given gifts into an enticingly consistent product, is presented to us in the limited capacity of a talking head, and so the illusion of a perfect influencer life—in which attention is easily attracted and never worried over—can be kept. (“Privacy is dead now,” Ratajkowski says, with the offhanded flippancy of someone who is only profiting from this new reality. “Get over it.”) But what is fascinating, and valuable, about “The American Meme” is its ability to reveal the desperation, loneliness, and sheer Sisyphean tedium of ceaselessly chasing what will most likely end up being an ever-diminishing share of the online-attention economy.

    Khaled, his neck weighted with ropes of gold and diamonds, is one of the lucky predators of the particular jungle we’re living in, but Bichutsky isn’t so sure whether he’s going to maintain his own alpha position. “I’m not going to last another year,” he moans, admitting that he’s been losing followers, and that “everyone gets old and ugly one day.” Even when you’re a success, like Khaled, the hustle is grindingly boring: most of it, in the end, consists of capturing Snaps of things like your tater-tot lunch as you shout, “We the best.” And, clearly, not everyone is as blessed as the social-media impresario. During one montage, viral figures like the “Damn, Daniel” boy, “Salt Bae,” and “Chewbacca Mask Lady” populate the screen, and Ratajkowski muses on these flash-in-the-pan meme sensations: “In three or four days, does anyone remember who that person is? I don’t know.”

    The idea of achieving some sort of longevity, or at least managing to cash in on one’s viral hit, is one that preoccupies the influencers featured in “The American Meme.” “I’m thirty; pray for me,” Furlan mutters, dryly, from her spot posing on her bare living-room floor. In that sense, Paris Hilton, an executive producer of the film and also one of its subjects, is the model everyone is looking to. Hilton has managed to continue playing the game by solidifying her brand—that of a ditsy, sexy, spoiled heiress. Rather than promoting others’ products, like most influencers, she has yoked her fame to merchandise of her own: a best-selling perfume line, pet products, clothes, a lucrative d.j. career, and on and on.

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  • Introducing Kokyo — Empowering esports communities to evolve

    Introducing Kokyo — Empowering esports communities to evolveKokyo Alpha Access available at kokyo.ggIn 2018 you would be hard pushed to find someone who isn’t aware of esports as an entertainment. With its rapid growth, fans are flocking to wherever they can to find new and interesting content surrounding the games, teams, and players. A plethora of communities have formed across a wide variety of platforms, all with the common goal of following the stories that are so unique to esports. These communities are primed to evolve, they just need that little push to level up the tools they use to connect, learn and share in these experiences. The team at PatronGG have been working hard over the past months to provide that push with our upcoming esports #community app, Kokyo.But first, let me give (...)

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  • Anatomy of a Killing - BBC News

    Voici une recherche (Forensic research) très impressionnante sur cette histoire horrible : La démarche devrait beaucoup intéresser @simplicissimus et peut-être pourrions nous reparler et débattre de ce que le BBC a réussi à faire ici. Je reste sans voix.

    In July 2018 a horrifying video began to circulate on social media. It shows two women and two young children being led away at gunpoint by a group of Cameroonian soldiers. The captives are blindfolded, forced to the ground, and shot 22 times.

    #cameroun #nigéria #meurtres #boko_haram

    • These women and children while being led to their deaths the soldiers accused them of belonging to the jihadist group Boko Haram graphic tissue here they’re blindfolded posted the ground and shot a close-range 22 * one of the women still has the baby strapped to her back the video began to circulate on my 10th 2018 some claimed that this atrocity took place in Molly where government soldiers have been fighting Boko Haram since 2014 the government of Cameroon initially dismissed the video as fake news a month later they announce the seven members of the military wear under investigation but there has still been no official admission that these killings were carried out in cameroonian song by government soldiers and there is still no guarantee that anyone will be held to account so how can we tell what really happened here over the next few minutes we’re going to follow these women and children on the short walk to the end of their lives and to glean from this video the clues that tell us where this happened when it happened and who was responsible for this atrocity this looks like the kind of Dusty anonymously track that could be anywhere in the Sahel what the first 40 seconds of the film capture a mountain range with the distinctive profile we spent hours trying to match this rage to the Topography of Northern Cameroon and then in Late July we received a tip-off from a cameroonian sourced have you looked at the area near Santa Fe close to the town of side of it we found a match for the Ridgeline it this is the scene on a dirt road just outside of Village called crime Alpha a few hundred meters away is the border with Nigeria the video also reveals other details that can be matched precisely to what we see on the satellite imagery this track these buildings and these trees putting all this evidence together we can say with certainty but the killings took place here less than a kilometer away instead of it we found this compound and identify this the combat Outpost used by the cameroonian military and their fight against Boko Haram will come back to this base later exactly when the killings took place at First Sight harder to say but again the video contains Clues this building is visible and satellite imagery but only until February 2016 the murders must have happened before that date satellite images also captured this structure the Wolves surrounding it I’ll present an imagery dated March 2015 but it not yet been built in November 2014 giving earliest possible date for the atrocity the video also reveals this footpath a part that only appears in the hot dry season between January and April less obvious clues in the video as they leave these women away the soldiers like moving sundials cost Shadows on the track a simple mathematical formula tells us the end the sun in comparison to the Horizon we can also see what direction the light is coming from when we add this data to our location we can get a precise time frame for this event The Killing between March 20th and April 5th 2015 we now know where this happened and we know when it happened but who are the men who murdered these women and children in July is Serta Roma Bakery cameroon’s minister of communication insisted that the killers are not cameroonian soldiers and presented what he claimed was irrefutable evidence from the video itself the weapons he said I’m not those used by the cameroonian Army in this area of operation but your analysis shows that one of these is a Serbian made the stopper M21 it’s rare in sub-Saharan Africa but it is used by some divisions of the cameroonian military also claimed that a close examination of the shoes the soldiers wearing colorful Forrestal camouflage in the phone knows he said cameroonian soldiers wear pale desert style fatigues a closer look at the evidence reveals this cancel just seen here in a 2015 report by Channel 4 News filmed inside of it wearing darker forestal fatigues similar to those seen in the video on Facebook we also found these pictures cameroonian soldiers wearing the same type of camouflage the images attack to CertiFit but carry also question why the soldiers are not wearing the standard combat gear of troops stationed in that area be helmets bulletproof vest and ranges boots Beyonce is that the soldiers when those house on patrol they would just a few hundred metres away from the combat Outpost we saw earlier we know that this is a military base because we match the features visible in satellite imagery to the details in the channel 4 news report that was short hair in 2015 new movies this year and I Misty International investigators spoke with residents who have been displaced by the fighting to a nearby Town among them was the man who said that sold these women and children being brought into the base by cameroonian soldiers a short while after they will either way he said he heard gunfire in August there was a sudden change in the government Fishing Off 2 weeks of denying that these killings took place in Cameroon vicari announced that seven members of the cameroonian military had been arrested and we’re under investigation or analysis has and avoid three men who actually pulled the trigger one of them is this man introduced at the start of the film as chocho that links the nickname chocho to a soldier called Syriac patiala is among the detainees named by the government the BBC has also spoken with a former cameroonian Soldier to confirm but this is chocho cyriak patiala at the end of the film we see him again blindfolding the little girl he’s about to kill a few seconds later he draw his weapon and opens fire analysis Identify two other guns that were used in The Killing one of them was in the hands of this man we see him here blindfolding the woman with the baby seconds before the shooting starts resource identified him as Barnabas go no so we would not able to confirm this identification a very similar name Barnabas Donna Sue appeared 11 days later on the government’s List of soldiers under investigation the 3rd weapon used in The Killing is the Zastava M21 we saw earlier it is in the hands of a man introduced in the video as second-class cobra so who is Cobra of the women and children are killed Cobra is the lost man still firing into the body’s one of his colleagues calls out tangle leave it there dead when he still does not stop shooting the cold out again that’s enough tanker that’s enough the name Sanger also appears list of men under investigation suggesting but Cobra is a nickname for Lance corporal Tanga another man named among those arrested is Etienne Sebastian he’s the platoon commander who was interviewed by channel 4 news in 2015 as far as week until he does not appear in the video we put these findings to the government of Cameroon who responded Honda investigation right now until the investigation has been concluded and that hold of them will be given a fair trial new due process was extended to the two women killed outside set of it and no presumption of innocence was a foot to the children who died with them
      In July 2018 a horrifying video began to circulate on social media. It shows two women and two young children being led away at gunpoint by a group of Cameroonian soldiers. The captives are blindfolded, forced to the ground, and shot 22 times.

      The government of Cameroon initially dismissed the video as “fake news.” But BBC Africa Eye, through forensic analysis of the footage, can prove exactly where this happened, when it happened, and who is responsible for the killings.

      Warning: this video contains disturbing content

      Investigation by Aliaume Leroy and Ben Strick.
      Produced by Daniel Adamson and Aliaume Leroy.
      Motion Graphics: Tom Flannery

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    • (je commente ici…)

      Intéressant (et horrible !) La localisation par la ligne de crête me laisse très dubitatif. Elle me semble habiller une localisation obtenue par des moyens plus … classiques ; peut-être pour protéger une source.

      En particulier, la suite de la vidéo montre que les enquêteurs ont eu accès directement sur place, par exemple lors du reportage sur le poste militaire, à diverses informations, notamment l’identité des participants.

      Le recoupement entre images et vues par satellite interviennent plus comme confirmation ou pour préciser la localisation des séquences : les constructions sont vraiment sommaires et elles manquent totalement d’éléments remarquables. Sans localisation globale, rien de tout cela n’est utilisable.

  • ANU #8 — AppCoins Protocol, ASF SDK, Wallet and Membership

    AppCoins News Update, or ANU for short, is a regular bi-weekly update by the AppCoins team. As usual we are going to cover dev updates, market reports, team members and other news. This week’s focus is on AppCoins Protocol (smart contracts), ASF Wallet, ASF SDK, Creation of Advertising Campaigns and the ASF Membership. You may expect the next ANU on the 9th May.QuicklinksDev UpdateCreate Campaign APPC ReportsFeatured MemberASF MembershipThe last two weeks have been spent preparing everything for the Alpha 3 release on the 2nd of May. This major release will include one of the biggest flows of the AppCoins Protocol: the Advertising use case. As we’ve explained in previous articles, this functionality enables users to earn APPC from using apps with associated advertising campaigns.All of (...)

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  • MIMIR #blockchain Solutions Development Update May 25

    Development Update:This week’s development was focused on stabilizing the latest round of feature additions and laying the groundwork for our next set of improvements. Worker clients will soon be able to cache certain commonly requested components of blockchain state, which will improve the speed and efficiency of queries. Explicit support for a lighter-weight variant of the protocol, suitable for consortium chains, is also in the works. Finally, we are working on reorganizing the main alpha codebase repository, which should make exploring the codebase somewhat less daunting for newcomers.New MIMIR Video Created:The blog, The MIMIR B2i Bridge: The Ease of a Web #api, The Power of a Node, was published last week. We have created a video version of this blog for those of you who prefer (...)

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  • The indispensable economy ? | The Economist

    On peut discuter de la pertinence de la représentation cartographique et du choix de la projection (les exportations US vers la chine, par quels chemins ?), mais le thème est intéressant.

    THE town of Alpha in Queensland, Australia, has only 400 residents, including one part-time ambulance driver and a lone policeman, according to Mark Imber of Waratah Coal, an exploration firm. But over the next few years it should quintuple in size, thanks to an A$7.5 billion ($7.3 billion) investment by his company and the Metallurgical Corporation of China, a state-owned firm that serves China’s mining and metals industry. This will build Australia’s biggest coal mine, as well as a 490km (300-mile) railway to carry the black stuff to the coast, and thence to China’s ravenous industrial maw.

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  • ANU #7 — ASF SDK, ASF Wallet Alpha 3 and Working Groups

    AppCoins News Update, or ANU for short, is a regular bi-weekly update by the AppCoins team. As usual we are going to cover dev updates, market reports, team members and upcoming events. This week’s focus is on AppCoins Protocol (smart contracts), ASF Wallet, ASF SDK, and the ASF Website, Tech in Asia Conference and Working Groups. You may expect the next ANU on the 25th April.QuicklinksDev UpdateAPPC Markets ReportFeatured Team MemberUpcoming EventsWorking GroupsAnother fortnight, another Dev Update! In the last ANU, we’ve detailed what would be the next steps for the next major release — Alpha 3 — of the AppCoins Protocol and the tools to interact with it. As previously stated, Alpha 3 will consist in the first version of the Advertising use case, where developers (advertisers) can create (...)

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  • ANU #6 — ASF Wallet Alpha 2, GDC Coverage and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

    AppCoins News Update, or ANU for short, is a regular bi-weekly update by the AppCoins team. As usual we are going to cover the latest dev updates, regarding the App Store Foundation website and the released Alpha 2 version of both the ASF Wallet and the ASF SDK, the featured team member, a detailed coverage of the Game Developers Conference, along with how ASF became a member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. You may expect the next ANU on April 11th.Quicklinks Dev UpdateAPPC Markets ReportFeatured Team MemberGame Developers ConferenceStrategic AlliancesOn the 21st of March, we released the Alpha 2 version of both the ASF Wallet, already published in Google Play and Aptoide, and the ASF SDK. Along with the necessary smart contract that implements the revenue split of an in-app (...)

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  • In The Game : The Game, It’s You Vs. Pick-Up Artists

    To women like me who enjoy going to bars, The Game: The Game might make you physically ill. It’s a tactical visual novel with the emotional impact of a piece of reported journalism. The player is a woman who is approached by any of six real-life dating coaches at a bar, their natural habitat, and subjected to their manipulations—negging, faux compliments, self-depreciation. Its dialogue is entirely informed by over 50 seduction coaching videos, 20 books and endless hidden camera footage from the coaches, including Julien Blanc, Roosh V and Neil Strauss, who in 2005 wrote The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, thereby bringing the subculture of picking up women into the mainstream. These so-called artists charge up to $3,000 per seminar to shape their devotees’ words, body language and tone to come off as confident alpha men.

  • Terminus is modern, highly configurable terminal app for Windows, Mac and Linux - OMG! Ubuntu!

    GNOME Terminal is great. It’s fast, featured, and straightforward. But it doesn’t hurt to try a few alternatives to it from time to time. Be it the vintage chic of retro term or the modern minimalism of Hyper.

    Today we present you with another promising alternative. It’s currently in alpha (so expect bugs).

    It’s called Terminus.

  • Tesla’s Self-Driving Car Scandal - #Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) | Seeking Alpha

    Tesla fans may object to my use of the word “scandal” in describing Tesla’s self-driving effort, but I think it is scandalous to sell a product that you absolutely don’t have. This is what Tesla is doing in selling the full self-driving option of Enhanced #Autopilot. This simply needs to stop.

    It’s one thing to set lofty goals for the engineering staff, but quite another to market a non-existent product based on the assumption that said staff will work the desired miracle. It was a terrible decision on Musk’s part.

    The official Tesla line is that Tesla will demonstrate full self-driving in a cross-country trip later this year with no human intervention over the length of the trip. The probability of success here is virtually nil.

    Avec de gros morceaux d’#Elon_Musk_bashing

  • Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People

    In 1945, as American physicists were preparing to test the atomic bomb, it occurred to someone to ask if such a test could set the atmosphere on fire.

    This was a legitimate concern. Nitrogen, which makes up most of the atmosphere, is not energetically stable. Smush two nitrogen atoms together hard enough and they will combine into an atom of magnesium, an alpha particle, and release a whole lot of energy:

    N14 + N14 ⇒ Mg24 + α + 17.7 MeV

    The vital question was whether this reaction could be self-sustaining. The temperature inside the nuclear fireball would be hotter than any event in the Earth’s history. Were we throwing a match into a bunch of dry leaves?

    Los Alamos physicists performed the analysis and decided there was a satisfactory margin of safety. Since we’re all attending this conference today, we know they were right. They had confidence in their predictions because the laws governing nuclear reactions were straightforward and fairly well understood.

    Today we’re building another world-changing technology, machine intelligence. We know that it will affect the world in profound ways, change how the economy works, and have knock-on effects we can’t predict.


  • Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 Alpha 2 Released, This is What’s New

    Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 Alpha 2 is available to download right now. This is the first testing snapshot of what will become the next stable Ubuntu Budgie release. Naturally, for an Ubuntu flavor build around the Budgie desktop, you won’t be shocked to hear that the latest stable release of Budgie is included, specifically v10.3.2. Budgie […] This post, Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 Alpha 2 Released, This is What’s New, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

  • Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Alpha 2 Released, Includes HUD, Global Menu

    Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Alpha 2 is now available to download and if you’re a big fan of the Unity desktop you’re going to love what’s on offer. The screenshot above shows some of the major improvements Ubuntu MATE 17.10 has made to its ‘Unity’ style layout (called ‘Mutiny’, and accessible through the MATE Tweaks app). Forget the […] This post, Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Alpha 2 Released, Includes HUD, Global Menu, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

  • ‘0 A.D.’ Alpha 22 Released, Here’s How to Install it on Ubuntu

    A new alpha release of historic real-time strategy game 0 A.D. is available to download. The ancient warfare game has been in continual development since 2002, but only became an open-source project in 2009. Following its shift to an open-source development model the team behind the game began to make alpha versions available for download. 7 years and 1.3 […] This post, ‘0 A.D.’ Alpha 22 Released, Here’s How to Install it on Ubuntu, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

  • [l] ( Google steigt jetzt auch in...

    [l] Google steigt jetzt auch in das Wettrennen um Energie aus Kernfusion ein.

    Google and a leading nuclear fusion company have developed a new computer algorithm which has significantly speeded up experiments on plasmas, the ultra-hot balls of gas at the heart of the energy technology.

    Die andere Firma heißt Tri Alpha Energy und wurde u.a. von Microsoft-Gründer Paul Allen finanziert.

    #google #microsoft

  • Ah ! On le savait bien qu’il y a avait complot vegan !

    A Tick Bite Could Make You Allergic to Meat—and It’s Spreading

    “You’re walking through the woods, and that tick has had a meal of cow blood or mammal blood,” explained Cosby Stone, an allergy and immunology fellow at Vanderbilt University. “The tick, carrying Alpha-Gal, bites you and activates your allergy immune system.”

    From this, your body creates Alpha-Gal antibodies and, from that point on, the body is wired to fight Alpha-Gal sugar molecules. The majority of people who develop Alpha-Gal allergy syndrome realize their illness after eating meat, which is rife with Alpha-Gal. The sugar is also present in some medications that use gelatins as stabilizers.

    #tique #allergie #viande

  • Le stérotype de la « fille sexy née de la dernière pluie », une réactualisation du fantasme de la vierge totalement soumise aux pouvoir masculin

    This is such an interesting dissection of a very common trope in writing female characters that I never really thought about before, but it’s so prevalent and so obvious and so fucking disgusting.

    this is such an important video. for those who can’t watch: the ‘born sexy yesterday’ trope features heavily in science fiction, referring to a character who is typically an alien, a mermaid, an android, or some other non-human presented as a sexy woman, who

    has no understand of basic human society, and often a childlike naïveté
    is not ashamed or even really conceptually aware of her own nudity
    is totally inexperienced with sex and sexuality
    is often preternaturally skilled at something the male protagonist respects, such as combat

    as the narrator points out, none of these character traits are problematic in and of themselves. they become problematic when the ‘born sexy yesterday’ character develops a relationship with a male protagonist. here’s how:

    her cutesy naïveté and lack of understanding in her new environment positions the male protagonist (MP) as an experienced and admirable protector, showing her the ropes for everything from eating a sandwich to sex. this is the ultimate student-teacher fetish. it sexualizes inexperience and innocence.

    though the MP may be average in literally every way, her alien-ness and lack of familiarity with human society means she has nothing to compare him to, and he becomes her “dream guy” by default. this creates female characters who exist to assuage male fears of inadequacy and rejection.

    her unabashed nudity gives the director plenty of excuses to film nude or partially nude scenes, with the female character freely dancing and prancing around. she is overtly sexual, but has no sexual desires or thoughts of her own. because remember, she is the born sexy yesterday trope.

    her inexperience with sex and sexuality satisfies the male desire for a “pure, unspoiled” woman who has never been corrupted by the touch of a man, and will not reject him because she literally doesn’t know any better. as her relationship with the MP progresses and inevitably becomes sexual, he shows her everything from kissing to penetration, deflowering her and reinforcing his role as the teacher, hers as the innocent… dare i say child?

    in many ways it’s the ultimate male power fantasy. a completely unremarkable man stumbles upon a gorgeous woman who is totally ignorant and in a strange environment. the MP has 100% of the power in their relationship, which he will exercise to his sexual fulfillment.

    another point the narrator makes which i think is incredibly important is that this trope started in colonialist dramas. a european male would go off to a foreign land, meet a totally-sexy-and-totally-unaware-of-it indigenous woman who lives an ignorant life among her tribe. he would “enlighten” her and show her the ways of the “modern world,” and in her gratitude and wonder she would fall for him. his reward was to enlighten her once more and show her the ways of intercourse.

    it has since transformed and the born sexy yesterday character is now more acceptable as a literal non-human, rather than a “naked and ignorant” native.

    via :

    #domination_masculine #sexisme #stéréotype #vierge #hétérosexisme #racisme #colonialisme

    • Ce que tu décrit semble être une sous-catégorie du stéréotype de la fille née sexy de la dernière pluie : celle du dernier homme sur terre avec la fille sexy née de la dernière pluie. La fille sexy et innocente et vierge même sans contexte apocalyptique reste une femme qui ne connais pas d’autre hommes et donc le mec dans l’histoire est toujours sans concurrence, un sorte de mâle-alpha né de la dernière pluie par absence de concurrents. Pour Woody Allen, il est cité dans la video au sujet de ce trope et vu les accusations de viol et inceste c’est pas étonnant qu’on trouve ce sale type sur ce trope.

      Ce trope met bien en lumière la résistance des imaginaires hétérosexuels en particulier masculins à toute idée d’égalité sexuelle. Je vais le retrouvé mais ca me fait pensé à une conférence sur la sexualité à destination des ados que j’avais mise sur seenthis qui expliquait que la sexualité était le domaine le plus réactionnaire qui soit et le plus hostile à toute égalité et que c’était probablement sur ces fondements que les reste ne bougeait plus.

      Tant qu’il y aura des hommes pour trouvé que l’innocence est sexy, on aura des problèmes d’oppression sexuel (et pas seulement) des femmes et des enfants.

    • Bien je vais regardé les autres. De mon coté je retrouve pas la video de la conférence dont je parle plus haut, je l’avais peut être pas taggé ou alors taggé avec des fautes d’orthographe (^.^)

  • Ubuntu 17.04 Final Beta Is Now Available to Download

    Ubuntu 17.04 Beta 2 is available to download.  The release is the first formal development snapshot of the Ubuntu 17.04, and it gives testers and early adopters the chance to kick the tyres on the next major Ubuntu release ahead of its debut next month. Other Ubuntu flavors, including Ubuntu MATE and Xubuntu, which have made prior alpha and beta releases […] This post, Ubuntu 17.04 Final Beta Is Now Available to Download, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

  • Skype for Linux Beta Released with Video Call Support

    Skype for Linux Alpha is now more — say hello to Skype for Linux Beta! Yup, the Skype for Linux alpha has graduated to beta status and picks up some popular feature requests in the process. You can now make video calls, call landline and mobiles, and more. Announcing the release in a forum message Skype […] This post, Skype for Linux Beta Released with Video Call Support, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.