• تشديد الحكم على الناشط الحقوقي السعودي وليد أبوالخير بالسجن 5 سنوات إضافية لانه لم يعتذر أو يتراجع ولم يعترف بشرعية المحكمة

    ” السعي لنزع الولاية الشرعية، والإساءة للنظام العام في الدولة والمسئولين فيها ، وتأليب الرأي العام وانتقاص وإهانة السلطة القضائية “

    Peine alourdie en appel contre le militants saoudien des droits de l’homme Walid Abull-Khayr (15 ans ferme). Parmi les chefs d’accusation : « Tentative de s’en prendre à la souveraineté légitime, de porter atteinte au régime de l’Etat et à ses responsables, de fomenter l’opinion publique, de critiquer et d’insulter le pouvoir judiciaire. »

    Des délits d’opinion en somme. Dommage que Hollande n’en ait pas parlé à son Excellence l’ambassadeur qui manifestait dimanche.

    • Saudi Arabia Adds 5 Years to Human Rights Lawyer’s Prison Sentence

      A Saudi judge has sentenced a prominent human rights lawyer to an additional five years in jail, after he refused to show remorse or recognize the court that handed down his original 10-year term for sedition.

      Waleed Abu al-Khair, founder and director of watchdog group Monitor of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia (MHRSA), was sentenced last year to 10 years in jail on charges that included breaking his allegiance to King Abdullah, showing disrespect for the authorities and creating an unauthorized association.

      The Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh also gave Abu al-Khair a five-year suspended sentence, fined him 200,000 riyals ($53,300), banned him from leaving the kingdom for a further 15 years after his eventual release, and shut down all his websites.

      Abu al-Khair’s wife, rights activist Samar Badawi, said the court had decided on Monday to increase his sentence after an appeal by the public prosecutor, who had argued that the lawyer
      had failed to retract his views or express remorse over them. The judge accepted the request and increased the sentence to 15 years of imprisonment.