• Analyse du temps de travail, productivité et bien-être | Microsoft 365

    C’est à pleuruer ce mépris des gens qui gtravaillent, réduits à des statistique sans fondement... qui doit savoir ? Regardez la première vidéo : le patron deus ex machina de l’entrperise, sait tout grâce à Microsoft. Le fascisme rampant à l’intérieur de l’entreprise « en réseau ». Non de nom, là, j’ai la colère qui monte. J’étais passé à côté de ce truc. Quand je pense qu’il y en a qui parlent avec effroi du « crédit social » à la chinoise... mais c’est pareil, ici et maintenant, et on n’en parle pas !!!! Oui, le « modèle chinois du numérique » est en train de s’exporter dans le monde entier. Microsoft doit faire ça pour ne pas être pris de vitesse par les chinois, n’est-ce pas ?

    Analyse du temps de travail
    Exploitez vos données clés en tirant des enseignements du travail quotidien dans Microsoft 365.
    Regardez la vidéo

    Harmonisez productivité et bien-être
    Microsoft réunit informations et expériences en matière de productivité et de bien-être dans Microsoft Teams pour aider les personnes et les organisations à se développer.

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    • J’ai contacté notre service info quand j’ai pris connaissance de cette saloperie. Je m’attends un peu à ce qu’ils me répondent « On peut pas l’enlever mais vous n’êtes pas obligé de l’utiliser ! ». On va voir.
      Edit : le productivity score n’est pas activé et va le rester.

      En tout cas j’étais satisfait que la direction de notre boîte soit aussi attérée que moi face à ce truc.Bon courage à ceux qui doivent se défendre contre leur service info ET leur hierachie.

  • Microsoft Workplace Analytics

    Advisory and consulting
    Give your customers unprecedented data-driven insights and analytics services. And apply your expertise to create differentiated consulting solutions that unlock customer value.

    Sample practice opportunities

    Uncover collaboration patterns that lead to higher revenue and more effective management.
    Reduce organizational complexity.
    Address wasteful collaboration and meeting cultures.
    Enhance process efficiency and effectiveness
    Drive cultural transformations.
    Inform leadership excellence and development.
    Adoption and change management
    Use Workplace Analytics to set up, implement, and measure long-term customer adoption, change and transformation initiatives.

    Sample practice opportunities

    Inform leadership initiatives and development.
    Enable salesforce transformations.
    Drive diversity and inclusion efforts.
    Change meeting and collaboration behaviors.
    Develop executive dashboards and reporting systems.
    Create and validate effective workspace planning initiatives.
    Combining our insights with your solutions and services
    Develop new solutions or expand the impact of your current solutions and services using Workplace Analytics insights and data.

    Sample practice opportunities

    Integrate new data sources to augment behavioral insights from Office 365.
    Visualize data with dashboards and reports from Power BI and other reporting tools.
    Develop new tools and solutions using Workplace Analytics data.

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  • Transform your organization with Microsoft Workplace Analytics - Microsoft 365 Blog

    Mais oui, c’est vrai, c’est pas une fake news, c’est bien sur le site de Microsoft. Le fascisme digital avance...

    Today’s post was written by Ryan Fuller, general manager of Workplace Analytics.

    Microsoft Workplace Analytics—a powerful new organizational analytics solution—is now generally available as an add-on to any Office 365 enterprise plan.

    According to a recent Forrester report, increasing employee productivity is the number one priority for C-level executives in the next year, with 96 percent of respondents citing it as a critical or high imperative. Workplace Analytics provides unprecedented behavioral insights that can be used to improve productivity, workforce effectiveness and employee engagement.
    New insights from Office 365

    Workplace Analytics taps into Office 365 email and calendar metadata, including to/from data, subject lines and timestamps, to shine a light on how the organization collaborates and spends time. It turns this digital exhaust—the data that comes naturally from our everyday work—into a set of behavioral metrics that can be used to understand what’s going on in an organization.

    Organization level collaboration insights in Workplace Analytics.

    Microsoft has enabled Workplace Analytics with built-in privacy and compliance capabilities. Customers own their Office 365 data and decide how to apply insights generated by Workplace Analytics to solve tough business challenges. Workplace Analytics only leverages metadata that is aggregated and de-identified.

    Workplace Analytics was designed with the flexibility to address a broad range of strategic and organizational culture-based initiatives. Let’s take a look at a few ways customers are using Workplace Analytics:
    Sales productivity

    A sales organization in a Fortune 500 company used Workplace Analytics to identify the collaborative patterns of top performers and then scaled those behaviors to the broader sales organization—resulting in a significant increase in sales. Some of these insights were expected, like the amount of time spent with customers. But others were new, like the size of the person’s internal network, which may be an indicator of the salesperson’s ability to get answers and solve customer questions.

    Exploring internal network size metrics for the sales organization in Workplace Analytics.
    Manager effectiveness

    Freddie Mac used Workplace Analytics to drive a cultural change with managers. In looking at how time-usage metrics are related to engagement and retention, they found that the behaviors of managers were pivotal in determining employee engagement and retention. Behaviors, such as 1:1 manager time, level of leadership exposure given to employees and the degree to which work can be distributed evenly across an organization, are measurable through Workplace Analytics.
    Space planning

    The collaboration insights from Workplace Analytics were used by an organization to partner with its commercial real estate company, CBRE, to do space planning. They analyzed the metadata attached to employee calendar items to calculate the travel time associated with meetings. They found that as a result of the relocation, each employee reduced their travel time to meetings by 46 percent—resulting in a combined total of 100 hours saved per week across all 1,200 employees involved in the move.
    Customized queries

    Every organization has unique business questions, which is why we’ve included the ability to create custom queries directly within Workplace Analytics. Data analysts can choose from a unique set of collaboration metrics to explore activities and trends within the business, including time spent in email, time in meetings, after-hours time and network size. Analysts can also create custom queries and filter to aggregated population subsets including regions, roles and functions.

    “Workplace Analytics is becoming an essential part of our toolkit,” said Tom Springer, partner at Bain. “It shows us where and how our clients are deploying their scarcest resources: the time, talent and energy of their people. Workplace Analytics consistently yields unique insights into resource allocation, collaboration behaviors and organizational networks. We integrate these insights with broader perspectives on strategy, operating model and results delivery to help our clients organize for maximum productivity.”
    Building a digital, data-driven enterprise

    At Microsoft, Workplace Analytics has yielded significant insights. “We believe building a true digital, data-driven enterprise requires organizations to empower and connect their people across everything—people, processes, data and systems,” said Kathleen Hogan, chief people officer at Microsoft. “Our HR Business Insights group is using Workplace Analytics across a variety of initiatives—from understanding the behaviors driving increased employee engagement, to identifying the qualities of top-performing managers who are leading Microsoft’s cultural transformation from within. We believe people analytics is a competitive necessity for any HR team.”
    Learn more

    Workplace Analytics is available now as an add-on to any Office 365 enterprise plan. Learn more about how enterprise customers can access organizational insights from Workplace Analytics in Office 365.

    —Ryan Fuller

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  • Best tech company to work for in 2019 is — as always — illusive

    Best tech company to work for in 2019 is — as always — illusiveWorkplace By rawpixel on pixabayWhen you apply and nail the interview, you often ponder over whether this is the right opportunity. Sources like Glassdoor announce best tech companies to work for every year. The real answer is much more elusive than a developer might think.Over time, software companies have evolved at much faster rate than their other industry counterparts. This is for obvious reasons because they are often the first beneficiaries of IT infrastructure — Cloud + #internet. Inferring from trends, it is quite easy to classify your prospective software employer into 3 distinct generations. Are you working for a 3rd generation software company?What is 1st Generation software company?They often fail to make it to the list of (...)

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    Each week, we share five simple actions to create a more inclusive workplace and be a better ally.Graphic with words, “If I hear that a candidate isn’t a culture fit, I ask, Could they be a culture add?”1. Make “culture add” the new “culture fit”Let’s think about culture fit, and the age-old interview debrief question of, “Would you want to grab a beer with them?”Back in the 1980s, culture fit and “chemistry” were all the rage. They sprang from the idea that if companies hired employees whose personalities and values aligned with organizational strategy, those employees would feel more invested in their jobs and become more loyal. Skills were important, but cultivating a workforce of like-minded people ran a close second.Over time, however, “culture fit” became code for something else: passing the (...)

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    Each week, we share five simple actions to create a more inclusive #workplace and be a better ally.Photo of a door opening to a hotel room, by Pixabay via Pexels.1. Learn how to pronounce their namesWhile mispronouncing a colleague’s name may not seem like a big deal, it can be one more reminder that they are different from the norm. Doing so might make them feel they don’t belong, or that they’re less important than their peers.In an article for KQED, reporter Gail Cornwall shared tips collected from educators for remembering students’ names. Things like:Tell someone, “I don’t know how to say your name yet, can you explain it to me? I’m working on learning it, and it’s important to me to say it the way it’s meant to be said.”Keep saying it until you get it right.Use names as much as possible, (...)

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  • Knowing Your Rights in the #workplace:

    Marijuana and Illegal DrugsOver 80% of employers think #marijuana contributes to poor quality job candidates, and as legalization continues on, it becomes a growing concern for business leaders everywhere. From increased operating costs, to workers compensation, to inebriated employees, a lot can go wrong in the workplace when illegal #drugs are involved.Workers who test positive for illegal drugs in their systems have on average a higher rate of both absences and terminations compared to colleagues. Business leaders who choose to drug test employees enjoy office environments with reduced insurance costs, high levels of health and safety measures, and even improved morale and communication. But not every business agrees on how effective drug testing is and some would even consider it (...)

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    Internet of Things (IoT) is here to make a noticeable difference in lives of us all. It’s a transformational technology that can bring in huge changes in a business and to employees working for it. Managers have just begun to spot the new possibilities created by #iot based systems and solutions; from a lighting fixture to an air conditioner. Above all, IoT connected devices generate huge data that provide a base to a business’ cost-saving strategies and automation plans.Here are 5 ways the technology of IoT will help businesses in executing their operations more productivity and cost-effectively.Comfortable work environmentWorkers and employees often have issue with setting the right AC temperature in shared offices. There we see lots of disagreements among coworkers. But the issue can (...)

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    California Opens Investigation into Tesla Workplace Conditions

    HN link: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16869888 Posted by danso (karma: 91424) Post stats: Points: 179 - Comments: 118 - 2018-04-18T18:46:37Z

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    Nowadays, the world is full of remote workers and digital nomads, and that shouldn’t be surprising. There are trillions of interesting places around the world to explore, and no matter how remote they are, you don’t need much more than a bed, coffee, and an Internet connection.However, in order to become a successful remote worker, there are some things you must do to stay well organized. Here is a guide based on my 6 years of experience working as a remote software developer. It contains all the tips that I personally use and that I recommend to all the students I mentor in the Microverse training program for remote software developers.When you start your adventure as a remote worker, the first weeks tend to be pretty tough, especially if you work from home, which is the most common (...)

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  • Religion In The #workplace ?

    I’m a Chassidic Jew and I’m proud of who I am.That’s very nice, Mendel, but what does that have to do with technology or the workplace?Well, recently, there was an issue at the software development bootcamp that I’m attending. Apparently, some people were using methods to pass their belt exams (the exams in the Coding Dojo Software Development Bootcamp are called belt exams) that were heavily frowned upon. While I know that those students believed themselves to be acting with positive intentions, those who were determined by the staff to have acted untowardly were required to retake their Python belt exams. So, that was embarrassing for everyone.When I asked our lead instructor about the issue, he seemed more disappointed than upset. Potential employers don’t really care about your 14 week (...)

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