• How to make Matomo GDPR compliant in 12 steps

    InnoCraft, April 3, 2018 in Privacy
    Important note: this blog post has been written by digital analysts, not lawyers. The purpose of this article is to briefly show you where Matomo is entering into play within the GDPR process. This work comes from our interpretation of the UK privacy commission: ICO. It cannot be considered as professional legal advice. So as GDPR, this information is subject to change. We strongly advise you to have a look at the different privacy authorities in order to have up to date information.

    The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, also referred to RGPD in French, Datenschutz-Grundverordnung, DS-GVO in German, is a regulation on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It concerns organizations worldwide dealing with EU citizens and will come into force on the 25th May 2018.

    The GDPR applies to ‘personal data’ meaning any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified in particular by reference to an identifier. It includes cookies, IP addresses, User ID, location, and any other data you may have collected.

    We will list below the 12 steps recommended by the UK privacy commissioner in order to be GDPR compliant and what you need to do for each step.

    The 12 steps of GDPR compliance according to ICO and how it fit with Matomo
    As mentioned in one of our previous blog post about GDPR, if you are not collecting any personal data with Matomo, then you are not concerned about what is written below.

    If you are processing personal data in any way, here are the 12 steps to follow along with some recommendations on how to be GDPR compliant with Matomo:

    1 – Awareness
    Make sure that people within your organization know that you are using Matomo in order to analyze traffic on the website/app. If needed, send them the link to the “What is Matomo?” page.

    2 – Information you hold
    List all the personal data you are processing with Matomo within your record of processing activities. We are personally using the template provided by ICO which is composed of a set of 30 questions you need to answer regarding your use of Matomo. In the near future, we will write a blog post specifically for this. Please be aware that personal data may be also tracked in non-obvious ways for example as part of page URLs or page titles.

    3 – Communicating privacy information
    a – Add a privacy notice
    Add a privacy notice wherever you are using Matomo in order to collect personal data. Please refer to the ICO documentation in order to learn how to write a privacy notice. In the near future, we will write a blog post about this part. Make sure that a privacy policy link is always available on your website or app.

    b – Add Matomo to your privacy policy page
    Add Matomo to the list of technologies you are using on your privacy policy page and add all the necessary information to it as requested in the following checklist.

    4 – Individuals’ rights
    Make sure that your Matomo installation respects all the individuals’ rights. To make it short, you will need to know the features in Matomo that you need to use to respect user rights (right of access, right of rectification, right of erasure…). These features are currently in development and will be released soon.

    5 – Subject access requests
    Make sure that you are able to answer an access request from a data subject for Matomo. For example, when a person would like to access her or his personal data that you have collected about her or him, then you will need to be you able to provide her or him with this information. We recommend you design a process for this like “Who is dealing with it?” and check that it is working. If you can answer to the nightmare letter, then you are ready. The needed features for this in Matomo will be available soon.

    6 – Lawful basis for processing personal data
    There are different lawful basis you can use under GDPR. It can be either “Legitimate interest” or “Explicit consent”. Do not forget to mention it within your privacy policy page.

    7 – Consent
    Users should be able to remove their consent at any time. By chance, Matomo is providing a feature in order to do just that: add the opt-out feature to your privacy policy page.
    We are currently also working on a feature that allows you optionally to require consent. This will be useful if a person should be only tracked after she or he has given explicit consent to be tracked.

    8 – Children
    If your website or app is targeted for children and you are using Matomo, extra measures will need to be taken. For example you will need to write your privacy policy even more clear and moreover getting parents consent if the child is below 13. As it is a very specific case, we strongly recommend you to follow this link for further information.

    9 – Data breaches
    As you may be collecting personal data with Matomo, you should also check your “data breach procedure” to define if a leak may have consequences on the privacy of the data subject. Please consult ICO’s website for further information.

    10 – Data Protection by Design and Data Protection Impact Assessments
    Ask yourself if you really need to process personal data within Matomo. If the data you are processing within Matomo is sensitive, we strongly recommend you to make a Data Protection Impact Assessment. A software is available from the The open source PIA software helps to carry out data protection impact assessment, by French Privacy Commissioner: CNIL.

    11 – Data Protection Officers
    If you are reading this article and you are the Data Protection Officer (DPO), you will not be concerned by this step. If that’s not the case, your duty is to provide to the DPO (if your business has a DPO) our blog post in order for her or him to ask you questions regarding your use of Matomo. Note that your DPO can also be interested in the different data that Matomo can process: “What data does Matomo track?” (FAQ).

    12 – International
    Matomo data is hosted wherever you want. So according to the location of the data, you will need to show specific safeguard except for EU. For example regarding the USA, you will have to check if your web hosting platform is registered to the Privacy Shield: privacyshield.gov/list
    Note: our Matomo cloud infrastructure is based in France.

    That’s the end of this blog post. As GDPR is a huge topic, we will release many more blog posts in the upcoming weeks. If there are any Matomo GDPR topic related posts you would like us to write, please feel free to contact us.


  • How Gravatar hurts your visitors

    A Privacy Friendly Gravatar Proxy
    We built Gravitas because we love the convenience of an instant Gravatar for users, and also like keeping visitor data contained. When you want to get a user avatar, you can just post to the proxy service and generate a unique link.

    All we’re really doing is encrypting the Gravatar params with a pre-shared key, then decrypting them, and proxying the request back to Gravatar’s service ... minus most user specific info.

    There are two gaps: First, Gravatar still gets an md5 of an email address. They don’t have an IP address, or additional headers to tie it to, so it’s not very useful, but they still see it.

    Second, we don’t do anything to obfuscate images. If you stick my Gravatar in a reverse image search tool, you can find me on Github. We could add filters to images to confuse image search engines, but making that effective and keeping avatars recognizable is super tough. What’s important is that we’re “protecting” visitors who don’t use the Gravatar service. No avatar setup? No way to compare it across sites.

    #WWW #internet #vie_privée

  • TaxiFareFinder Didi Kuaidi Standard - Chengdu , China - Estimate Your Taxi Cab Fare, Cost & Rates

    Da behauptet einer, sich besonders gut auszukennen.

    Welcome to the Didi Kuaidi Standard - Chengdu Taxi Fare Finder. This page will calculate your cab fare using Didi Kuaidi Standard - Chengdu taxi rates. To begin, enter your travel information in the fields below the map.

    All results are estimates and may vary depending on external factors such as traffic and weather.

    TaxiFareFinder’s fare estimates are known to be the most accurate of any taxi website.

    Ach nee ...


    TaxiFareFinder is for reference only. The estimates can vary from your actual fare, depending on unforeseen factors, such as inclement weather, unusual traffic congestion, road constructions, and even your driver’s driving habits.

    Ach so.

    Und dann das :

    Berlin, Germany

    404 Error: Couldn’t find page
    Oops! TaxiFareFinder can’t find the page you are looking for.
    Go to home page

    Und wenn die nicht weiterwissen, wird man hierher geschickt:

    RideGuru - Fare Estimates, Uber, Lyft, Taxis, Limos, and more

    Your search engine for rideshares, taxis, and limos
    How much does Uber cost? How do I order a Lyft car? Which is cheaper, Uber or Taxi?

    RideGuru is the trusted resource, tool, and community for everyone engaged in rideshares, ridehails, taxis, and limos. Its price comparison tool gives accurate fare estimates and ride-hailing information to help you get where you want to go. RideGuru is capable of calculating estimated fares for a wide variety of ridehail (also known as rideshare) services worldwide, such as Uber, Lyft, Curb, Ola, Didi Kauidi. Traveling across the globe? Need an Uber estimate? RideGuru will find the best solution for you to get around cheaply and safely. Then, hail your ride right from RideGuru.

    Still have questions? Ask the experts in Ask a Ride Guru.

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  • Der Mann, der vor Computern warnt | Telepolis

    Ein Interview mit dem Soziologen Werner Seppmann - Teil 1

    Computer sind 2017 ein so selbstverständlicher Bestandteil des Alltags wie Schuhe. Trotzdem gibt es immer noch Leute, die vor ihnen warnen. Einer davon ist Werner Seppmann, der damit sogar ein ganzes Buch gefüllt hat: Die Kritik des Computers. Reinhard Jellen hat ihn interviewt.

    „Negative Langzeitkonsequenzen bis in die neuronalen Strukturen hinein“ | Telepolis

    Teil 2 des Gesprächs.

    „Die Kalifornische Ideologie hat einen faschistoiden Charakter“ | Telepolis

    Teil 3 des Gesprächs über sein Buch Kritik des Computers.

    #internet #www #ordinateurs #société #éducation #fascisme #silicon_valley #idéologie

  • Data release: list of websites that have third-party “session replay” scripts

    In a recent study we analyzed seven “session replay” services and revealed how they exfiltrate sensitive user data. Here we release the data behind our study, specifically, the list of websites from the Alexa top 1 million which embed scripts from analytics providers that offer session recording services. The appearance of a website on this list DOES NOT necessarily mean that session recordings occur, as website developers may choose not enable session recording functionality.

    For some sites, we do have evidence of session recordings occurring. We mark these with the tag “evidence of session recording”. For these sites, our measurement bots were able to detect a recording in progress, as detailed in our detection methodology below. For sites not marked with this tag, it does not mean that recordings don’t occur, simply that we don’t know if they do. That’s because many of the recording services activate their functionality only for a sample of users, either as explicitly defined by the publisher site or enforced as part of a daily recording limit. Thus, it is possible that our bot that visited the site was not included in the sample, but other users might be.

    As such, this list provides both an upper and lower bound of the presence of session recording companies on the web. Two of the 14 companies included in the data release, Yandex and Hotjar, have a diverse set of analytics services — many of which have no overlap with session recording. The remaining companies mostly offer similar services which include: session replay, heat maps, click maps, and form analytics.

    The list below contains sites that are ranked in the top 10,000 according to Alexa. Download the zipped CSV file for the full list.

    #surveillance #WWW

  • MathJax – neue Heimat - mediaevent.de

    Ja ne me sens pas trop concerné, mais pour les développeurs web avec un penchant (ou la necessité de s’y intéresser) pour la mathématique la disparition de la librairie MathMl de MathJax est un changement important, pas vrai ?

    Für die Handvoll tapferer Mathematiker, die sich an Formeln mit MathML, Latex oder TEX in Webseiten trauen: MathJax, die Javascript-Library für mathematische Formeln, beherbergt die Code-Library nicht mehr.

    Seit HTML5 kann MathML, das Markup für Formeln auf Webseiten, genauso wie SVG direkt in die HTML-Seite gesetzt werden. Der Browser-Support ist allerdings spärlich und beschränkt sich inzwischen auf Safari und Firefox. Chrome hat die Unterstützung für MathML zugunsten der umfangreichen Open Source Javascript-Library zurückgezogen. Die Library setzt nicht nur Formeln mit MathMl um, sondern kann auch Latex einbetten.

    #WWW #mathématique #SPIP

  • How to Update ISPConfig 3

    The ISPConfig update script is a easy way to update a ISPConfig 3 installation. If you want to create a manual backup of ISPConfig, take a look at the instructions at the end of the article.

    To update ISPConfig 3, login as root user on the shell of your server and run the command:

    >> Update

    Please choose the update method. For production systems select ’stable’.
    The update from svn is only for development systems and may break your current setup.

    Select update method (stable,svn) [stable]:

    You should always select “stable” on a production system. The “svn” version is only suitable for ISPConfig 3 development.

    The updater will then check the version of your system, download the latest update and starts the update process.

    This application will update ISPConfig 3 on your server.

    Shall the script create a ISPConfig backup in /var/backup/ now? (yes,no) [yes]:

    You should choose “yes” here. This will create a backup of the ISPConfig scripts (/usr/local/ispconfig), the /etc directory and the ISPC0nfig MySQL database in the directory /var/backup/

    Creating backup of “/usr/local/ispconfig” directory...
    Creating backup of “/etc” directory...
    Checking ISPConfig database .. OK
    Starting incremental database update.

    The update script will then start to install incremental database updates for ISPConfig, if required.

    Reconfigure Permissions in master database? (yes,no) [no]:

    If this is a slave server in a multiserver setup, then choose “yes” here on at least one of the slave servers. For single server installations, choose ’no’. Then you were asked if the services shall be reconfigured:

    Reconfigure Services? (yes,no) [yes]:

    You should choose “yes” here, only if you modified your system configuration manually, it might be better to choose no. But in this case, new features in ISPConfig might not work or functions might stop working until you adjusted the config files manually. So its always a good choice to select ’yes’ here. In the next step, select the ispconfig port:

    ISPConfig Port [8080]:

    Port 8080 is the default, if you have not changed it, press enter. Otherwise enter the port number and then press enter. As the last step, you wre asked if the crontab shall get reconfigured, you can select yes here by just pressing return.

    Create new ISPConfig SSL certificate (yes,no) [no]:

    If your SSL certificate for the ISPConfig interface has been expired and you want to renew it or if you want to enable SSL encryption for the ISPConfig interface, then choose “yes”. If you dont need a new SSL certificate, take the default (no).

    Reconfigure Crontab? (yes,no) [yes]:

    The ISPConfig updater will then update the ispconfig files and restart services, if the configuration has been changed.

    Backup before updates

    (This backup procedure is now integrated into the ISPConfig updater and gets executed automatically when you choose to create a backup during update)

    Before you update a software, it is always a good idea to backup all relevant data. This enables you to restore the software version that you had before in case of an error. The steps to create a backup of the ispconfig software and settings are:

    Create a backup folder:

    mkdir /home/backup
    chmod 700 /home/backup
    cd /home/backup
    Backup the database

    mysqldump -u root -p dbispconfig > dbispconfig.sql
    Backup the ISPConfig software

    tar pcfz ispconfig_software.tar.gz /usr/local/ispconfig
    Backup the configuration files in /etc

    tar pcfz etc.tar.gz /etc
    This backup does not include the emails and website data.

    #WWW #hosting #Linux

  • Lynx Users Guide v2.7

    Le plus ancien web browser encore en service est toujours d’actualité. A l’époque du #paywall il permet de contourner pas mal d’obstacles parce qu’il est considéré comme inoffensif par pas mal de scriptes qui bloquent l’accès à des pages pour le reste des visiteurs non connectés au sites payants.

    Bonus gratuit : Avec Lynx on est à totalement l’abri des scripts nocifs sur les pages web, enfin prèsque.

    Lynx a un seul inconvénient : les pages qui ne marchent qu’àvec #javascript restent inaccessibles - mais ne faites pas confiance au message d’erreur qui s’affiche quand vous éteignez JS dans votre brouteur habituel ; assez souvent Lynx affiche joliment des pages web qui exigent du JS dans Chrome, Firefox et d’autres systèmes plus « modernes ».

    Lynx is a fully-featured World Wide Web (WWW) client for users running cursor-addressable, character-cell display devices (e.g., vt100 terminals, vt100 emulators running on PCs or Macs, or any other character-cell display). It will display Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) documents containing links to files on the local system, as well as files on remote systems running http, gopher, ftp, wais, nntp, finger, or cso/ph/qi servers, and services accessible via logins to telnet, tn3270 or rlogin accounts (see URL Schemes Supported by Lynx). Current versions of Lynx run on Unix and VMS.

    Lynx can be used to access information on the WWW, or to build information systems intended primarily for local access. For example, Lynx has been used to build several Campus Wide Information Systems (CWIS). In addition, Lynx can be used to build systems isolated within a single LAN.

    Pour le #mail c’est pareil, je redécouvre #Mutt qui est très puissant aussi.

    The Mutt E-Mail Client

    “All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less.” -me, circa 1995

    web browser - Using Lynx on potentially malicious websites - Information Security Stack Exchange

    in theory, you are still vulnerable. Even in Lynx there are still components that parse HTML, interact with the network, keep track of cookies, etc (tip: use curl or wget to just download the page without even parsing it to be even more careful). That is still quite a big attack surface, though I would consider it safe enough at this point. Maybe not safe enough against a targeted attack from a powerful attacker, but definitely safe enough for random Android websites.

    Deluge of Browser Security Issues Drives Mass Migration | Netcraft

    April Erste, Public Relations Manager at the First National Bank of Oki Koki, told Netcraft that users are migrating to Lynx because of its speed and advanced security features. She added: “Lynx has not once suffered a buffer overflow in its image processing, and indeed has suffered no security vulnerabilities at all in the last 2 years.” By comparison, the most recent Firefox security update was only 4 days ago.

    The bank also notes that Telnet remains popular with a small group of its customers. Although it lacks the sophisticated user interface of Lynx, many security experts argue that Telnet is significantly more secure and has the largest installed base of any browser.

    Erste said that while the bank is dedicated to providing an accessible online banking experience, some customers still report difficulties when trying to make HTTPS requests through Telnet without the aid of an extended keyboard layout.


    Lynx Information

    Many user questions are answered in the online help provided with Lynx. Press the ’?’ key to find this help.

    LYNX – The Text Web-Browser

    This is the toplevel page for the Lynx software distribution site.

    The current development sources have the latest version of Lynx available (development towards 2.8.9).
    The main help page for lynx-current is online; the current User Guide is part of the online documentation.
    The most recent stable release is lynx2.8.8.

    P.S. Lynx marche très bien sous Windows ;-)

    #WWW #censure #privatisation

  • Ehemaliger Mozilla-Technikchef : « Chrome hat den Browser-Krieg gewonnen » | heise online

    La part du marché qu’occupent les brouteurs divers ont une importance cruciale pour le développement de l’internet. Malgré l’énorme importance qu’ont pris les apps on reconnait toujours le poids politique des mega-entreprises dans ces statistiques.

    On peut considérer que que Google Chrome n’est pas un brouteur web classique mais ressemble au noyau d’un système d’exploitation développé afin de renforcer la domination du géant du web. Est-ce inquiétant ?

    Chrome hat Firefox verdrängt und den Browser-Krieg gewonnen – dieser Ansicht ist Andreas Gal, ehemaliger Technikchef von Mozilla. Er kritisiert Googles aggressives Marketing, unter dem Firefox zu leiden hat.

    Usage share of web browsers - Wikipedia

    Most used web browser by country as of June 2015, before the launch of Microsoft Edge.

    L’exception allemande

    En Allemagne Firefox est toujours le chois préféré de 20 à 30 pour cent des utilisateurs du web, mais les statistiques ne sont pas fiables à 100% et la part de Chrome ne cette de croitre.

    Browser-Monopol : So krass hat sich Google Chrome gegen die Rivalen durchgesetzt | ❤ t3n

    Browser Statistik : Die beliebtesten Desktop- und Mobile-Browser in Deutschland – GIGA

    Browser Statistik : Marktanteile aller Browser

    1 Google Chrome 38.15%
    2 Safari 29.25%
    3 Firefox 19.44%
    4 Internet Explorer 10.45%
    5 Edge 2.71%

    Browserkrieg – SELFHTML-Wiki

    Marktdominanz mobiler -webkit-Browser

    Ein weiteres Problemfeld stellt die Marktdominanz von auf WebKit basierenden Mobil-Browsern dar:
    Mit Apple Safari und Google Chrome existieren zwei auf WebKit basierende Browser, die zusammen einen Großteil des Marktes für Smartphone-Browser beherrschen. Viele Webdesigner testen daher ihre Projekte nur mit diesen oder anderen, ebenfalls WebKit-basierten Browsern. Das hat zur Folge, dass eventuell auftretende Probleme mit anderen Browsern wie beispielsweise den mobilen Versionen von Firefox und Internet Explorer nicht behoben werden und einige Seiten für Nutzer dieser Browser „kaputt“ aussehen.

    Microsoft kapitulierte vor diesem Quasi-Standard und so soll im Windows Phone 8.1 der User-Agent ein iPhone vorspiegeln, damit für iOS und Android optimierte Seiten auch auf mobilen Windows-Geräten dargestellt werden können. Dies ist nötig, da viele Programmierer sich alleine auf User-Agent-Abfragen anstelle einer feature detection verließen.

    #internet #www #browser-wars #Allemagne

  • Privat surfen: Mozilla veröffentlicht Firefox Klar für Android | heise online

    Ein neuer Mobil-Browser von Mozilla: Die international als „Firefox Focus“ bekannte App präsentiert sich als minimalistischer Spezialist mit Schwerpunkt auf Datenschutz.

    #WWW #sécurité

  • Start : DIE LINKE

    Tadaaa, le parti de gauche allemand inaugure son nouveau site web. Si seulement responsive rimait avec graceful degradation et accessibilité ...
    Un jour on entendra une nouvelle chanson :
    « Debout les dernier sans-JS de la terre ... »


    #www #gauche #Allemagne

  • BSI definiert Mindeststandard für sichere Web-Browser | heise online
    L’Allemagne s’équipe d’une définition officielle d’un brouteur internet respectant les normes de sécurité.

    Das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) hat Mindestanforderungen für sichere Web-Browser veröffentlicht. In einer Tabelle vergleicht die Behörde vier aktuelle Browser – einer wies demnach eine schwerwiegende Einschränkung auf.

    Der Mindeststandard beschreibt Sicherheitsanforderungen an Web-Browser, die auf Arbeitsplatzrechnern der Bundesverwaltung eingesetzt werden. Jede Institution auf Bundesebene soll diese zukünftig einhalten.



    #Allemagne #WWW

  • LINKES CMS: RSS Feed erzeugen
    Das Beispiel erläutert das Einrichten eines RSS-Feed für eine Unterseite mit Pressemeldungen.

    Andere können Ihre Pressemitteilungen als #RSS Feed abonnieren und sich somit über neue Meldungen informieren, ohne Ihre Seite aufrufen zu müssen.

    #Die_Linke #WWW #Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

  • Wie geht Erinnern heute ? | #uploading_holocaust
    Voici un nouveau site qui s’est donné la vocation de s’interroger sur à la question « comment va se souvenir aujourd’hui ». Je ne plaisante pas, le titre sonne aussi faux en Allemand que sa traduction française est moche.

    Wie geht Erinnern heute ? | #uploading_holocaust
    Côté technique on peut dire que se souvenir marche pas comme se l’imaginent les auteurs du site. Sous Lynx le site affiche une série de sujets sans liens ni explications et sous FF sans javascript ils nous sert un écran blanc.

    Dommmage, l’idée est intéressante et le sujet principal mérite une mise à jour de perspectives et questions. Pourtant on nous oblige à nous jeter dans la geule des loups de l’ére digitale en acceptant des technologies qui ne font pas partie du canon et présentent de grands risques.

    Voici ma contribution au prochain site historique dont les auteurs voudraient poser des questions sur l’actualité de l’holocauste :

    Il y a 25 ans j’ai pris un café avec un survivant des geôles nazie. Ce ce vieux professeur d’université ma dit une phrase essentielle pour l’ère de l’internet :

    « Si les nazis avaient disposé de la moitié de l’équiment informatique d’aujourd’hui, je ne prendrais pas ce café avec toi. »

    Alors faites vousle plaisir de proposer des sites internet qui ne nous espionnent pas, qui sont simples à afficher et qui sont compatibles avec tous les appareils et logiciels que votre public est susceptible d’utiliser. Le cas échéant vous risquez de vous retrouver entre les mains de dictateurs à venir.

    Qu’est-ce que j’entends ? Quelqu’un a dit HTML 5 ?

    #politique #www #design

    • Il semble qu’on ne rate pas grand chose.

      Uploading Holocaust: YouTube-Doku ohne Haltung - Medien - Süddeutsche.de

      Der Film besteht nur aus Rohmaterial. Als Zuschauer ertrinkt man darin. Zu gern hätte man gewusst, wer dieses Mädchen ist, das auf einem Friedhof in Polen das Grab ihres Ururgroßvaters findet und dann eine Kerze für ihn anzündet. Wer diese seltsame Reiseführerin ist, die das Grauen in einer Gaskammer mit einer bedrohlichen Intensität schildert, als hätte sie die Szene mit eigenen Augen gesehen. Und wer ist der alte Mann, der auf einem Friedhof steht und einer Schülergruppe erzählt, er habe sich unter den Gräbern als 14-Jähriger vor den SS-Schergen versteckt und so überlebt? Der Film ist eine bloße Bilderflut. Er vermittelt keine Haltung, kein Innehalten. Dabei gäbe es so viel zu erzählen.


  • Kaoru Iriyama - moderne japanische küche - | KAORU
    Un site web responsive très joli qui n’affiche rien si on n’accepte pas les javascripts de plusieurs sources. Très japonais.

    Kaoru Iriyama wurde in Tokio geboren und lebt seit 1998 in Berlin.
    Die Geheimnisse der hohen japanischen Küche, in der Geschmack, Ästhetik und die Bekömmlichkeit der Speisen eine harmonischeVerbindung eingehen, erlernte sie bei dem Meisterkoch Koyama Hirohisa in seinem Restaurant „Aoyagi“. In einem detaillierten Studium der Kaiseki-Küche, erarbeitete sie sich das Wissen über Zubereitungstechniken, Komposition von Zutaten nach Jahreszeiten und über die strengen Regeln des Arrangements auf dem Teller.

    Auf der Grundlage von Kaiseki, dieser traditionellen, hohen, japanischen Küche, entwickelte Kaoru dann ihren einzigartigen, modernen Küchenstil. Beste regionale Zutaten und klassische japanische Elemente verschmelzen zu simplen, ästhetischen Gerichten, die immer Kaorus persönliche Handschrift erkennen lassen.

    #www #design

  • The “.well-known” directory on webservers (aka: RFC 5785)

    I first came across the concept of the directory named ’.well-known’ when automating Let’s Encrypt, the free SSL certificate authority. It didn’t strike me as abnormal to have a validation happen via an HTTP or HTTPS GET request. Those Let’s Encrypt validation URLs usually point to site.tld/.well-known/acme-challenge/random-key.txt.

    At first I thought this was just the random URL used by Let’s Encrypt, but today I learned there’s more to it. Allow me to introduce RFC-5785.

    #www #dev #RFC

  • Adolf Höckler – Kamelopedia

    Adolf Höckler (*20. April 1889 in Braungau am Inn; † 30. April 1945 in Woanders), auf allen Gebieten talentfrei, war Postkartenmaler und erfolgloser Hobbystratege mit lebenslanger Identitätskrise. Er litt an der Zwangsvorstellung, die er vehement verteidigte, dass Kamele ausschließlich braun und kurzhöckrig zu sein haben. Höckler ging in die Geschichte ein als ein ungescheites, seitengescheiteltes Ober-Nazikamel mit einem selbst für ein Kamel sehr großen Maul und einem sehr kleinen Bart, der nach seinem Tode eigenständig weiterlebte. Aufgrund seiner Zeugungsunfähigkeit schuf Höckler als Nachwuchsersatz einen gefräßigen Mutanten, den Dritten Scheich. Dieser sollte eines Tages die ganze Welt beherrschen. Trotz der angekündigten Lebenserwartung von 1000 Jahren starb der dritte Scheich schon im Alter von 12 Jahren, als er bei dem gnadenlosen von Höckler eigens angesetzten Kamelrennen um den Weltherrschaftspokal schlicht überritten wurde.
    Bücher von Höckler

    Medizinischer Ratgeber : Mein Krampf
    Kochbuch Band 1 : Mein Mampf
    Kochbuch Band 2 : Mein Stampf
    Kochbuch Band 3 : Mein Dampf

    (Anmerkung der Redaktion: Geht´s um Speien oder Brechen, erst mal mit dem Adolf sprechen...)

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