• What’s really behind the Brazilian #riots? - CNN iReport

    iReporter phillipviana was at the protests that took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s, city center on June 13. While there, he used his iPhone to photograph demonstrators holding up signs in protest. He says originally the protests were sparked by fare increases that are being set in place for Brazil’s public transportation. ’Protesters want the public transport fares to remain the same. A minority of protesters — and that includes the leaders — want the public transport to be completely free. But most people are motivated by issues other than public transport as well,’ he explained. He saw police turn violent against protesters, using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse them. CNN also reported similar accounts of protesters and police clashing because of demonstrations against bus fare increases.

    But he says fare increases are just one of the many problems that are facing Brazil right now. In his opinion as a life-long resident of the region, he says infrastructure as well as other social issues are not being address in the country. ’Brazilians want to put a stop to the various problems that exist in the country. We see no reason to have such bad infrastructure when there is so much wealth that is so highly taxed... Some Brazilians are revolting against the fact that so much money is being spent on the World Cup whilst our education and health systems are of so poor quality,’ he explained. ’I see the protests as a way to fight for other important causes,’ he said.

    In the iReport text below, phillipviana reflects some personal thoughts about the state of Brazil’s government. Some of his claims on the state of Brazil’s government have not been confirmed by CNN.
    – Jareen, CNN iReport producer

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