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  • The Flip Flop Trail

    Une initiative cartographique intéressante et marrante signalée par Carolina Boe

    You might have a pair of flip-flops; perhaps something you have not given much thought to. I don’t think about mine. They sit at the back of a closet, suited only to journeys I don’t want to tackle barefoot – to the swimming pool, between the beach and the car park or the terrace - which don’t call for more formal shoes. Flip-flops are an accessory; they are accessory in being unassuming, secondary to more serious footwear in which more significant journeys are undertaken; accessory, as in not the main story, as in just a footnote.

    This website follows a footnote through the landscapes, lives and stories animating it. Following flip-flops teaches us about globalisation; about people and places we have yet to imagine. The materials from which flip-flops are made – plastic – may seem cheap and insignificant. But so many things in the world in which we live are made of plastics. In a world on the move, what could be more important than the shoes in which we tread the journeys of our everyday lives? And flip-flops are simple in design, cheap and accessible: they worn by more people on the planet than any other shoes. In flip-flops we are all fellow travellers.

    Use the map to navigate the trail, or start at the beginning by clicking below.

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