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  • Smart fabric creates renewable energy

    Smart fabric creates
    renewable energy

    Scientists have developed a revolutionary fabric that can harvest
    electrical energy from the wearer’s movements and the sun.

    By Tim Radford

    LONDON, 14 November, 2016 – And now, fashion’s latest take on the idea of smart clothes: a fabric that manages its own energy needs.

    Just the thing for that run in the sun, a T-shirt that harvests the energy from solar radiation, while at the same time scavenging the mechanical energy from its own movement so it can store that electric power in its own battery fabric.

    The latest sportswear fashion parade from designers in China and the US presents a three-way fabric that incorporates interwoven fibres that serve as solar cells, nanogenerators and supercapacitors. The day of the wearable electronic device is at hand.

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