• Scattered protests emerge in cities across Egypt Friday night | MadaMasr


    Three of our journalists saw small-scale protests in Tahrir Square, where dozens were trying to assemble, chanting “The people want to bring down the regime.” During one of their attempts, riot police were seen arresting about 30 people and using tear gas. Riot police have closed some streets to all traffic, while police trucks have been driving frantically on the streets surrounding the square. Another journalist working with us saw a number of people in cars honking their horns in the Azbakeya area of central Cairo, chanting, “Down with Sisi.”

    In Alexandria, an eyewitness saw about 20 to 30 protesters gather in the central Qaed Ibrahim area, chanting “The people want to bring down the regime” and “Leave, Sisi.” Shortly after they gathered, police dispersed the crowd, beating some protesters using sticks. Some were dragged to microbuses belonging to the Ministry of Interior. Another protest took place in Raml Station, another central Alexandria neighborhood, according to a second eyewitness.

    In Suez, an eyewitness told us that a small group gathered in al-Arbaeen Square, and was left to chant against the regime for half an hour. When numbers increased, police intervened to disperse the protesters, and then began chasing after people as they dispersed.