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    Ah, Opus Dei ! « Women in slavery » ... Pourquoi ca me fait penser à « La Belle Captive » d’Alain Robbe-Grillet que j’ai vu au festival du cinéma de Berlin à sa sortie ? Comme c’était nul, de l’érotisme de vieux schnock à l’époque des Annie Sprinkle, Catherine Breillat et Lydia Lunch, reflet de l’histoire des hommes qui éprouvent le besoin de dominer les femmes. Il n’y a rien de nouveau dans le fait que les religieux (et Alain Robbe-Grillet) exploitent le monde et les femmes en particulier. Là par contre il y a les opprimées qui lèvent la voix. C’est bien.

    8 October 2021 - This complaint was submitted to the Abuse Section of the Congregation for the Faith Doctrine of the Vatican Tribunal.

    Between 1974 and 2015, the Opus Dei held 43 women working without pay and in conditions similar to slavery in Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia.

    This Catholic lay and clerical organization recruited the women as teenagers by promising to provide them with an education. Subsequently, however, they worked without pay as janitors, chefs, and maids in the service of the Opus Dei members and their guests.

    In a letter sent to Pope Francis earlier this year, the exploited women emphasized they were deceived because they did not expect to become servants of the elite “in the name of God.” They also requested that the Catholic authorities apologize, compensate them for the damages, and stop these types of labor practices.

    Among those involved in this violation of labor rights are ex-Regional Vicar Victor Urrestarazu, the Opus Dai highest authority Monsignor Fernando Ocariz, and Auxiliary Vicar of Rome Mariano Fazio Fernandez.

    The women’s complaint was submitted to the Abuse Section of the Congregation for the Faith Doctrine of the Vatican Tribunal. On Sept. 29, Ocariz signed a decree to carry out a change in the Opus Dei’s South American structures.

    In order to “improve the promotion and coordination of apostolic work,” he created the La Plata Region Vicar, which comprises Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina.

    This and other purely administrative changes, however, have not solved the underlying problem. So far, the Opus Dei has not done justice to 43 Latin American women it affected.


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