No to NoUI – Timo Arnall


  • No to NoUI – Timo Arnall

    ‘The best design is invisible’ is the interaction design phrase of the moment. The images above are from my ever-expanding collection of quotes about how #design and technology will ‘disappear’, become ‘invisible’ or how the ‘best interface is no interface’.

    The Verge has recently given both Oliver Reichenstein and Golden Krishna a platform to talk about this. This has spawned manifestos, films, talks, books, #NoUI hashtags and some debates about what it might mean. I’ll call this cluster of things #‘invisible_design’.

    I agree with some of the reasons driving this movement; that design’s current infatuation with touchscreens is really problematic. I’ve spent the last eight years rallying against glowing rectangles, studying our obsession with screens and the ways in which this has become a cultural phenomena. In response I have been researching and inventing interfaces for taking interaction out from under the glass.

    But I also take issue with much of the thinking for a few reasons that I’ll outline below.


  • No to NoUI – Timo Arnall

    Le designer Timo Arnall n’aime pas beaucoup qu’on pense que le meilleur #design se doit d’être invisible. La conception invisible propage le mythe de l’immatérialité. Déclarer une #interface invisible revient à leur dénier leur forme ou médium culturel. Et surtout, elle nie l’histoire de la technologie... consistant à rendre un produit compréhensible facilement. L’invisibilité n’est pas le but des interfaces. Tags : internetactu (...)