Unspoken : Private Thoughts After Fukushima


  • Unspoken : Private Thoughts After #Fukushima - By Neil Witkin

    How dangerous is the radiation from #Fukushima for people living here in Fukuoka?

    It’s slightly dangerous in the air, but the food that comes from Honshu contains radiation.

    Radiation is all over Honshu, especially in the Kanto district. So I’ve been hesitant to visit Tokyo. Children and babies will be exposed to radiation.

    How dangerous is the radiation for children?

    I’m worrying about not only kids but their kids, as well. It will last for a long time.

    Farmers and food manufacturers in Fukushima and the Tohoku region are able to sell their food and make money, but this means that food contaminated with radiation may be entering the national food supply. Is this a good system? Is it necessary?

    I think they should throw their food away. But considering their economic situation or love for their hometown, it’s hard to say.

    Is eating food grown in Fukushima and Tohoku a good way to help the people there?

    It will help the people there, because their economy depends on the crops.

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