• Protesters rally against Netanyahu over corruption, coronavirus
    Reuters | Published : 09.12.20

    Thousands of Israelis protested against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Saturday over his alleged corruption and the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    The crowd rallied outside Netanyahu’s residence, blowing whistles, waving signs and flags and calling for his resignation. Smaller protests were held along bridges at major intersections in cities across Israel.
    Israeli media estimated that about 10,000 people attended what has become a weekly demonstration in Jerusalem.

    Noga Tarnopolsky

    Suleiman Maswadeh also reports the number of marchers & protesters rising at anti-Netanyahu rallies ( @SuleimanMas1 )


    @nirhasson reports Paris Square completely full, but with more space than in the huge August demos. “About 10,000, very energetic & impressive. The next few weeks between re-lockdown & the Jewish holidays will be the test.”

    Noga Tarnopolsky

    9 protesters were detained/arrested tonight for “disturbing the public.”
    As far as I know, @TheBlackFlags1 @MovGov & #CrimeMinister protests will not take place during the 3 weeks of High Holy days but expect to resume October 10 or 17.

    Charles Enderlin

    Jérsualem. Ils ne lâchent pas. des dizaines de milliers de manifestants à Balfour - place de Paris contre la corruption du pouvoir

    #Israelmanif #Israelmanifs