Hacker Publishes Personal Info of 20,000 FBI Agents


  • Hacker Publishes Personal Info of 20,000 FBI Agents | Motherboard

    Michael Adams, an information security expert who served more than two decades in the US Special Operations Command, criticized the US government for its failure to protect data, especially in the aftermath of the embarrassing and damaging hack on OPM, the government agency that handles employee information.

    “What has anybody in the United States government learned?” Adams told Motherboard in a phone interview. “They’re not doing information security fundamentals, obviously. It’s just fucking unacceptable.”

    This latest data dump comes on the heels of a long series of attacks on US government employees. In October, a group of hackers calling itself “Crackas With Attitude” (CWA) broke into the AOL email of CIA director John Brennan. The hacktivists then targeted several other high-profile government employees, including the US spy chief James Clapper, a White House official, and others.

    Last year the hacktivists were also able to break into a US law enforcement portal, gaining access to a series of information sharing tools. This hack allegedly allowed them to download one or more databases of US government employees. In November, the CWA hackers released two lists of law enforcement agents from several departments, one containing around 2,300 names, and another containing almost 1,500 names. Both lists seemed incomplete, given that they were in alphabetical order and only included names starting with the first letters of the alphabet.

    The CWA hackers appear to have shared the databases stolen last year with others. In January, another group of cybercriminals released a list of 80 police officers from Miami, Florida.

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